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Heechul (Super_Junior, Kim Hee Chul & Kim Jung Mo)

Weight: 60 kg
Height: 178 cm
Real name: 김희철 / Kim Hee Chul
Date of Birth: July 10, 1983

Heechul (Super_Junior, Kim Hee Chul & Kim Jung Mo)

About Heechul (Super_Junior, Kim Hee Chul & Kim Jung Mo)

Heechul (Super_Junior, Kim Hee Chul & Kim Jung Mo) Facts

  • K-Pop Group: Super Junior / Kim Hee Chul & Kim Jung Mo
  • Instruments He can play drums, piano and harmonica.
  • Official Fanclub: Petals.
  • Education:
    • Shinwoo Elementary School
    • Jinwang Middle School
    • Wonju Technical College
    • Yonsei University Bachelor of Arts in Tourism English Linguistics BA (Graduate)
    • Sangji University of Computer and Information Studies (Graduate)
  • Hobbies: Writing fairy stories, imitating all kinds of characters, drawing cartoons, playing games, dancing, reading and not stopping updating Instagram.
  • Motto: “I am me and you are you.”
  • Religion: Atheism
  • Period of Military Service 1-September-2011 to 30-August-2013.
  • Mascots Two cats, Heebum (the name of Han Geng, Jay from TRAX, Heenim, and Kibum) and Cherry. A dog, Zorr (for the part sung by Momo from TWICE in the song “Cheer Up “).
  • He was in the Top 3 of his class during his childhood. Even when he was sick he attended school.
  • It was Ulzzang.
  • He broke his nose in the past, so he had to have corrective cosmetic surgery.
  • He entered SM Entertainment because of his visual image. he went to Seoul for the first time to accompany his friend to an SM Entertainment audition but they were an hour late. despite this, the agent let them in and immediately sent Heechul to the audition because of his looks and he was given a chance. as a reference, he sang the national anthem. then he held a second singing audition with a ballad and dance.
    • Heechul has commented on how happy and excited his parents were when he signed with SM Entertainment. He explained, “My parents’ friends’ children were good at studying. So they would tell me how someone got into this or that university. But when I told them that I got into SM Entertainment, they were so happy. Honestly, they were really really completely ecstatic; One funny thing that happened is that when we talked about the length of the contract, my mom joked, ‘There’s probably no other place that will take you. Hurry up and sign for 30 years. Just sign now.’ I’ve been working comfortably and nicely ever since.”
  • He started training when he was 15 and almost retired and left SM Entertainment before his debut, He trained not as an idol trainee but as the lead vocalist of TRAX, the agency’s first rock band that debuted in 2004. “At that time, I had frequent clashes with SM Entertainment officials. Our opinions on music don’t match. “SM even told him to write a letter of apology because of his constant defiance, but he was still rude in that letter: “I don’t know what I did wrong but I am writing this because you told me I have to.” He could have been kicked out of SM as they had over 100 trainees at the time, but they kept him because of his incredibly good looks, so as punishment, he was removed from the band. He eventually gave up and decided to return to his hometown in Gangwon Province: “Jungmo, Jay, Yunho and Donghae convinced me to come back. Lee Soo Man told him to become an actor,
  • After Hankyung suddenly left Super Junior, Heechul, who was his best friend, fell into a deep depression. He locked himself away and didn’t appear on stage for almost three months. Heechul finally came back to reality after Eunhyuk shouted something to him that said this harshly. “Hyung we don’t need you to sing or dance, but we need you because without you Super Junior is not the same.”
  • In 2006 Kim Heechul was driving back from Donghae’s father’s wake when he noticed sasaeng fans following him with their car. He tried to lose them by taking various routes, but ended up in a car accident that broke his leg and tongue. As a result, and after 10 hours of surgery, he has 7-8 iron cores in one leg.
    • “Ever since I had a car accident 11 years ago, every time we’ve gone back, I’ve heard the same things,” he said. “For example, when we were performing ‘Rokkugo’ and ‘Don’t Don’, there were many publications saying things like ‘Just go to the army’ or ‘You have deliberately had an accident to avoid entering the army’.” During ‘Sorry Sorry’, Eunhyuk arranged the choreography so that he could dance in the last part due to his ankle. “People then commented, ‘He’s making money so easily.'” He said such comments continued even after he was discharged from the army (where he was performing civilian service), and in more recent comebacks, such as with “Mamacita” and “Devil.” “If I was fun and passionate at a concert, they would tell me ‘go to the army,'” said Kim Heechul. “If the members arranged for me to only appear at the end, then they would comment things like.
  • Once he changed his phone number, and as he was leaving the service center, he received a sasaeng text saying, ‘Even if you change your number we already know.'”
  • Heechul revealed that a sasaeng somehow discovered the code at the entrance of his house. Instead of taking something with her, he hid his own underwear in Heechul’s underwear drawer. When he returned home, he sent a text to Heechul that read, ” Oppa, your teddy bear underwear is very cute.”
  • Being constantly exposed to the fanfictions that Super Junior fans wrote, Heechul decided to write his own romantic stories of its members. Heechul had written two fanfictions in the past of himself and Leeteuk , and the popular trio EunSiHae (Eunhyuk, Siwon, Donghae). He has posted the writings on his social media pages for his own fans to read.
  • Heechul, has made his stance on the issue of love and gender very clear by talking about director Kim Jho Kwang-Soo, who married his boyfriend Kim Seong Hwan. He stated that love is between two people and that the opinions of others should not matter.
  • He likes to dance the choreographies of a group of girls.
  • His best friend is Taeyeonthis had sparked many rumors about a romance, but both denied it, saying that they are just best friends and still maintain that friendship.
  • In one program, he was considered to have the most scandals (Taeyeon, Ahn So Hee, About, Meng Jia etc.) but reaffirmed that they were just his friends.
