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Weight: 45 kg
Height: 166 cm
Real name: 장다혜 / Jang Da Hye
Date of Birth: January 29, 2023


About Heize

About Heize

Heize was born in Daegu, South Korea. As a child, Heize studied cello and played classical music and ballads. However, she accidentally heard rap, to which she was attracted and began to write her own lyrics.

Before her debut, she was writing while in class at school and a teacher called her, coming to think that she would scold her but the teacher told her to go the music way if she liked it. Hearing her teacher’s words, she decided to become a singer.

In 2015 she began her participation in Mnet’s well-known survival program, Unpretty Rapstar 2.

2014: Debut with her First Mini-Album “HEIZE”.

The song “After I’ve Wandered A Bit”. was released on January 17 in collaboration with Crucial Star, as a pre-release to their first mini-album “Heize”. The lyrics of the song were written by Heize and Crucial Star.

His first mini-album “Heat” was released on March 21, containing a total of six songs, the main one being “Could You Go Even If Club” the song contains the words you want to say to your former lover that she has not forgotten about you.

2015: Return with Single “My Boyfriend Says Thank You”.

The simple “My Boyfriend Says Thank You” the song was composed by EachONE and Heize, the arrangements were also made by EachONE and the lyrics were written by Heize.

“My Boyfriend Says Thank You” tells the ex-boyfriend that the current boyfriend feels gratitude instead of hatred. Heize explained that the new encounter brought by the breakup with her ex-boyfriend is happy, “thanks to you leaving me like this, I am living happily and meeting better people.”.

Back with the Single “Pume Sweet Pume”.

The simple “Pume Sweet Pume” the song was composed by Heize and U-turn, arranged by U-turn and lyrics written by Heize “Pume Sweet Pume” in the dictionary means “home is best”, contains a message that says “My arms are the best?” for a lover who returned shortly after leaving, after feeling bored.

2016: Return with the Single “Don’t Come Back”.

The simple “Don’t Come Back” was launched on April 14 and features the collaboration of Yong Jun Hyung the song was included in an acoustic version on the mini-album “and July”.

Back with the pre-single “Shut Up & Groove”.

The pre-release single “Shut Up and Groove” in collaboration with DEAN was released at 12 PM KST on June 2, the song was included in her mini-album “and July” dEAN composed the song together with 2xxx. It is an R&B song, reminiscent of a man and a woman enjoying freedom while getting away from the city.

“Shut Up & Groove” ranked first on Olleh Music and Mnet at 8 AM, fourth on Bugs and seventh with Melon and Genie, as well as on Naver Music, Soribada and other real-time music sources.

Back with her second mini-album “and July”.

The mini-album “and July” it was released on July 18, containing a total of six songs, the main one being “and July” in collaboration with DEAN and Dj Friz. DEAN was the producer of the mini-album.

“and July” is a song whose lyrics were co-written by DEAN and Heize and is about the bridge between friendship and romance when the person can’t accept to themselves that they have very strong and very real feelings for each other. So, summer passes and July comes, but they keep saying “I’m fine” to themselves.

Back with the Single “Star

On November 28, teaser images were released for their return on December 5 with the single “Star”.

“Star” however, many said her song was similar to JIDA’s “Autumn Breeze” released in October.

On December 5 at midnight KST, it achieved an all-kill. Almost immediately after its release, it managed to reach first place in Soriboda, Melon, Genie, Bugs, Naver, Monkey3, Mnet and olleh.

Rumors of plagiarism

Heize recently responded to critical rumors about plagiarism “Star” by posting on her personal Instagram an image in which she said “I’m sorry you all were concerned.I worked on ‘Star’ in August and revealed a bit of the song on MBC’s “I Live Alone. “After episode, a lot of people were curious about the song.So I released it.”.

Heize continued with her message “There are people who are asking questions and saying that there is a song that sounds similar to mine that was released in October. But my song was released two months after I showed a bit of it on ‘I Live Alone,’ so I’m giving a brief explanation. I posted this message because I didn’t want to see my fans hurt by those nonsense rumors.”.

2017: Back with her Third Mini-Album “///”

The mini-album “///” was released on June 26th, containing a total of five songs, being the main ones “Don’t Know You” and “You, Clouds, Rain”.

His agency explained “The title ‘///’ has the meaning of ‘you,’ ‘dark clouds’ and ‘rain’ and is meant to be read as ‘You, dark clouds, rain.’ Please look forward to your new album, which will contain the result of your effort.”.

“Don’t Know You” the song’s lyrics talk about realizing in retrospect that these actions will lead the teddy bear (or the loved one) to leave the relationship and the music video features Onew from SHINee.

