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Real name: 윤대근 / Yoon Dae Geun
Date of Birth: February 6, 2023


About Ilac

About Ilac

Ilac was born as Yoon Dae Geun in 1978 ‘Ilac’ comes from the Chinese characters of his name, which means “just enjoy music.” He admits that he spent most of his time sitting in the corner of the classroom singing and playing guitar. It was in college when he got attention for being the vocalist of his band ‘Rock’a billy,’ winning an award at the University Rock Festival. Managed by the company, Can, he received vocal training from a renowned singer, Jang Hae Jinand began preparing for his debut album. He collaborated with many artists from the same management company, such as Park Wan Kyu it was during his vocal training sessions with Jang that he discovered the softer, more tender side of his voice, now his signature.Just before his debut Ilac had the opportunity to appear on ‘star-in-the-making’ an MTV show.This type of program was known for catapulting newbies to stardom and Ilac was no exception.The show, called “Il-Lac World”, featured the singer’s hard work and was just the medium he needed to become a sensation.He released his first album in 2004, introducing a digital mini album the following year.Within two years of making his debut he joined the mixed trio Voice One along with Lee Jin Sung of Monday Kiz and Jang Hye Jin considered a master of several Korean popular music artists.

Ilac is a very talented artist in all areas of recording production, from composition and interpretation of musical themes, as well as musical arrangements and technical production in recording studios. The third album, presented in 2009, is a conglomerate of his gifts as a singer-songwriter, and the solid collaboration he has forged with other artists. It incorporates acoustic sounds that enrich the pop tone of the musical themes included in the album, also boasting a vocal maturity that appeals to the public.

Ilac Facts

  • Music Group: Voice One
  • Education: Kyonggi University (Department of Materials Science and Engineering)

Ilac Collaborations

  • MJ & Ilac – 원피스 (one piece) (Feat. Hyo Bin) (2014).
  • Ta’en – Give Me Flower (feat Ilac) (2013)
  • Ilac & Monday Kiz – Holiday (2012)
  • Illac & Z:min -…웁니다 (…Crying) (2010)
  • Outsider – When the Wind Blows, You Come to Mind (Feat. Ilac) (2010)
  • Ilac & Monday Kiz – The Letter (2009)
  • Ilac & Chae Rin – 편한 사람이 겼어 (I Have Someone Else) (New Ver.) (2009)
  • Lee Jin Sung (Monday Kiz), Choi Hyun Joon (V.O.S ) & Ilac – Friendship (2008)

Ilac TV Drama’s

  • Niga Mwonde (What Are You) (feat. Park Ji Heon ) theme for Smile, Mom (2010)
  • Hanaman (Only) (Feat. Just) theme for Giant (2010)
  • Apeun Mogsori (Sick Voice) theme for Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child (2010)
  • Mackerel Run (Summer Sunshine) theme for Mackerel Run (2007)

Movie Themes

  • 가슴에 사는 한마디 (Kaseume saneun hanmadi) theme for My Scary Girl (2006)
  • 구애심 (Guaesim) theme for My Scary Girl (2006)

Ilac is a member of:


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