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Himchan (B.A.P)

Weight: 69kg
Height: 180cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: April 19, 1990

Himchan (B.A.P)

About Himchan (B.A.P)

Himchan (B.A.P) Facts

  • Ex-Kpop Group B.A.P (2012-2019)
    • Position: vocalist, Rapper and Dancer.
  • Matoki: Tatsmato (Pink).
  • Education
    • Chung Am Elementary
    • High School: National School of Korean Traditional Music (Guk-ak)
    • National Institute of Korean Traditional Music
    • Korea National University of Arts
  • Hobbies : Buy (see nice clothes and accessories) and guitar.
  • Languages Korean and Japanese (fluent).
  • Meaning of the name: “Himchan” means “Full of Strength.”
  • Instruments Piano, drums, guitar and violin.
  • Fanclub Himes.
  • Motto When you work, work. When you rest, rest. Always do your best.
  • Habit: Calculate how much you have eaten during the day, think of song melodies and try to sing them.
  • Favorite food: Japanese food Favorite : “Okoumiyaki.”
  • Favorite color: Black, Gold, Red.
  • He is the best aegyo of his group.
  • He was a very good swimmer in elementary school Yong Guk has verified Himchan’s swimming skills.
  • For an interview for “Inkigayo” magazine, he revealed that he is in charge of being the “mom” of the group, so he usually cooks for the other members from time to time.
  • What he likes most about his physical appearance is his nose.
  • He has a mania for healthy food. He tends to take good care of his body and always makes sure to carry vitamins and Omega3 in his backpack.
  • On August 26, 2011, he appeared as MC for the MTV music program “The Show” along with Hyo Sungfrom SECRET and Moon from F (x) his agency, TS Ent. stated that although he felt pressured to showcase his personal talent as a debut artist, the producers praised him for demonstrating exceptional MC skills.
  • He appeared with his future group mate Yong Guk in the concert “Zero Show vol.7” (02-April-2011), “Zero Show vol.8” (15-May-2011) and in “Zero Show vol.9” (11-June-2011) doing a duet.
  • It was a Ulzzangin Bestnine together with Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Jong Hyun, Lee Joon and Jae Hyo.
  • He plays various traditional Korean instruments, such as dae-geum (flute-like), jang-goo (drum-like), ggwaeng-ga-ri and jing. In college, he continued in that direction with a major in traditional arts. He also attended a piano academy starting at the age of five, but moved away from piano when he entered elementary school, where he began learning the violin (for six years).
  • He was the first of the group to have a driver’s license.
  • He is a caffeine addict. He stated that he drinks 4 cups of coffee a day and that he likes ‘Americano’.
  • Himchan and Su Ho from EXO attended the same university “Korea National University of Arts”.
  • He fractured the ring and little finger of his right hand after slipping and falling while trying to get into the car. Due to the injury, Himchan received surgery, having to wear a partial cast around his hand and wrist; as a result, he did not participate in the “One Shot” performances with the other members.
  • Due to his injury he did not actively participate in B.A.P’s first solo concert Live on Earth Seoul.
  • He created his own fansite called “Strong Babe”, in the Daum fancafewhich is dedicated to all B.A.P. fans.
  • During the last performance of “1004 (Angel)”, he did not participate because he was extremely ill, however, the others were also ill but were still forced to perform.
  • He was chosen by netizens as one of the idols who have exotic and foreign beauty.
  • He is known as the “Multi-instrumentalist Ullzzang”.
  • On September 9, 2018, Namyangju Police Station revealed that Him Chan is under investigation.He has been charged for an incident of assault against a woman in his 20s at a vacation home in Namyangju in early August.According to the woman, there were three men and three women, including Him Chan and her, hanging out at the vacation home when he was assaulted.There were no other B.A.P members present.He denies the charges.A police source commented, “As the two parties are making conflicting claims and the incident is under investigation, the specific charge cannot be disclosed.”
    • In October 2020 when the trial on charges of forcible sexual abuse was ongoing, Himchan announced he would release his single, but was booked without arrest the next day after he was found to have caused an accident while driving under the influence of alcohol.
    • On February 25, 2021, he was sentenced to ten months in prison and 40 hours of sexual violence treatment, on the same day both his lawyers (to decrease) and the prosecution (to increase) appealed the sentence. The Korean Court of Justice said, “We decided the sentence considering the fact that the seriousness of the crime and the fact that the defendant could not receive forgiveness from the victim.”

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  • B.A.P for Skoolooks

Himchan (B.A.P) Radio Programs

  • 2012: MBC Younha’s Starry Night Radio [31.05.2012].
  • 2012: MBC ShimShim Tapa Radio [06/01/2012].
  • 2012: MBC Younha’s Starry Night Radio [06.08.2012] – besides Yong Guk

Himchan (B.A.P) TV Programs

  • 2012: Ta-Dah, It’s B.A.P.
  • 2012: B.A.P Diary Episode
  • 2012 Miss & Mr. Idol Korea
  • 2012: Idol Wrestling Show
  • 2011: MTV The Show MC

Himchan (B.A.P) Music Videos

Himchan (B.A.P) is a member of:


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