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HA:TFELT (Wonder Girls)

Weight: 47 kg
Height: 165 cm
Real name: 박예은 / Park Ye Eun
Date of Birth: May 26, 1989

HA:TFELT (Wonder Girls)

About HA:TFELT (Wonder Girls)

HA:TFELT (Wonder Girls) Facts

  • Ex-Kpop Group Wonder Girls
    • Position Leader / Vocalist / Dancer / Keyboardist.
  • Voice type: Light lyric soprano.
  • Vocal Rank C#3 ~ A5 (2 octaves and 4 notes)
  • Registration supported F#3/G3 ~ B4/C5 and F#3/G3 ~ D5/Eb5 (with head voice)
  • Education:
    • University: Kyung Hee University (Major Post-modern Music)
  • Discovery: UCC system (JYP).
  • Debut: 2006
  • Fanclub YeEun Impact
  • Languages: Korean (Fluent)/English (Fluent)/Chinese (Intermediate)/Japanese (Basic)/Spanish (Intermediate)
  • Hobbies: Cinema, music, health, listening to music, going to concerts, reading.
  • Skills: Singing / dancing / music.
  • Specialty: Vocal, Choreography, Poppin, Street, contemporary dance, Composition.
  • Favorite Food: Sushi, egg tarts and Chobac.
  • Favorite Artists: Lauryn Hill, Aretha Flankin and So Hyang.
  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Practice time three months.
  • Instruments Guitar and piano.
  • Religion: Christian.
  • Mascots: Two dogs, one called “Master” and the other called “Child” of which Yu Bin is also an owner.
  • Since 2013, she has been living with her three group mates and friends. Yu Bin, Hye Rim and Sun Mi although since 2011 it is no longer mandatory for the members of the Wonder girls live together.
  • Her name as a composer ishA:TFELT coming from HeartFelt this means that her compositions come from the deepest feelings of her heart, and at the same time it means that her compositions come from the deepest feelings of her heart HotFelt since hot is pronounced Hat which means that their compositions have some itching and sensuality she says you can see its meaning both ways, so she abbreviated the words.
  • She won in a Korea-wide poll as a great future composer.
  • She was rejected when she auditioned for JYP Entertainment on three occasions, she mentioned that if you really want something you must fight until you get it, no matter how many times you fail you must learn to get up.
  • Shared a room with Yu Bin in the U.S.
  • She plays the guitar and piano very well, and always accompanies her songs.
  • She is like the second mom of Wonder Girls remember that the 1st is Sun Ye.
  • Hye Rim is very afraid of Ye Eun, she said she is a girl with character.
  • She is the most proficient in English at Wonder Girls.
  • It is very close to June from 2PM and also to Suzy from Miss A.
  • If she had not been a singer, she would have liked to be a teacher or a lawyer.
  • She considers herself a very bad draftsman.
  • In a program they asked June with which idol would you like to participate in We Got Married to which she replied; “I would like to do it with Ye Eun, she is a girl who is very easy to talk to”.
  • She chose as her ideal type Onew from SHINee.
  • Her favorite song and the one she identifies with is “When You Believe by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, since with this song she auditioned for the 4th time at JYP Entertainment and accepted her into the Company.
  • In the group she is also known for being a great composer as her recently her composition “Girlfriend” of the album Wonder Party which she composed for her ex-boyfriend, this song is based on a situation she experienced with her in real life.
  • She composed a song for the fans titled “For:Wonderful” where she expresses her gratitude to the “Wonderful’s” (Wonder Girls Fanclub) for all their support.
  • J.Y.Park in an interview she was questioned about who would be the one to take her place as producer at JYP Entertainmet she said it would possibly be Ye Eun o JoKwon the 2AM.
  • She has made her debut on the theater stage, and has received very good reviews, not only from the public but also from her senior acting peers.
  • She made her debut as a drama actress in Basketball.
  • “Full Moon” first mini-album by Sun Mi will have a theme composed byye Eun “If That Was You”, which will have two versions, one sung by Sun Mi and the other in collaboration with Ye Eun (the latter will only come on the physical album).
  • Ki Sung Yeung (soccer player), a sports commentator was asked who her ideal girl was, to which she replied, “Ye Eun from Wonder Girls”, then the commentator replied, “I guess you don’t care about looks.” After that, many outraged fans and netizens spoke ill of the commentator, but Ye Eun later posted on her Twitter, “I think she just said it joking, so just laugh~! Smile~”. This caught netizens’ attention, because of the polite and calm behavior Ye Eun showed.