June 28 at 2:30 PM KST, “Don’t Know You” reached No. 1 on the six major music portals in Korea’s real-time and daily charts (Melon, Genie, Bugs, Mnet, Naver and Soribada), as well as the real-time iChart, achieving a certified all-kill.

On June 27 at midnight KST also released another music video for her comeback, this time for the ballad “You, Clouds, Rain” in collaboration with Shin Yong Jae heize wrote the lyrics of the song and composed it together with DAVII.

July 4 at 2:30 PM KST, “You, Clouds, Rain” took the top spot in the daily and real-time charts of the six major Korean music sites, as well as in the real-time and weekly iChart charts, meaning it achieved a perfect all-kill.

Back with the Single “In the Time Spent With You”.

The simple “In the Time Spent With You” was launched on August 25 as part of the project to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Seo Taiji and Boys SEOTAIJI 25 Project – ‘Time: Traveler’.

2018: Back with her Fourth Mini-Album “Wind”.

A source within the agency commented “Heize’s mini-album includes six songs, and the album’s main keyword will be ‘baram’ [a Korean homonym that can mean both ‘desire’ and ‘wind’]. The expression is intended to mean both ‘desire’ and ‘wind’ at the same time.”.

They added “Please look forward to Heize’s new musical transformation in her first comeback in eight months.”.

A teaser for their mini-album was released, “Wind the album features six songs in total, with the lead tracks being “The New York Times” and “The New York Times”.Jenga” in collaboration with Gaeko and “Didn’t Know Me”.

“Didn’t Know Me” is a pop ballad song that expresses feelings of forgiveness of resentment with an ex-boyfriend when you understand what happened and “Jenga” is a jazz pop song and is about not wanting to play the main game of romance anymore. The lyrics were written by Gaeko, who also participates in the song.

Rather than a breakup, “Sorry.” is a particular track that expresses the various emotions of being hurt by people in every day of life.

March 8 2:30 AM KST, “Jenga” took No. 1 in real time in the 6 main music charts: Melon, Genie, Bugs, Mnet, Naver and Soribada. followed by “Didn’t Know Me” in the 2nd position of all lists.

Back with the single “First Sight”.

The simple “First Sight” was released on December 14 at 6 PM KST “First Sight” was composed and arranged by DAVII and the lyrics written by Heize, the song has the ambitious meaning of “First Snow” and “First Sight” because both phrases sound similar in Korea. The lyrics talk about the fantasies of meeting someone for the first time and falling in love like the first snow falling in the winter.

The MV is inspired by the character Olaf from “Frozen”. Heize composed a part of the track, taking inspiration from one of Olaf’s lines in the movie: “Some people are worth melting for”.

2019: Back with the Single “Run to you”.

“Run to you” the song is an acoustic pop ballad composed by Rocoberry, with arrangements by Conan and Roco and lyrics written by Jihoon. The lyrics are about going to a loved one even if it takes a long time.

She’s back with her first studio album “She’s Fine”.

It was announced that she would be releasing her first studio album “She’s Fine” which was released on March 19 at 6 PM KST. The album contains a total of eleven songs in all, being “She’s Fine” and “So, It Ends?” as a double promotional song.

“She’s Fine” was co-composed by Heize and DAVII the lyrics are about reassuring people that they are okay and asking others to mind their own business.

“So, It Ends?” has the collaboration of Colde. the lyrics are about breaking up immediately after a fight with your partner, where emotions run high and where you end up furious, but waking up the next day and saying to yourself “wait a minute, are we still dating?”.

Back with the Single “We don’t talk together”.

On June 27, it was announced that Suga from BTS produced Heize’s new single, “We Don’t Talk Together” which was launched on July 7 at 6 PM KST.

“We Don’t Talk Together” tells the story of two people who never tell each other how they really feel and find themselves facing an eternal goodbye and features Giriboy on the rap. Suga was the producer of the song and also participated in the writing of the lyrics with Heize and Giriboy and in the composition of the song with Heize and EL CAPITXN.

July 7 at 6PM KST, “We Don’t Talk Together” at 10:30 PM KST reached #1 on the real-time charts of the Melon, Genie, Bugs, Mnet, Naver and Soribada sites.

“We Don’t Talk Together” debuted second on the digital chart, first on the digital download chart and took the third spot on Gaon’s streaming chart for the week of July 7-13.

Back with her Fifth Mini-Album “Late Autumn”.