  • He is an atheist and has his own religion called Relagyo (렐라교).
  • He thinks that he should not bow too much to anyone (bowing), except for his parents, so when the concerts are over and all the members bow to salute, he never does, on the contrary, he just stands there and waves.
  • He is considered one of the friendliest celebrities because of his bright personality and the fact that he has many celebrity friends and therefore receives many requests to be MC of different programs.
  • He commented on the departure of Kris Wu in EXO, saying that it was not right and he did not agree with how Kris behaved, “not because of what he did but because of how he did it, because Super Junior’s case with Han Geng was very different.
  • He is a person who will always defend those close to him, even leaving his celebrity image aside in order to be with them. He commented on a radio program that when some students insulted Han Geng (Heechul’s friend and former Suju member) in Chinese, Heechul got so angry that he forgot his celebrity image and asked the fans where those students had gone, he said he was so angry that they did that just because he is a foreigner.
  • He is the first member of Super Junior to reach 1 million followers on Instagram. His account on this social network was created in June 2013 but he started using it only until August 30, the day he finished his military service.
  • He decided to study Chinese to be able to communicate better with Guo Xue Fualthough he speaks a little Korean and English, they manage to communicate but it is not enough because Heechul only speaks Korean well.
  • During the filming of We Got Married, he said that he studied Chinese with Zhou Mi and Meng Jia however, Zhou Mi has always been his language support, for example every time he wants to write a post in Chinese on Weibo Zhou Mi is the one who helps him, if he is not around then he writes in Korean.
  • Heechul closed his Twitter account for a year due to harassment from sassaeng fans. He then decided to create a new account, although his most used social network is Instagram.
  • I make an MV together with Momo from TWICE he himself asked Momo to star in the ballad for the video where he will receive help from the members of Ask Us Anything, a program in which he is also an MC.
  • He is narcissistic, and is very concerned about his appearance on camera. On one show he commented that for a while he wouldn’t blink when singing on shows and such, for fear of having his famous half-closed-eye photos taken. This, however, he has minimized over time, and is no longer so severe about how he appears in front of the cameras.
  • He is a pro-homosexuality person. At some point he mentioned in an interview that “love is love, regardless of gender”.
  • On March 30, 2018, it was reported that Heechul will not be able to participate in the activities of the repackaged Replay album due to health problems
    • Hello, this is Label SJ. For fans who are waiting for Super Junior’s repackaged album, we have unfortunate news to announce. On April 12, the release date of the repackaged album “Replay”, Heechul will not be able to participate in the activities due to health problems. Member Kim Heechul will normally participate in other promotional activities, except for music programs, and this decision was made with Heechul’s health in mind. We hope fans will understand this decision. In addition, with the song “Sorry”, members Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae and Siwon will participate, making a total of 6 members on stage. With this, we hope you will pay attention to the future activities of Super Junior. Thank you “.
  • on January 15, 2019 EXO won a Bonsang (main award) and Hallyu Star Award at the “28th Seoul Music Awards”. The members were unable to participate in the ceremony, so Heechul, who was one of the presenters at the gala, graciously received the Hallyu Star Award on their behalf. Heechul even took the time to relay a special message from EXO’s Baekhyun while receiving the award and sent messages to both EXO and fans drawing a lot of attention for his warmth and dedication towards EXO fans and becoming trending on social media; Baekhyun later left a small thank you to Kim Heechul for receiving the trophy on his behalf: “Thank you so much Heechul hyung!” along with the hashtag #HeechulHyungTookThePhotoForUs. (Heechul hyung took the photo for us).
  • On the occasion of the forest fire in Gangwon Province that occurred in March 2019; Heechul made a donation of 30 million won to the Korea Community Chest to contribute to relief operations in the affected area. Heechul is from Hoengseong County in Gangwon Province and is the current honorary ambassador of his hometown. Along with his donation, he added, “I was very concerned about this forest fire and decided to donate with the great hope that it would help with the restoration efforts.”
  • On April 17, 2019, it was announced that Heechul his first solo single “Old Movie,” a traditional rock ballad composed by his bandmate Donghaeand with a music video directed by Shindong, Heechul wrote the lyrics himself. The single will be released on April 24 and he will perform “Old Movie” on his talk show, “HEETalk,” on May 4 and 5.
    • on April 19, the video teaser for his first song with actress Park Yoo Na was aired.
    • on his youtube channel “HEEtube” explained that the entire production and development of his first single was paid for with his own money.
  • On April 24, Kim Heechul unveiled his first solo digital single titled “Old Movie” along with the official MV; topping the iTunes chart in seven countries including El Salvador, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, Singapore and Malta, debuted in the top 10 in countries such as Mexico, Peru, Poland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, also debuting #35 on the iTunes global chart and debuted at No. 9 on the iTunes K-Pop chart.
  • It was confirmed that the MV of “Old Movie” contains tracks related to Super Junior and future projects of the group.
    • the score at the end of “Old Movie” is Kyuhyun’s song “At Gwanghwamun” and the date written is Kyuhyun’s military service release day.
  • On January 1, 2020, both SJ Label and JYP confirm that Momo and Heechul are dating and have good feelings for each other. On July 08, 2021 SM Entertainment confirmed that they had ended their relationship.