  • She made her solo debut, under the name ofhA:TFELT (pseudonym she uses as a songwriter) with the single “Ain’t Nobody” from the Mini-Album “ME?” on July 31st.
  • She produced her debut album and MV, and composed all seven tracks of it with the help of Lee Woo Min.
  • Hye Rim and Beenzino have collaborations on their album.
  • Yu Bin was producer together with her of her MV, she also has an appearance.
  • Days before announcing its debut Sun Mi, Yu Bin and herself, gave hints and clues to this one on their Instagram accounts.
  • Hyun Ah (former member of Wonder Girls ) showed her support for Ye Eun’s debut, saying it was great to promote them together.
  • The song “Ain’t nobody” was ranked #1 in several charts such as Cyworld , Olleh , Genie, Bugs. and in the top 5 of Melon, Naver , Daum, Monkey, etc.
  • Ye Eun won the poll conducted by Mwave about the “best comeback” between her and Hyun Ah.
  • Billboard unveiled its list “Top 10 K-Pop Albums of 2014 ” and HA:TFELT ranked 5th with its Mini Album “ME?”, beating artists such as Rain, CNBLUE, Taeyang, among others, and was the only debut album on the entire list.
  • For the 2nd studio album of Giriboy “Sexual Perceptions, together with the latter, they composed the lyrics for the lead single “Back And Forth 30min.”
  • With “Back And Forth 30min.” from Giriboy this is the first time that Ye Eun has composed a song in which she does not collaborate vocally, although with Sun Mi did it with “If That Was You” in its first version, for the second version of this same theme I collaborate.
  • Currently and due to Sun Ye is in Haiti, she along with Yu Bin, Sun Mi, So Hee and Hye Rim often visit the grandmother and uncle of Sun Ye (only blood family), including a recently disclosed photo of her (current) with both.
  • She is expected to make her solo comeback later this year.
  • It has been revealed in Entertainment Weekly that Park Ye Eun doesn’t like to bathe and when asked why, she replied, “Because it’s a hassle.”
  • It has been confirmed that she is in a three-year relationship with Jinwoon from 2AM.
  • She was the only member of the original line of Wonder Girls who stayed until the end of her dissolution, since she never left or took a break from the group.
  • In an interview she implied that WG was not yet disbanded and that it was possible that they would get back together, as they were only in an indefinite pause where each of the members was trying to follow their solo dreams.
  • On April 24, 2017, it was revealed that she and Jinwoon have ended their relationship.
  • After leaving JYPE she signed with Amoeba Culture agency led by Dynamic Duo was Geako who recruited her, abmos had already worked together on her solo debut ‘No Make Up’.
  • Amoeba Culture welcomed Yenny through its social networks and said that she will promote under the pseudonym HA:TFELT.
  • She is a close friend of JinJoo, guitarist of the American band DNCE, and met her through Joe Jonas, also a close friend of Yenny, who is also a member of the band.
  • She is also close to YouTube celebrity makeup artist Pony.
  • At a press conference held by Dynamic Duo, Gaeko said, “Our biggest task this year is to support our new artist Yeeun. We aim to successfully accomplish this mission,” and added, “We are currently working on music and monitoring songs produced by her.”
  • She showed her support for Sunmi during her comeback with “Gashina”.
  • She will make her comeback in mid-October, this will be her first comeback after leaving JYPE and joining Amoeba Culture.
  • Some details have been revealed such as: her comeback could be with a ‘single album’, her title song will be composed by her and with an R&B style, while the MV was recorded in Germany.
  • She participated in the concert ‘World Club Dome Korea 20017’ with DJ Le Shuuk, performing a new song composed by her in English, which might be on her new album.
  • The girl on the cover of her single ‘MEiNE’ is her niece Gayoung and represents Yenny when she was a 12-year-old girl.
  • SunMi Yubin and Lim showed their support for Yenny after her comeback with ‘MEiNE’.
  • Yenny was scheduled to appear on MBC Standard FM’s radio show “Kim Eana’s Night Letter” on April 29 but had to cancel as she was feeling sick and was in doubt that she had contracted the disease Covid-19. On April 30, she posted a photo of the negative test on Instagram and said:”Yesterday, I had a fever of 38.5 degrees Celsius [101.3 degrees Fahrenheit], so I took a coronavirus test. Fortunately I tested negative, and it appears to be a simple cold. I apologize to everyone who was waiting for my appearance on the radio. I will get better and see you again soon “.


