Ha Jeong


Real name: 이하정 / Lee Ha Jeong

Stage name: 하정‬ / Ha Jeong

Gender: Female

Age: 25 years

Date of birth: August 23, 1997

Place of birth: Ncheon, South Korea

Height: 169 cm

Weight: 46 kg

Bloodtype: O

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ox

Lee Ha Jeong Profile

About Ha Jeong

Ha Jeong Facts

  • Ex-Kpop Group:
    • 4TEN
    • Neon Punch
    • Position: Vocalist and Dancer
  • Motto: “Let’s be cute.”
  • Hobbies: Appearing in an American drama, going to the movies and collecting cosmetics of all colors.
  • Specialty Reaction, she is in charge of raising the mood in the group, playing instruments (guitar, piano and drums a little).
  • Ha Jeong has dimples and a lot of aegyo.
  • She said she felt pressured when guys approach and perform skinship.
  • She left 4TEN (POTEN) for reasons as yet unknown.
  • She would be the lead vocalist of Neon Punch but left the group for unknown reasons.

Ha Jeong TV Programs

  • (jTBC, 2017) MIXNINE.

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