Hyunyoung (RAINBOW)

Stage name: 조현영 / Cho Hyun Young (Jo Hyun Yeong)

Gender: Female

Age: 31 years

Date of birth: August 11, 1991

Place of birth: Daegu, South Korea

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 40 kg

Bloodtype: A

Zodiac Sign: Leo

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Hyunyoung (RAINBOW) Facts

  • ExKpop Group: RAINBOW
    • Position Vocalist, Dancer and Maknae.
    • Color: Yellow.
  • Ex Sub Group:
  • Education: Shin Kwang Girls High School.
  • Specialties: Chinese, voice imitations, Flexibility.
  • She was an apprentice at SM Entertainment.
  • She was diagnosed with a vocal cord polyp and underwent surgery for its removal.
  • She lost almost 8 kilos in total for the promotions of “To Me” and “Sweet Dream”.
  • She wrote and composed RAINBOW’s song “Eye Contact” for the Prism album, under her alias Heidi.
  • She composed the song “Not in the Mood for Singing” for Kye Bum Joo.
  • Her contract with DSP Media ended on November 12, 2016, and together with the other members of RAINBOW she decided not to renew it, leaving the agency and the group after 7 years since their debut.
  • In October 2015, it was confirmed that she was romantically involved with the singer Alex on February 20, 2017, it was confirmed that they had ended their relationship.
  • On January 24, 2017, she signed an exclusive contract with Mama Creative agency.

Hyunyoung (RAINBOW) Collaborations

  • Kim Jeong Hoon – Marry Me, Marry You (feat. Hyun Young) (2016)

Hyunyoung (RAINBOW) Drama

  • Lonely Enough to Love (MBC Every 1, 2020)
  • Love Alert (MBN/Dramax, 2018).
  • Listen To Her Heart (Naver TV, 2017)
  • Justice Team (Naver TV, 2016)
  • Rude Miss Young-Ae 14 (tvN, 2015)
  • Flower of the Queen (MBC, 2015) Cameo
  • Boarding House No. 24 (MBCEvery1, 2014).
  • Daemul: Big Thing (MBC, 2010) Cameo

Hyunyoung (RAINBOW) Films

  • Twenty Hacker (2021)
  • The Man Inside Me (2019)
  • Heartbeat (2011) cameo

Hyunyoung (RAINBOW) TV Programs

  • The Secrets of the Foxes (DongA TV. 2018) as MC

Hyunyoung (RAINBOW) TV Drama’s

  • Drunk With Your Scent theme for Rude Miss Young-Ae 14 (2015)
  • I’ll Give Myself To You theme for Vampire Flower (2014)
  • I Love You (together with Ji Sook) subject for Iron Man (2014)
  • Indecisive (next to Park Gyu Ri ) theme for Hooray for Love (2011)
  • I Love You, I Like You theme for Call of the Country (2010)

Movie Themes

  • Better World theme for Twenty Hacker (2021)

Hyunyoung (RAINBOW) Music Videos

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