Ye Eun was born on May 26, 1989 in Gyeonggi, Goyang Province, South Korea. She is a South Korean singer, dancer, pianist, model, actress, MC, producer, and songwriter. She was under the agency JYP Entertainment and was a member of the group Wonder Girls she composed several songs for the group and in 2014 she made her debut as a soloist under the name of “The band”. HA:TFELT..


Ye Eun is the middle child of 3 children (an older sister and a younger brother), it has been revealed that during her elementary school days she was number 1 in her class, and upon entering high school she moved to second place. While it has never been said whether her father died or abandoned her family, it is known that she does not live with her family and even Ye Eun does not remember him, as a child she was raised only by her mother, who supported the idea of her being an artist.


She realized that she wanted to be a singer at the age of 11, so she joined a singing group at her school. Later, when she entered high school, she joined a dance group and began to participate in different competitions, both in voice and dance.

2006-2007: Audition and debut in Wonder Girls

She added on 3 occasions for JYP Entertainment, but it was only on the 4th occasion that she was accepted, showing her perseverance.

He debuted on the reality show Wonder Girls, MTV Wonder Girls in the sixth episode (aired on 19 january 2007), chapter that shows her audition and admission to the group. During her audition J.Y. Park asked him, “Why, if you have everything to debut as a solo artist, do you want to do it in a group?”, to which she replied: “Although I don’t discard the idea of debuting as a soloist in the future, I feel that I still have a lot to learn, and what better than in a group”. She then made her stage debut with the group on February 10, 2007 with the song “Irony” on the MBC program “Irony” Show! Music Core she is the lead vocalist and dancer of the group.

He has done collaborations with several artists such as 8eight, H Eugene and San E. she composed songs for Wonder Girls for the latest album, Wonder World, she composed “G.N.O” and “Hello To Myself” for the OST of the drama Dream High 2, among others.

2013: Acting debut and collaborations

After the group’s break, all the members have been doing individual activities, with Ye Eun being the most active. Her first project would be her debut in musicals with “Three Muskeeters” playing the role of Constance. the musical would feature several well-known names in both theater and music, among them were 3 more idols, her company mates Jun.K from 2PM and Changmin from 2AM as well as Kyu Hyun from Super Junior the staging will open on February 20 and will end on April 21, with more presentations during 2014 and one in Japan.

Musically she was also active doing different collaborations with different artists such as Leo Kekoa for the songs “So Good” and “I Can Give”, where she also helped in the composition of both songs, while she participated with Bumkey and Shorry J for “Think About You”.

