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Hwanhee (UP10TION)

Weight: 56 kg
Height: 175 cm
Real name: 이환희 / Lee Hwan Hee
Date of Birth: May 6, 1998

Hwanhee (UP10TION)

About Hwanhee (UP10TION)

Hwanhee (UP10TION) Facts

  • K-pop group: UP10TION
    • Position: Vocalist and dancer.
  • Nickname: Hwan, angry Hwan Hee (it is contradictory since Hwanhee means joy).
  • Habit: Nail and tongue biting.
  • Point of attention: Hoarse tone of voice, cheerful, personality.
  • Motto: “Do it, if you fail we’re going to do it again.”
  • Life Model Yoon Min Soo.
  • Favorite Anime Character: Detective Conan.
  • Word &Favorite en Español: ‘ Love’.
  • He was the second member to be revealed.
  • Among the team his position is to be the cub.
  • It is very positive.
  • He is considered the most playful of the group.
  • In his first year of high school he went to karaoke with his friends and they told her: “You can sing very well!”, so he tried to become a singer.
  • In first and second grade his classmates nicknamed him “Hwanhee who flies to the sky”.
  • A memorable episode after the debut: It’s how his sister looked the day he came to the hugging event
  • For him, UP10TION is your salvation
  • He wants to be the ‘visual’ of the group
  • He was asked what do you want to do if they get to do #1? he replied, ‘Not to lose our luster.’
  • The song that changed his life was ‘Curse’ by Lee Hyun
  • His name is Hwanhee, which means make people happy with your voice his real name is the same as his stage name: Lee Hwanhee. It is written as ‘happy’ (Hwan) and ‘happy’ (hee), so his parents want him to live happily.
  • Xiaosaid Hwanhee, in the bedroom walk without clothes.
  • Sun Youl he also commented that he is the most cheerful in the dorm, and Hwanhee said he is not an invited guest. “No matter what room I walk into, everyone tells me ‘Don’t come in, don’t come in’ or ‘Come on out, no one welcomes you’ (Ko Gyeol : “Hwanhee-ya, I do welcome you!”) NO, YOU DON’T. They just tell me to buy Pawerade or Pocari Sweat!” (Ko Gyeol but you never buy it for us “).
  • when he has days off, he likes to play, go to the arcade, sauna, theme parks (he loves that very much).
  • He is very interested in Chang Jo from Toe Tophe added that he likes it, because, although he didn’t have many parts in his previous songs, now he has them a lot more and he even writes songs. “It looks really good when you get better through hard work and that’s why I want to be like him (Chang Jo)
  • The words that describe Hwanhee are: ‘The eldest of the young’, ‘the husky voice’ and ‘hound’.
  • Xiaosaid that, when he gets up, the first thing he does is to look at the face of Hwanhee because he feels renewed.
  • The first thing he does when he gets up in the morning is to check who is in the bathroom, because there are too many members for one bathroom.
  • He said his throat is the most precious thing to him.
  • He always travels to visit his parents during Up10tion’s inactive days.
  • If he had the opportunity to change anything, he would like to be a superhero.
  • Always, Hwanhee cries a lot when he is stressed, that’s why he got the nickname ‘Hwanhee’.crybaby’.
  • MBC “Music Core” for its 500th episode, performed special performances, did a medley of Block B h.E.R, BEAST12:30 and EXO with Love Me Right, in which Hwanhee sings the part of Byun Baek Hyun.
  • Hwanhee catches a cold before an important recording due to the nervous breakdowns he often has.
  • He is the most problematic member of the group. He does not listen well to instructions.
  • He receives many threats from Kuhn he is the reason why Kuhn is restless.
  • Hwanhee accidentally kicked the head of the Sun Youl during a practice of his song ‘ATTENTION’, his position had to be changed because it was too dangerous.
  • One fan asked: “From the eyes of Hwanhee what type of person are you? Gyu Jin And Sung Joon (Wei)?” Hwanhee gyu Jin is like an Angel, and Wei is like Lucifer.
  • Hwan Hee’s mother frequently confuses Hwan Hee and Sun Youl with a girl. “When I’m on the phone with my mother, he asks me if I’m with a girl. “Sunyoul then added, “I jokingly say, ‘Oppa, who are you talking to? “She probably believed that Sun Youl was his son’s secret girlfriend.
  • UP10Tion members said that Hwanhee was a big fan of Somihe was even the shyest of the group during the filming of the MV.

Hwanhee (UP10TION) TV Programs

  • MBC Chuseok special Idol Chef King (MBC, 23.09.16)

Hwanhee (UP10TION) TV Drama’s

  • OH! Ready! (together with Sun Youl and Xiao) subject for My Cabbage Global House (2019)
  • Flower (besides Weiy Sun Youl) theme for Ms. Ma, Nemesis (2018)

Hwanhee (UP10TION) is a member of:



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