Heechul (Super_Junior, Kim Hee Chul & Kim Jung Mo) Collaborations

  • “Sweet Dream – besides Min Kyung Hoon (2016)
  • “Narcissus” – besides Whee In
  • “Breakups Are So Typical Of Me” – besides Kim Jang Hoon
  • “Melody” – Along with EVE
  • “King Wang Zzang”. besides Defconn

Heechul (Super_Junior, Kim Hee Chul & Kim Jung Mo) Music

Musical Lyrics.

  • “Silhouette” – M&D: Cottage Industry – 1st Mini Album (2015)
  • “Moon Crystal” – M&D: Cottage Industry – 1st Mini Album (2015)
  • “Midnight & Dawn” – M&D: Cottage Industry – 1st Mini Album (2015).
  • “I Wish” – M&D: Cottage Industry – 1st Mini Album (2015)
  • “Oops!” – Super Junior : A-Cha – 5th Album Repackaged – “With Lee Teuk, Shin Dong, Eun Hyuk and Lee Dong Hae (2011)
  • “Close Your Mouth” – M&D: Close Your Mouth – 1st Single (2011)/M&D:Cottage Industry – 1st Mini Album (2015).
  • “Soul” – Super Junior : Super Show 2 Tour Concert Album (2009)/M&D:Cottage Industry – 1st Mini Album (2015)
  • “Believe” (Cover) – Super Junior : Twins – 1st Album – “Korean Lyrics/Original Song of Exile”. (2005)

Musical Lyrics for Other Artists.

  • “Shanghai Romance” – Orange Caramel : Shanghai Romance – 2nd Single (2011)

Heechul (Super_Junior, Kim Hee Chul & Kim Jung Mo) Drama

  • Recipe for Youth (Bbangya TV, 2021)
  • Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit (tvN, 2014)
  • The Heirs (SBS, 2013) Ep. 4
  • Melody of Youth (CCTV-1, 2010)
  • I Am Legend (SBS, 2010) Cameo
  • Loving You a Thousand Times (SBS, 2009)
  • Tae Hee, Hye Kyo, Ji Hyun (MBC, 2009) Cameo
  • Golden Bride (SBS, 2007)
  • Bad Family (SBS, 2006)
  • Nonstop 6 (MBC, 2005)
  • Loveholic (KBS, 2005) Cameo
  • Sharp 2 (KBS, 2005)