Throughout the year, Ye Eun participated in various variety and musical programs, including MBC’s Music Picnic, where she participated along with the indie band Moni. In this program they sang well-known songs by Wonder Girls such as: “Nobody”, “Like This”, “Girls Girls Girls” and her solo songs like “Hello To Myself” and “Smile”; in addition, a song composed by her, called “You’re In Me”, was released for the first time.

By September, Ye Eun was invited to sing at Korea’s most important rock festival Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival 2013 together with the most influential Korean rock band Wild Chrysantthemum, with whom she had already participated on August 1 of the same year for the program called Live Jazz Club.

By October, Ye Eun made her acting debut as an actress in dramas with Basketball playing Go Bong Soon, the drama premiered on October 21 and was aired on tvN..

2014: Collaborations, program and solo debut


On February 10, when Wonder Girls 7 years since its debut, it was announced that Sunmi who debuted as a solo artist in August 2013, would make her comeback to the stage with her first mini-album Full Moony, where Ye Eun composed “If That Was You“, which would have 2 versions: the first one would be only with the voice of Sunmi and the second one would be an acoustic version with Ye Eun’s collaboration, but the latter would only be released on the physical album.


On March 19, Ye Eun appeared on the program “On Real Experience Embrace The World”. ye Eun traveled to Africa to record it and did different activities such as sleeping outdoors, cleaning the lions’ cage and assisting a snake having its young, among other things.

First Mini-Album: Me?

On July 23rd, JYP Entertainment released a teaser as well as 2 images announcing Ye Eun’s solo debut under the name HA:TFELT, her nickname as a songwriter, with a mini-album. Days earlier, JYP Entertainment released a teaser and 2 images announcing Ye Eun’s solo debut under the name HA:TFELT, her nickname as a songwriter, with a mini-album Sunmi, Yu Bin and herself, gave hints and clues to this one on their Instagram accounts.

On July 24, Ye Eun posted a letter on the website of Wonder Girls in which she explained that she would use her name as a composer because she wanted to show a different image, she also explained that the 7 songs were written and composed by herself with the help of Lee Woo Min (producer of JYP). In the same letter she mentioned that Hye Rim and Beenzino collaborate on their album with the songs “Iron Girl” and “Iron Girl”. Bond“, respectively, while Yu Bin had participated as producer together with her in the song and the MV of the song “Ain’t Nobody”, where she would also make a cameo.

On July 31 her debut mini-album “Me?” was released with 7 tracks and the promotional track “Ain’t Nobody”. The album was recorded in New York and was produced by herself together with Yu Bin.

The first live performance of “Ain’t Nobody” was on the M! Countdown music show on Mnet, but the TV promotions would only last 2 weeks as their album promotions would be mainly focused on radio.

More collaborations

The october 7th it became known that Yenny would collaborate on one of the main tracks of the rapper’s debut album Gaeko the subject would be “No Make Up” and would also count with the collaboration of Zion.T on October 16, the MV of “No Make UP” was released and the song went on sale and topped several charts in Korea.

As of September it became” DJpermanent radio program “KISS THE RADIO”of the chain “KBS”which airs every Sunday at 10:00pm..

2015: Wonder Girls Collaboration & Comeback


On February 25, the song “There Must Be” by singer JuHyo, a song in which Ye Eun would collaborate, was released. The song talks about people’s hope, and the MV was released on the same day. Soon after, another animated MV was made in commemoration of the Ferry victims.

Back with Wonder Girls

On June 22 the comeback was announced of Wonder Girls with ‘Why So Lonely’ scheduled to be released on July 5, little by little details about the comeback were released, one of them was that the girls would for the first time feature as the lead single a song composed by them and not by J.Y. Park. Park. WSL was composed and written by SunMi and Hyerim, plus the single came with a song composed by Yenny and Yubin ‘Sweet&Easy’.

His comeback was successful as ‘WSL’ reached number one on all the download charts, and ‘Sweet&Easy’ was positioned at no. 3.

