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G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

Weight: 57 kg
Height: 177 cm
Real name: 권지용 / Kwon Ji Yong
Date of Birth: August 18, 1988

G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

About G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

G-Dragon (BIGBANG) Facts

  • Group K-Pop BIGBANG
  • Education:
    • National Traditional Arts High School (Graduate).
    • Dongducheon Information Industry High School (Graduate)
    • Kyunghee University postmodern music department (Dropped out)
    • International Cyber University Leisure
  • Specialty Rapping, beatboxing and composing.
  • Hobbies: Drawing, Rapping and Listening to music.
  • Languages Korean (native language) English (fluent), Japanese (fluent) and Chinese (basic)
  • Favorite color Black and Red.
  • Religion: Christian.
  • Mascot: He has two Sharpei dogs; a male named Ga Ho, and a female named Jolie (Ga Yeon).
  • Admire Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Blackstreet, JO, Pharrell, Maroon 5, Mondo Grosso and 015B.
  • Tattoos: Has a drawing on the side of each finger of his left hand meaning “money”, “love” and “God”. A smiley face on the back of the left hand. A crown on the left arm, which below says “moderato” (“moderate”). A running heart on the right arm, above it says “Vita Dolce” (“Sweet Life”). An eight-star dragon sphere on the left shoulder. The phrase “Forever Young” written in cursive vertically along the right side of his torso. “Mind Control” on the left side of his torso. The phrase “Too fast to live, too young to die.” (“Too fast to live, too young to die.”) on his left shoulder blade. Large cross on his left calf. On the top of his left shoulder is his date of birth (88.08.18) in Roman numerals. On the back of each arm, on the right one is written “her” and on the left one “to”, he also has the word “get” tattooed on his back and together they form the fr
  • His stage name: The G comes from Ji – his first name, and its English pronunciation – and Dragon comes from Yong, which means dragon in Korean.
  • G-Dragon has been involved in the music industry since he was a child. He debuted on a popular children’s program called “Bbo Bbo Bbo Bbo Bbo Bbo” and when he turned 7 years old he was a member of Little Roo’ra in its infancy. After the group disbanded, he participated in a dance competition at a ski resort and won first place. Lee Soo Man was the host of the event and recruited the talented youngster by bringing him into the ranks of SM Entertainment where he was a trainee for 5 years. However he left the company and eventually joined YG Entertainment instead.
  • He was a child actor and model, debuted in January 2001 on the compilation album Daehanmingook Flex Hip-Hop as a rapper.
  • He realized he liked Hip Hop by listening to Wu-Tang Clan when he was a kid. After listening to them he knew he wanted to get into music.
  • He told how his mother took him to acting classes, and numerous castings, he said that once at a casting he was asked to cry but told them he didn’t want to, his mother apologized and told the judges that he was going to talk to little Jiyong, he took him to the bathroom and started pinching him then went back to the casting and he started crying immediately.
  • his first girlfriend was a Noona (older than him), his first kiss was with her, then, he said: “It was in front of his house. I did it because he loved me and I liked her. My heart was beating very fast. We had been dating for two months, so I thought it was time, when I took his back I told his I had a present for his and that’s when it happened, we were both looking into each other’s eyes and it was very uncomfortable, so I kissed his again. The song This love he said he had confessed many times but he rejected him every time because he had a boyfriend, even once he asked his for his address, he was very excited, he went to his house with a bouquet of flowers and waited in front of his house for two hours, the address was false.
  • In Incarnation he appeared as a guest with Daesung, there the guests tell their experiences in dating and relationships, when it was his turn he said that he was not quite clear what kind of relationship he had with “her” at first, so he thought of a way to clarify it, he invited his to a party, when everyone asked him who was the girl he was with, he answered: My girlfriend! They left that party holding hands for the first time. In the same program he said that he does not like to make promises to his girlfriends, since he does not know what will happen tomorrow.
  • He also recounted an experience, he and his girlfriend had taken some time off, when they returned, he asked him if he had gone out with a girl, to which he replied: “No, I don’t remember doing it”, upon hearing this, he blurted out a woman’s name, which made him freeze. In response to this reaction, he told him: “Don’t do it again”, then, he clarified that they had only gone out to eat, but they were captured by journalists.
  • He confessed on television that after his single “Heart Breaker” was criticized for plagiarism, he avoided everyone he knew and excluded them from his life. Even to his parents and friends he refused to speak, and lived in isolation.
  • GD was involved in a marijuana case when he was in Japan, which brought him down when BIGBANG was in the process of releasing their new album Alive in mid-2011. It was reported that the police had conducted tests, getting a dosage too low to report, so they let him go with a warning. After the big scandal, as it became a controversy, Tae Yang said he thought Jiyong was going to give it all up, but thanked him for thinking of the members and continuing
  • In Heatling Camp, the program where celebrities with scandals tell about their experience and how they overcame it, GD said that he only tried it without knowing it was really a drug, and that the worst comment he read about it, the one that hurt him the most, said: “I already knew it”.