Heechul (Super_Junior, Kim Hee Chul & Kim Jung Mo) Musicals

  • Xanadu (2008)

Heechul (Super_Junior, Kim Hee Chul & Kim Jung Mo) Films

  • Hello, My Cat (2019) Voice
  • Goodbye Single (2016) Cameo
  • SMTown The Stage (2015)
  • I AM (2012)
  • Super Show 3 3D (2010)
  • Alvin And The Superband (2008 – Simon’s Voice)
  • Attack On The Pin-Up Boys (2007)

Heechul (Super_Junior, Kim Hee Chul & Kim Jung Mo) Awards

  • Summer Break Mnet 20’s Choice Awards: Best Pretty Boy
  • GO KPOP Music Awards: Best use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • All Kpop Awards: Best Social Ntwork Personality 2011
  • MBC Entertainment Awards: Rookie Award (Show/Entertainment)
  • MelOn Music Awards Best Rock Song “Heechul & Min Kyung Hoon – Sweet Dream”
  • MelOn Music Awards Best Rock Song “Heechul & Min Kyung Hoon – Falling Dreams”
  • National Tax Service: Presidential Award
  • SBS Entertainment Awards Excellence Award (Reality) (Delicious Rest Stop)
  • SBS Entertainment Awards Top Excellence Award in Reality (My Little Old Boy)

Heechul (Super_Junior, Kim Hee Chul & Kim Jung Mo) Radio Programs

  • Lee Hong Gi Kiss The Radio 02.11.2016 (KBS)
  • Cultwo Show Radio (SBS Power FM, 2015.05.05, guest)
  • Jang Dongmin & Lady Jane 2 O’Clock Radio (KBS Cool FM, 2015.04.27, Guest)
  • Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio (Sukira) (KBS Cool FM, 2014.04.24, guest besides Kim Jung Mo like M&D)
  • Lee Gook Joo’s Young Street (SBS Power FM, 2015.04.22, guest besides Kim Jung Mo like M&D)
  • Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio (Sukira) (KBS Cool FM, 2014.04.01, guest)
  • Idol True Colors (MBC C-Radio, 2014.03.14, guest)
  • CulTwo Show Radio (SBS Power FM, 2013.11.26, guest)
  • Super Junior Kiss’s The Radio (Sukira) (KBS Cool FM, 2013.10.21-23, DJ Special besides Kang In)
  • Park Sohyun’s Lovegame (SBS Power FM, 2013.10.03, guest)
  • SungDong Cafe (SDTV, 2013, DJ and Announcer)
  • YoungStreet Show (SBS Power FM, 2011, DJ and Announcer)