Expiration of contract with JYP

On December 11 it was announced that the contract of all the members of the group would expire in January 2017, however numerous articles about the change of some members to another company came to light. The agency said in a statement: “It is true that the contract is about to expire, however we are in talks to renew it”.

2017: Dissolution of Wonder Girls and change of agency

Dissolution of the group

On January 26, the agency announced that the group had made the decision to split up. This is JYPE’s full press release.

“Hello, we are JYP Entertainment, we announce that Wonder Girls is disbanding after 10 years.

The decision has been made after many conversations between the members and the agency. Yubin and Hyerim have renewed their contract with JYP E and will continue with music, performing and MCing, among other activities. After much deliberation, Yeeun and Sunmi as a thank you to all the fans who have placed their trust in JYP Entertainment, they have decided to leave JYP Entertainment Wonder Girls for the past 10 years, the group will release a final single on February 10, the day of its 10th anniversary. Thanks to fans around the world for sticking with us, JYP and Wonder Girls for 10 years”.

On February 10, ‘Draw Me’ was unveiled, the group’s latest single reaching no. 1 on seven of Korea’s top 8 download charts. 1 on seven of Korea’s top 8 download charts. ‘Draw Me’ was composed by Yenny and Yubin.

New agency: Amoeba Culture

After many rumors, on April 11 it was revealed that Yenny would be joining the agency Amoeba Culture which focuses mainly on rap and features artists such as Dynamic Duo, Crush, Primary among others; the agency is led by Dynamic Duo Yenny is the first and only woman to join the agency.

Amoeba Culture released an official statement, saying, “We would like to announce that former member of Wonder Girls yeeun, Yeeun, has become part of the family of Amoeba Culture on April 7 as the solo artist HA:TFELT “.

“We’re going to work hard with HA:TFELT so that she can continually showcase her unique skills, as well as a broad spectrum of musical styles. We would also like to sincerely thank PD Park Jin Young from JYP Entertainment “.

Back with “MEiNE”

HA:TFELT (Wonder Girls) Collaborations

  • Younha – Get It (feat. HA:TFELT &. Cheetah ) (2016)
  • Babylon – Between Us (feat. HA:TFELT) (2016)
  • Gaeko – No Make Up (feat. Zion.T & HA:TFELT) (2014).
  • Sunmi – If That Was You (Acoustic Ver.) (feat. Ye Eun) (2014)
  • Rhythmking – Think About You (feat. Bumkey Ye Eun & Shorry J) (2013)
  • Leo Kekoa – I Can Give (2013)
  • Leo Kekoa – So Good (2013)
  • San E – Lets Play (feat. Ye Eun) (2010)
  • H-Eugene – Baby I Love You (2008)
  • 8eight – Between (feat Sun Ye Ye Eun & Pdogg) (2007)
  • Kwon Tae Eun & Jay Park – 정 (Jeong) (2007)

HA:TFELT (Wonder Girls) Music




  • YuBin – Who Am I (ft Jo Hyun Ah) – ” Unpretty Rapstar Season 2 “.
  • Wonder Girls – Remember – “Reboot”.
  • Wonder Girls – One Black Night – “Reboot”.
  • Wonder Girls – Baby Don’t Play – “Reboot”.
  • Giriboy – Back And Forth 30min. (ft. Shin Jisu) – “Sexual Perceptions”. (Lyrics Only)
  • Joo Hyo & HA:TFELT – There Must Be


  • Sunmi – If That Was You – “Full Moon”


  • Leo Kekoa – So Good
  • Leo Kekoa – I can Give
  • Monni and Yenny – You’re In Me





  • 2017: World Club Dome Korea 2017
  • 2014: JYP NATION in BANGKOK – ONE MIC 13/12
  • 2014: MILK MUSIC STAION 08/11
  • 2014: JYP NATION in Japan – ONE MIC 05/09, 06/09, 07/09
  • 2014: JYP NATION in HongKong – ONE MIC 30/08
  • 2014: JYP NATION – ONE MIC 10/08, 11/08
  • 2013: Rock Festival 2013

