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Gyujin (UP10TION)

Weight: 67 kg
Height: 181 cm
Real name: 한규진‬/ Han Gyu Jin
Date of Birth: November 21, 1997

Gyujin (UP10TION)

About Gyujin (UP10TION)

Gyujin (UP10TION) Facts

  • Kpop Group: UP10TION
    • Position Vocalist and Dancer.
  • Habit: His legs fall asleep easily.
  • Point of attention: Strong eyebrows, strong facial appearance.
  • Favorite word in English Patience
  • He was the eighth member to be revealed.
  • His most prized possessions are his fan letters.
  • The first thing he does when he wakes up in the morning is take off his blanket and stretch out, between jokes he said he opens the window and talks to the sparrows.
  • In a program he confessed that before becoming a trainee he weighed 100 kg.
  • In the Rising Up10tion program he was chosen as the one in charge of the aegyo.
  • He feels confident on his butt.
  • In the FANMEETING of /15-09-19/ Gyu Jin could not hold back tears for the visit of his younger brother.
  • Niel i send congratulations to Gyu Jin in After School Club for reaching the age of majority.
  • /26-12-15/: Gyu Jin accidentally found his middle school math teacher when they were filming the ‘V App’ Live Broadcast.
  • He confessed that he likes Adele for his tone of voice and likes the song ‘Hello’ very much.
  • In the fancafe of UP10TION he reads letters or handwritten letters from his fans, when he is down, he says his fans cheer him up. (Sun Youl he said: he sleeps next to me and before he goes to sleep he reads and rereads the letters GyuJin: I don’t like to be disturbed while reading them).
  • He said that at night while he is sleeping, he hears a woman’s laughter, it scares him, then he gets up and it is Sun Youl laughing in their dreams.
  • For this comeback Attention gyujin lost weight again, this time by 5 kilos.
  • Ko Gyeol and Gyu Jin acted out the comical chemistry in the Song-Song pairing of ‘The Song-Song Couple’ Descendants of the Sun ‘ and OnStyle.
  • Gyujin celebrated ‘Coming-of-Age-Day’ (Coming-of-Age-Day).As a tradition, all people in their 20’s should receive roses, kisses and perfumes.On his Facebook Official he is seen with a bouquet of flowers winged by Bit-to and Xiao who want to give you kisses and Jin Hoo is behind.
  • APPEARANCE RANKING BY ‘GYUJIN’: 1. Hwan Hee Woo Shin, 3. Ko Gyeol 4.Wei, 5. Jin Hoo Xiao, 7. Bit-to, 8. Kuhn, 9. Sun Youl and 10. Gyu Jin

Gyujin (UP10TION) Drama

  • Anniversary Anyway (VLIVE, 2019)

Gyujin (UP10TION) TV Programs

  • Chuseok special Idol Chef King (MBC, 09.23.16)

Gyujin (UP10TION) is a member of:



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