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Height: 1.80
Real name: 정훈철 / Jung Hun Chul
Date of Birth: February 2, 2023


About Iron

Iron Facts

  • There were rumors that he would debut with HIVE but nothing is certain. At the moment he is a solo artist.
  • He was a Show Me The Money 3 finalist.
  • He is a good friend of Kidoh they, together with Supreme Boi , were the original members of BTS however, some went their separate ways and left BigHit, although they are all still in the music business today.
  • Kidoh and Iron belong to the same Hip-Hop Crew, Daenamhyup
  • He is known for having a reggae style in his rapping.
  • His hobby is shopping for clothes in thrift stores, he is called the same as ‘Second Hand Swagger’.
  • After finishing SMTM3, despite not winning, he stayed at No. 1 on the charts in Korea with the song ‘Venom’.
  • He performed in the Seminifinal of the program ” Unpretty Rapstar “making a collaboration with Shin Ji Min from AOA just one day after releasing the single “Puss” they achieved an All Kill on all online music charts (Melon, Mnet, Olleh, Soribada, Genie, Naver, Daum, Cyworld and Monkey3), the single was ranked No. 1 for the whole month on South Korea’s digital charts.
  • In January 2016, Youngjae from GOT7 he had previously also talked about his friendship with Iron and how before Youngjae Debut, they wrote music together.
  • On April 1, 2016 he was seen smoking a cigarette that appeared to be marijuana, after an investigation he accepted that it was true that he had smoked marijuana and accepted all of the following “I admit all suspicions and will not create excuses or evade responsibility I have no regrets for what was reported on April 1.Since the past, it has always had the impact of marijuana and I decided to experience it fully knowing the consequences.Take responsibility for what it caused. “I feel my roots but will focus on my music from now on.I am sorry to the fans that I worried and I am always grateful to them.”
  • In his new song Sistema speaks for some artists like Se7en, CL, GD, TOP, among others, where the names and lyrics of the artists can be as good as GD went through a similar situation, however, the leader of BigBang with support from the YG avoided the scandal, instead. Iron took his responsibility and paid fine for his action. The song has an excellent punch and a punchline in each verse that shows the reality of marketing in the world of music based on a system.
  • Iron and an aspiring songwriter named “Kang” were charged with three counts of marijuana use between December 2014 and March 2015, while rapper Kidoh (Former Topp Dog member) was suspected of marijuana use at a bar last October in Bangkok, Thailand. The trio was exposed when Kang was arrested trying to steal a bag and money from a sauna in Gangnam, Seoul.
  • On November 25, 2016, it was revealed that rappers Iron and Kidoh have been sentenced for smoking marijuana. Iron received two years probation in lieu of an 8-month jail sentence, while Kidoh received one year in lieu of 6 months. You also have to pay a fine and attend 40 hours of rehab.
  • On March 14, 2017, he has been booked on suspicion of punching his girlfriend several times, allegedly causing a fracture.Police said Iron is under suspicion for furiously punching his girlfriend in the face when he did not listen to his things while they had sex.Two weeks later at the same place, when his girlfriend notified his plans to break the relationship, he strangled by the neck, punching his face several times, crushed his body, scratched his face and fractured his left little finger.He is also under suspicion of threatening that he is no longer armed mortal from the kitchen and damaged his right thigh.Iron spoke to Sports Korea and said:“My girlfriend sued me for assault. “Reports of self-injury are unfounded. sexual.At first, I was shocked.She always asked me for violence.She said it was the only way to be satisfied.It was during a process of ruthless violence that he acted in self-defense.She was once my girlfriend, but I could see his twisted mentality.As soon as I met her, I began to feel a deep fear, his image was frightening and I knew he had a boyfriend and playfulness.
  • On January 25, 2021, Iron was reportedly found bleeding and unconscious in a flower bed at an apartment complex in Jung District, Seoul, at 10:25 a.m. that day. Seoul’s Jungbu police station confirmed in a call with Dispatch “A guard [at the apartment] called us and told us that Iron had been discovered. He was rushed to the hospital, but he passed away.” although there were reports of alleged strange circumstances of his death, the family clarified that Iron (Jung Hun Chul) was a perfectionist and did not feel comfortable with his musical compositions and that he did not have any health problems, they finally decided not to perform an autopsy and the funeral was held on January 26, 2021 in a private manner.

Iron Collaborations

  • Primary – Don’t Be Shy (With Park Cho Ah )
  • ATO – Scream My Name (feat. IRON) (2014)
  • SIMS – Wadadadado (feat. IRON) (2014)
  • Rumble Fish – The Virulent Song (feat. IRON) (2014)
  • Hyorin – Erase (Feat. JooYoung & IRON) (2014)
  • Kim Jong Hyun – Crazy (Guilty Pleasure) (Feat. IRON) (2015)
  • Jimin – Puss (Unpretty Rapstar) (Feat. IRON) (2015)

With MRI of BTS :.

  • Lim Jung Hee – Re (Feat. Jung Hun Chul and Rap Monster) (2010)
  • Rap Monster, Iron, Supreme Boi – We Are Bulletproof Pt.1 (2010)
  • Supreme Boi, Rap Monster and Iron – 가요 (Hook) (2010)
  • 8Eight – Bad Girl (feat GLAM, RM and Iron) (2011)

As part of DaeNamHyup:.

  • DNH Cypher (beatbox by Marvel.J) // THE 1ST MEETING (2014)
  • Crew Love // THE 1ST MEETING (2014)
  • 깽판쳐 (Make A Ruckus) (feat. Gizmo) // THE 1ST MEETING (2014).

Iron TV Programs

  • 2014 Show Me The Money 3 (2nd Place)

Iron Music Videos

Iron is a member of:


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