Heechul (Super_Junior, Kim Hee Chul & Kim Jung Mo) TV Programs

  • Jessi’s Showterview (SBS, 03.09.2020) (Ep. 13)
  • 7.7 Billion In Love (JTBC, 2020)
  • My Little Old Boy (SBS, 2019)
  • Matching Survival 1+1 (KBS, 2019)
  • (MBN) Five actors (08.04.2019) besides (G)I-DLE.
  • “Begin A Game” (MBC 2018) as MC alongside. Shin Dong and Gong Chan
  • Super TV (xtvN/tvN, 2018)
  • Weekly Idolepisode 328 (November 08, 2017) and 329 (November 15, 2017) with. Lee Dong Hae, Lee Teuk, Eun Hyuk Yesungy Shin Dong.
  • Super Junior Returns (Reality Show, V LIVE, from October 09, 2017) with. Lee Dong Hae, Lee Teuk, Choi Si Won, Eun Hyuk, Ye Sung, Shin Dong and Eun Hyuk.
  • Idol School (Mnet/tvN, 2017).
  • Life Bar (tvN, 2017 – present)
  • Syndrome Man (KBS, 2017) along with Jung Yong Hwa Kim Min Jong]] and Kim Gu Ra
  • New Journey To The West 3 (Ep 1) – Cameo (2017)
  • Flower Crew (SBS, Ep 10-12) – Next to Im Na Yeon and Momo (TWICE) (2016)
  • Lipstick Prince (OnStyle) – MC (2016)
  • Weekly Idol – MC Temporary besides Hani (EXID) (2016)
  • Weekly Idol – MC Special Ep244 – besides Hani {Jun Hyung (HIGHLIGHT), Yoon Bo Ra, Heo Sol Ji (EXID) and Jackson Wang (GOT7)} (2016)
  • Weekly Idol – MC Special Ep 229 (BTS) and Ep 230 Christmas Special (LOVELYZ, GFRIEND, TWICE) (2015)
  • Knowing Bros (JTBC – Present, MC, in broadcast) (2015)
  • MAPS (OliveTV) – Next to Kwon Yu Ri, Simon Dy Choi Kang Hee (2015)
  • Radio Star (MBC, 2015.07.15) – Next to Lee Teuk, Ye Sung, Eun Hyuk, Choi Si Won and Lee Dong Hae
  • Sistar Starcast ‘Wicked Show’ (Naver TV, 2015.06.23)
  • 4 Things Show (Mnet, 2015, Ep. 15)
  • Immortal Songs 2 (KBS, 2015.03.21, Ep. 191) – besides Kim Jung Mo
  • A Style for You (KBS, 2015, MC) – Along with Goo Ha Ra, Yoon Bo Ra and Hani
  • The Demand of Luxurious Foods (tvN, 2015)
  • The Road with You (ZJTV China, 2015)
  • Happy Together 3 (KBS, 2015.02.19)
  • Inkigayo (SBS, 2015, Ep. 800, Special MC)
  • Tutoring Different Generations/My Young Tutor (MBC, 2014).
  • A Song for You 3 (KBS, 2014, Ep. 14-15)
  • The TaeTiSeo (OnStyle, 2014.10.07, Ep. 6)
  • Tell Me Your Wish/Make A Wish/SNS Angels (MBC, 2014, MC)
  • Hello Counselor (KBS, 2014.09.15) – besides Kang In, Shin Dong and Kim Ryeo Wook
  • 4 Things Show (Mnet, 2014.07.29, Ep. 14, cameo)
  • Get It Beauty (OnStyle, 2014.05.28, Ep. 13) – besides Gunhee
  • Running Man (SBS, 2014, Ep. 207)
  • Global We Got Married 2 (MBC, 2014) – Couple of Guo Xue Fu
  • Superman is Back (KBS, 2014.03.09) – besides Kang In
  • I Live Alone (MBC, 2014.02.14)
  • Weekly Idol (MBC, 2014.01.01, Ep. 125)
  • War of Words (SSulzun) (JTBC, 2013-2014, MC)
  • The Human Condition (KBS, 2013.12.14, Ep. 46)
  • Radio Star (MBC, 2011, MC)
  • Come to Play (MBC, 2011, Ep. 349) – Together with the members of “Chocoball”.
  • Immortal Songs 2 (KBS, 2011) – Accompanying person for Lee Hong Gi
  • Oh My School (KBS, 2010, Ep. 6) – As a friend of Lee Hong Gi
  • Running Man (SBS, 2010, Ep. 20)
  • Night Star (KBS, 2010, Ep. 5)
  • Family Outing 2 (SBS, 2010)
  • Invincible Youth (KBS, 2010, Ep. 18)
  • Intimate Note (SBS, 2009, Ep. 24-25)
  • Happy Together 3 (KBS, 2009, Ep. 97,109)
  • Band of Brothers (Mnet, 2008-2009, MC) – besides Kang In, Jay Kim and Kim Jung Mo
  • Good Daddy (SBS, 2008-2009)
  • YaShimManMan Season 2 (SBS, 2008, Ep. 6)
  • Explorers of the Human Body (SBS, 2007-2008)
  • Happy Together Season 2 (KBS, 2007)
  • Idol World (KM, 2007, Ep. 6-13) – besides Super Junior T
  • YaShimManMan Season 1 (SBS, 2006-2007)
  • Star Golden Bell (KBS, 2006)
  • Mystery 6 (Mnet, 2006)
  • Super Junior Full House (SBS, 2006)
  • Real Romance Love Letter 3 (SBS, 2006)
  • Real Romance Love Letter 2 (SBS, 2005-2006)
  • Super Junior Show (KM, 2005-2006)

Heechul (Super_Junior, Kim Hee Chul & Kim Jung Mo) TV Drama’s

  • First Star theme for Loving You a Thousand Times (2009)
  • Can It be love (besides Kim Ki Bum) theme for Nonstop 6 (2006)
  • A Family (together with Go Hyun Wook) theme for Bad Family (2006)

Themes for Musicals

  • Don’t Walk Away theme for Xanadu Musical (2008)

Heechul (Super_Junior, Kim Hee Chul & Kim Jung Mo) Music Videos

Heechul (Super_Junior, Kim Hee Chul & Kim Jung Mo) is a member of:

Super Junior-T (Sub-Unit-Trot)

Super Junior-T (Sub-Unit-Trot)

Super Junior

Super Junior



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