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Im Jae Bum

Height: 182 cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: February 5, 2023

Im Jae Bum

About Im Jae Bum


Singer Im Jae Bum’s career path has not been easy, but filled with many twists and turns. After the release of each album he seems to run away from the spotlight and is known to disappear from the public scene for years at a time. Having gained experience as a member of the groups Sinawi, Foreign Legion and Asiana, he has become one of Korea’s most important rock vocalists. In particular, with the popular song “Turn The Radio Up” from Sinawi’s first album and the hit “Julie” from Foreign Legion, they were masterpieces that demonstrated his vocal talent.

Im began his solo efforts with the 1991 release of “On The Turning Away. After the hit single “After This Night,” his image was suddenly tarnished by an incident and he disappeared from the music scene for a long period of time.

Im Jae Bum returned to the scene in 1997 with his second album, “Desire To Fly.” Showing a stark contrast from his first album, with a stronger sound and mature lyrics, and the erased record of all the rumors surrounding his reclusion. With the popular tracks “Where he Is” and “Want To Fly,” Im had bared his soul and addressed his life.

His third album, “Return To The Rock,” was a return to his rock roots. Like the music he made earlier in his career, the album focused on riffs and voices.

In 1999, his duet with Park Jung Hyun the song, “Scar Deeper than Love”, was used in an advertisement for a company and he was back in the public eye. The song was originally released as part of his second album, but did not receive much attention. However, it was given a second chance and was an explosive hit.

In 2000, he released his fourth album, “Story of Two Years”, “For You” was included in the soundtrack of the movie, ” Ditto starring Kim Ha Neul and Yoo Ji Tae and again, he felt out of place in the mainstream and disappeared from the spotlight again.

Much later in his career, in 2011, through the popular competition show “I’m A Singer,” Im saw great success. People recognize him for his voice and his song “For You”-originally released about 10 years earlier-was a contender for the number one spot in several of his performances.

Although he is not a singer who is often unveiled to the public, his undeniable vocal talent captures audiences. A live performance offers a unique opportunity for fans to catch a glimpse of his soul through his music.

Im Jae Bum Facts

  • Ex-Group:
    • Sinawe (1986)
    • Foreign Legion (1988)
    • Rock In Korea (1989)
    • Asiana (1990)
  • Education: Seoul High School
  • Specialties: Imitation
  • Religion: Christian
  • Debut: 1986 Sinawe 1st album ‘Heavy Metal Sinawe’.
  • Sadly, his wife passed away on June 12, 2017, losing his battle with thyroid cancer.

Im Jae Bum Advertisement

  • 2011: Wivis Zishen
  • 2011: Maeil Coffee Milk

Im Jae Bum Collaborations

  • In the Jae Bum & Ali – I Love You (2014)
  • Soul Dive – Crying Fist (Feat Im Jae Bum)

Im Jae Bum TV Programs

  • Survival (MBC, 2012, Narration)
  • I Am a Singer (MBC, 2011)

Im Jae Bum TV Drama’s

  • Destiny theme for Inspiring Generation (2014)
  • Sorrow Song theme for Jang Ok Jung, Lives In Love (2013)
  • Live Next To You theme for The Horse Doctor (2013)
  • String of Fate theme for The Equator Man (2012)
  • Love theme for City Hunter (2011)
  • Viper theme for Sign (2011)
  • Stigma theme for Chuno (2010)
  • Meeting theme for Star’s Lover (2008)
  • Prague Reminiscence theme for Lovers in Prague (2005)
  • Ibonmankumun theme for Lovers in Prague (2005)
  • Where are You theme for 101st Proposal (2004)
  • Beautiful Misunderstanding theme for 101st Proposal (2004)
  • Saejangeul Yeolda (새장을 열다) theme for 101st Proposal (2004)

Movie Themes

  • Pain theme for Pained (2011)
  • For You theme for Ditto (2000)

Im Jae Bum is a member of:


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