HA:TFELT (Wonder Girls) Drama

  • Basketball (tvN, 2013)
  • Dream High 2 (KBS, 2012) cameo
  • That Person Is Coming (MBC, 2008) cameo

HA:TFELT (Wonder Girls) Musicals

  • The Three Musketeers (2013/2014)

HA:TFELT (Wonder Girls) Films

  • The Wonder Girls (2012)
  • The Last Godfather (2010)

HA:TFELT (Wonder Girls) Radio Programs


  • 2014: KBS 2FM Radio KISS THE RADIO 21/09 – 28/12
  • 2013-14: Younha’s Starry Night (Occasional)


  • 2014: Arirang Radio Sound K 28/08
  • 2014: KBS 더 가까이… 정지원 입니다 24/14
  • 2014: KBS 가요코리아 (Radio Han broadcast Is Korea) 08/23/08
  • 2014: SBS Jung Sun-Hee’s A Night Like Today 08/23/08
  • 2014: SBS Power FM Young Street Radio 20/14
  • 2014: SBS 19/14
  • 2014: Arirang Radio Super K-pop 18/08
  • 2014: KBS 2FM Radio KISS THE RADIO 16/08
  • 2014: MBC FM4U 14/08
  • 2014: MBC Sunny Date FM 12/08
  • 2014: SBS Cult Show 07/08
  • 2014: Arirang Radio K-Poppin 04/08

HA:TFELT (Wonder Girls) TV Programs

  • Demand Gourmet (TvN Demand Gourmet. 10.09.16)
  • Cross Country (MBC Every1, 2017).
  • King of Mask Singer (MBC, 2016) as ‘What a Diamond Sexy Diva’.
  • ‘Wednesday Food Talk’ (tvN, 08/24/2016).
  • Unni’s Slam Dunk (KBS, 03/06/2016) (Ep. 9)
  • Sixteen (Mnet, 05/05/2015) (Ep. 1)
  • 4 Things Show Beenzino (Mnet, 10/03/2015) (Ep. 9).
  • Morning Wide (SBS, 09/30/2015)
  • Running Man (SBS, 09/20/2015) (Ep. 265)
  • Meet & Greet (Mwave, 08/22/2014).
  • Running Man (SBS, 8/24/2014) (Ep. 210)
  • Off To School (JTBC, 2015) (Ep. 66, 67 and 68)
  • On Real Experience Embrace The World (KBS1, 2014)
  • Kpop Star 4 (SBS, 11/30/2014) (Ep. 2)
  • Singer Game (Mnet, 07/30/2014) (together with. 15& ) (Ep. 2)
  • Music Travel Yesterday (MBC, 30/03/2014).
  • Happy Together 3 (KBS, 03/04/2013) (Ep. 291
  • Strong Heart (SBS, 2013) (Ep. 137 and 138)
  • Wonderful Prayers of Wonderful Mother & Daughter (CTS, 2013)
  • 1000 Songs Challenge (SBS, 02/17/2013)
  • Music Picnic (MBC, 2013)


  • 12TH Korean Music Awards: Female Musician of the Year

HA:TFELT (Wonder Girls) TV Drama’s

  • Hello To Myself theme for Dream High 2 (2012)

Themes for TV Programs

  • Cross Country (besides Kim Bo Hyung & Suran ) theme for Cross Country (2017)
  • Thru the Sky theme for Cross Country (2017)

HA:TFELT (Wonder Girls) Music Videos

  • J.Y. Park – Fire (feat. Conan O’Brien, Steven Yeun & Park Ji Min) (2016)
  • Gaeko (feat. Zion.T & HA:TFELT) – No Make Up (2014)

HA:TFELT (Wonder Girls) is a member of:


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