It was announced that she would make her comeback on October 13 with her fifth mini-album “Late Autumn” which has six songs in total, the main ones to be promoted being “Falling Leaves are Beautiful” and “Late Autumn” with the collaboration of Crush.

“Falling Leaves are Beautiful” is an R&B song and its lyrics express that ending a relationship is also the beginning of something beautiful.

2020: Back with her Sixth Mini-Album “Lyricist”.

On June 3, she was reportedly planning her comeback in June. A source from her agency, Studio Blue, confirmed the news and said “Heize is currently working on its new album with the goal of releasing it on June 10.”.

Following the confirmation, a teaser poster for the upcoming comeback was released, revealing that it will release its sixth mini-album “Lyricist” the mini-album contains five songs, including the two title tracks, the first of which will be released on June 10 at 6 PM KST “Lyricist” and “Things Are Going Well” in keeping with the album’s theme, Heize participated in the lyrics, composition and arrangement of all the tracks, except on “Not To See You Again”.

“Things Are Going Well” is a song about how to get over a past relationship and “Lyricist” is an R&B ballad with what I feel as a little bit of Bossa Nova influences, the lyrics talk about seeing everything that happens to you through the lens of a lyric.

Sign with P-NATION

On September 16, P-NATION revealed “We recently signed an exclusive contract with Heize and will continue to maintain a good relationship with her. We are happy to welcome a talented and sensitive singer-songwriter to our family. Please look forward to the new music and performances we will create together.”.

A CJ ENM source, who has worked with Heize since her debut, shared “We will treasure the time we spent with Heize and encourage her in her new beginning. In the future, we will collaborate with P NATION to support Heize’s activities.”.

2021: Back with her Seventh Mini-Album “HAPPEN”.

P-Nation confirms its return with its seventh mini-album “Happen” the album contains a total of eight songs, including the title track, which will be released on May 20 at 6 p.m. KST“Happen”.

“Happen” is a song that stands out with a sweet melodic line and a sad voice, and reminds you of the precious moments and people around you, whether it is a coincidence or a relationship. Produced by Yoo Geon Hyung and Heize, who directly participated in the lyrics and composition of the song.

Heize Facts

  • Education
    • Pukyong National University
  • Religion: Christian.
  • On October 05, 2015, it was revealed that she was in a relationship with Rapper Crucial Star their relationship ended after a couple of years, with their breakup being evidenced on Mnet’s Unpretty Rapstar 2, following a diss battle between Heize and KittiB.
  • On HEIZE TV, part of the Unpretty Rapstar 2 show in which Heize charged the camera for the moment, showing her backstage reality, she confessed that she knew about the comments from fans about her resemblance with Nam Taehyun and a phoenix fox.
  • In Unpretty Rapstar 2, she used to attract attention for her good looks; former participants of Show Me The Money also commented on it.
  • She was wearing braces/braces at the time of entering the Unpretty Rapstar 2 program.
  • She made it all the way to the semifinals of the second season of Unpretty Rapstar, where she collaborated with member of EXO Park Chan Yeol.
  • The song “Lil’ Something” in collaboration with Chen for SM Station made it to #1 on the charts.
  • The song “And July” in collaboration with DEAN & DJ Friz got good positions in the charts, it was able to reach #1 on ollehmusic.
  • The song “Star” achieved a Perfect All-Kill within two days of release.
  • She had to become the star student at her school for her father to accept her singing career.
  • When she moved to Seoul in 2013, she had no money to buy food for herself, so she and a friend were feeding on lemon-flavored vitamins; which caused them to end up in the hospital.
  • She worked 3 part-time jobs when she moved to Seoul because she didn’t want to ask her parents for financial help. She invested that money in renting her house and producing an album.
  • Just 9 hours after the release of her new promo song “Don’t know you” from her new mini-album “/ / / / / /” she achieved an All-Kill, reaching #1 in real time on all the charts. Later she achieved Perfect All-Kill; and only two days after the release. Days later, another song from the same album; “You, Clouds, Rain” reached #1 and achieved Perfect All-Kill. This made Heize one of the few artists to have two main songs from the same album achieve Perfect All-Kill. A great achievement for the singer
  • Heize had signs of fever and vomited after her SBS Gayo Daejeon 2017 performance, she ended up fainting. She was admitted to the hospital on December 26. She was originally diagnosed with a common cold, but her condition has rapidly worsened since then. Her agency confirmed that Heize will undergo surgery to treat her symptoms.
  • In less than 5 hours, Heize managed to get an All Kill in real time on all charts with “Jenga”.
  • On September 16, 2020, online media reported that the artist had recently signed an exclusive contract under P-NATION.

