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Hyunjin (Stray Kids)

Weight: 65 kg
Height: 179 cm
Real name: 황현진 / Hwang Hyun Jin
Date of Birth: March 20, 2000

Hyunjin (Stray Kids)

About Hyunjin (Stray Kids)

Hyunjin (Stray Kids) Facts

  • Group: Stray Kids
    • Position: Rapper, Vocalist and Dancer.
  • Education:
    • Sungil Elementary School (Graduate)
    • Seongae Middle School (Graduate)
    • Tohoku High School (Transferred)
    • Seoul Performing Arts High School, Practical Dance Department (Graduate)
  • Languages: Korean (Native) and English (Intermediate).
  • Training period 2 years.
  • Religion Catholic
    • Baptismal name: Joseph.
  • Template to follow Jin Young from GOT7.
  • Favorite Artists DEAN and Crush.
  • Hobbies: Dancing and sports.
  • He lived in Las Vegas, USA for a short period of time when he was about 6-7 years old. When he lived in Las Vegas he used the name Sam.
  • He has 5 songs copyrighted in his name according to Korea Music Copyright Association.
  • He has a puppy named Kkami
  • Collaborated with San from ATEEZ and Ju Yeon from THE BOYZ for the MAMA 2020.
  • He appeared for the first time on TC Candler’s list of “The 100 most handsome faces of 2020” ranking #36.
  • On February 22, 2021, an anonymous user made a post on an online community stating that a netizen was a victim of ‘bullying’ at the same middle school Hyun Jin attended, with him being his aggressor. User ‘A’ accused the artist of verbally assaulting him in middle school. In his testimony, he mentioned that he was training to be an actor and that Hyun Jin belittled him with hurtful phrases. JYPE made a first statement on Tuesday 23 and explained that they were investigating the facts with schoolmates.
    • On February 25, Hyun Jin wrote a handwritten letter to the affected person through the group’s social media “Hi, I’m Hyun Jin from Stray Kids. First of all, I sincerely apologize to those who were hurt by my wrong words and actions during my school days. Remembering my actions in the days when I lacked more things than now, I feel ashamed and have no excuses. I realized that with my words and actions I hurt others, at a time when I did not know how to be considerate of them. It is too late, but I will reflect deeply. Regardless of whether it was intentional or not, I consider inflicting indelible wounds as something that cannot be forgiven. Even if I have apologized and they have accepted my apology, I know that the scars I have left in the past will not be completely erased, so I deeply regret it and am reflecting. I am ashamed, but I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to apologize in person to those who were hurt by me and for the opportunity to ask for forgiveness through this publication..
    • On Friday 26, the agency clarified the nature of the case and how it was resolved, stating in the text that they sought information from schoolmates, teachers and also met with the authors of the publications on Pann “When combining all the data, their recollections of that time are completely different from each other, so there was difficulty in confirming the veracity of the allegations.” despite this, Hyun Jin decided to talk in person with those who wrote the posts and apologized, which was accepted “There are people who felt hurt by Hyun Jin’s immature and improper actions in the past. He regrets it and reflected a lot on it. We once again express gratitude for resolving the misunderstanding and accepting his sincere apology.” added JYP Entertainment.
    • On February 27, the agency confirmed that Hyun Jin will remain inactive indefinitely. The artist will not participate in personal or group activities during this period.
  • On June 25, after four months of inactivity, Hyun Jin returns to the group activities being included in the new single “Mixtape: 애”.

Hyunjin (Stray Kids) Drama

  • A-TEEN2 (Naver TV, 2019)

Hyunjin (Stray Kids) Awards

  • 2021 K-CH& Awards: Best Weekly Idol Individual Cam (Male)

Hyunjin (Stray Kids) Radio Programs

  • (SBS) Power FM Young Street radio (15.04.2019) (besides Han,Felixy SeungMin)
  • (SBS) Choi Hwajeongs Power Time (12.04.2019) (besides Chany Felix)
  • (MBC) Idol Radio (09.02.2019 Ep 129) (besides Read Know and Jibeom from Golden Child).
  • (MBC) Idol Radio (09.02.2019 Ep 122) (besides Kim Young Hoon (1997) from THE BOYZ and Hong Seok of PENTAGON).
  • (MBC) Idol Radio (09.11.2018, Ep 39) (besides Moon Binfrom ASTROy Hwi Youngfrom SF9).
  • (SBS) POWER FM Park Sohyun’s LOVE GAME (03.11.2018) (besides Chany I.N).
  • (SBS Radio) NCT Night Night Night (15.11.2018) (besides I.N, Seung Min, Felix and Han).

Hyunjin (Stray Kids) TV Programs

  • Weekly Idol (03.04.19)
  • Show! Music Core (MBC, 2019-2021, as MC)
  • Weekly Idol (11/14/18)
  • Idol Room (JTBC, 18.09.2018, together with. GOT7, Special Guest)
  • Stray Kids (Mnet, 2017)

Hyunjin (Stray Kids) is a member of:

Stray Kids

Stray Kids

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