Heize Advertisement

  • 2017: NBA

Heize Collaborations

  • TOIL – Walk Again (Feat. Heize, BIG Naughty ) (2022)
  • Lee Mu Jin – When it snows (Feat. Heize) (2021)
  • Daybreak – Doesn’t make sense (Feat. Heize) (2021)
  • Epic High – Based On A True Story (Feat. Heize) (2021)
  • NIve – 2easy (Feat. Heize) (2020)
  • Giriboy – 연기 (besides Heize) (2020).
  • Loco – Can’t Sleep (Feat. Heize) (2020)
  • Joo Young – Love Distance (Feat. Heize) (Prod. by dress ) (2020)
  • Gaeko – Cold (Feat. Heize) (2020)
  • Giriboy – 교통정리 (2019).
  • Suran – Hide and Seek (2019)
  • Kisum – 남겨둘게 (It’s Okay) (2018).
  • Jun Hyung – Is It Still (CD only) (2018)
  • DAVII – Only Me (2018)
  • Jun Hyung – Wonder If (2017)
  • DAVII – Navigation (2017)
  • J.Y. Park – Regrets (2017)
  • Vanilla Acoustic – Blind Date (2016)
  • Unpretty Rapstar 2 – Don’t Stop (2015)
  • Jessi and Wheesung (Prod by Verbal Jint ) – Me, Myself & I (2015)
  • Chan Yeol (EXO ) – Don’t Make Money (2015)
  • Hyobin – Hug Me (2014)
  • Crucial Star – Chillin’ (feat. Fana) (2013)

Heize Music

  • TWICE – Cry For Me (2020)
  • TWICE – Behind The Mask (2020)

Heize Awards

  • SBS Inkigayo (18/12): “Star”
  • KBS Music Bank (7/14): “You, Clouds, Rain”
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best Hip-Hop & Urban Music
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Vocal Performance Female Solo
  • MelOn Music Awards: Top 10 Artist Award
  • 2nd Sports DongA Awards: 올해의 연금상
  • 32th Golden Disk Awards Digital Song Bonsang Award
  • 7th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards: R&B Discovery of the Year
  • 13th Annual Soompi Awards Best Hip-Hop/R&B Artist
  • MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards Best Female Vocal Performance Award (Jenga)
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Vocal Performance Solo Award
  • SBS Inkigayo (21/07): “We don’t talk together”
  • Melon Music Awards Top 10 Artist Award
  • Melon Music Awards Best R&B/Soul (We don’t talk together)
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Hip Hop & Urban Music (She’s Fine)
  • Brand of the Year Awards R&B Soul Artist
  • Brand of the Year Awards: Best Vocal (Female)
  • 13th Melon Music Awards: Melon Top 10 Awards
  • 36th Golden Disc Awards: Digital Song (Bonsang)
  • 31st Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang

Heize Radio Programs

  • Studio Moon Night (Naver NOW, 2021) (26.05.2021) (Ep. 44)
  • Cultwo Show (SBS Power FM, 2021) (20.05.2021)

TV-Internet Programs

  • No Prepare (12.10.2021) (Ep.01)
  • Mnet PRESENT – Heize (Mnet, 2016) Mini-Documentary
  • I Live Alone (MBC, 2016 – Ep. 170)
  • PRODUCE 101 (Mnet, 2016 – Ep. 6)
  • Unpretty Rapstar 2 (Mnet, 2015)
  • Wanna One Go X-Con

TV Drama’s

  • On Rainy Day theme for Blue Birthday (2021)
  • Midnight (besides Punch ) theme for Do You Like Brahms? (2020)
  • You’re Cold subject for It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020)
  • All is the Same subject for Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2 (2020)
  • Destiny Tell Me subject for When the Camellia Blooms (2019)
  • Can You See My Heart theme for Hotel del Luna (2019)
  • Would Be Better theme for Prison Playbook (2017)
  • Round and Round (besides Han Soo Ji) theme for Goblin (2017)
  • Did You Come in a UFO? (besides Go Young Bae) theme for Don’t Dare to Dream (2016)


  • Heize US Canada Tour 2019
    • june 26 – Los Angeles, Canada
    • june 28 – Seattle, United States
    • June 30 – Berkeley, Canada
    • july 03 – Houston, United States
    • 05 July – Atlanta, United States
    • july 07 – Boston, United States
    • July 10 – Toronto, Canada
    • july 12 – Brooklyn, United States

Heize Music Videos

  • Kisum – No Jam (2016)
  • DAVII – Navigation (Feat. Heize) (2017)

Heize is a member of:


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