  • GD once got into a fist fight with Tae Yang in a basketball game when they were teenagers, he said it was their first and only fight, they never argued over differences, the music they composed, or disagreements. Although he confessed that it is awkward for him to produce music with him because they have different tastes.
  • He had a very embarrassing time. He went drinking and got drunk. Then when he came to his senses, he was told that he was dancing like a madman in front of the members of Girls’ Generation.
  • Sandara Park once confessed that GD is his ideal guy. he said he had chosen him because YG members and staff had gone skiing, to which GD seeing that he was having trouble carrying the heavy board, took it for her, when GD heard this, he told him: I don’t date YG colleagues, it’s my personal rule.
  • When Daesung had the accident that marked his career, he said he received a call from Seungri in the middle of the night telling him to check the news on the computer, he kept asking him what was going on, to which Seungri told him to just check, when he did, on one page there was a news item, where he says he did not read the whole thing, just Daesung and dead. when he regained consciousness, he took a good look and was relieved that Daesung was alive, his companion had not died, so GD automatically cried.
  • The song “Lies” was originally intended to be a solo, but ended up being sung by the whole band.
  • He saved the life of a child who had fallen when some railings gave way. The little boy was going with his mother to the bathroom, but at that moment BIGBANG the lady lost the child for a moment, who fell, and thanks to GD -who was trying to bring him back up the whole time- he was able to return to her.
  • In the same program, GD tells that while promoting their album ‘Remember’, they felt a lot of pressure and decided to escape without telling anyone. They planned everything for days, even took out cash so they wouldn’t be traced by credit card, but a few moments before leaving, Seungri went to make a call. When it was time to leave, they received a call from Yang Hyun Seuk, president of YG, telling them that if they had any problems or wanted a vacation, tell him, but not to try anything risky. So they asked for vacation and didn’t have to resort to escape. Mysteriously, days later Yang Hyun Seuk announced that Seungri would promote his solo ‘Strong Baby’.
  • In order to relieve stress he plays/ messes with the person next to him (he almost always teases Seungri and plays with him), on “BIGBANG TV” Tae Yang said that GD gets bad when they are recording a song, but as soon as Seungri enters the studio, he changes his mood, starts laughing and playing with him. GD admitted it on a Radio Show saying that no matter what, he laughs at everything SeungRi says.
  • In the Night after Night program, GD said that he controlled the messages and calls of the group’s maknaes because he was their hyung, but the one he controlled the most was Seungri, as he was worried because he had many friends, then the MC told him why he neglected Daesung’s messages, to which he confessed that it was a method managed by the YG, and that even, Se7en controlled his messages.
  • His talent has been recognized as an excellent composer-producer, as he composed many hits such as “Lies”, “Haru Haru”, “Last Farawell” and it is known that he was the producer of the album of BIGBANG alive, writing great songs such as “Bad Boy”, “Monster”, “Fantastic Baby”, “Somebody to love”, “Blue”, “Tonigth”, among others.
  • He is so fond of the song “The Baddest Female” by CL he even wanted to make a male version of it and call it “I’m a Bad Muhseuhmae”.
  • He was nominated for the World Music Awards. He beat 72 artists in round 1, in round 3, he beat singers such as K. Michelle and Daniella Bradbery. In the other rounds, he also beat Mexican pop singer Belinda. He was positioned among the 3 finalists, obtaining the victory.
  • The New York Times recently published an article detailing G-Dragon as “The Leader of Style and Music.” The article praised him as a true artist in the mold of Lady Gaga, and stated that he would be the one to lead the charge for the new generation of K-pop, which will destine a completely different direction of American pop music.
  • When BIGBANG attended the program Running Man, HaHa asked him to be the godfather of his son, because he wants him to be like him, to have a good career.
  • During their appearance, along with Tae Yang, on the show ‘Please Take Care of Your Refrigerator’, they revealed each other’s weaknesses. Tae Yang said about G-Dragon, “His mouth is really cheap” which is a Korean phrase meaning he can’t keep a secret. He explained, “If you want everyone to know something and it’s really big, you can tell G-Dragon.” Tae Yang said G-Dragon’s mouth is “worth 10 cents.”
  • In the video of CROOKED, he reveals a total of 20 tattoos, of which only 10 are confirmed. Also, in the dance practice of BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG, he accidentally lifts up his pants, revealing another one on his leg.
  • If a friend has to be around when I die, expect it to be Tae Yang.
  • His favorite part of his body is the collarbone.
  • He is a friend of Kang In since childhood.
  • He sang Lil ‘Bow Wow’s song – That’s my name at the audition for YG.
  • When he laughs he covers himself with his hand.
  • He once said that his ideal type is a girl with short hair, because it made the girls sexy and cool at the same time.
  • If the members were women, I would choose Seungri for a date.
  • He is very proud of himself when he is on stage.
  • He always shouts as a ritual before staging or before a recording session.
  • He once said that if there is any VIP that caught his attention, he will throw whatever it takes and any chance to talk to her.
  • As a leader, it is his duty to check every incoming message to others’ cell phones. He also always checks email or comments from BIGBANG fans.
  • He is a perfectionist.
  • If he were not a singer, he would be in fashion.
  • He loves to sleep, it is difficult to wake him up.
  • He was an apprentice at SM Entertainment for 5 years and signed at 5 years.
  • When he is nervous he likes to spin and play with his ring.
  • Drink lots of coffee and energy drinks.
  • He and Tae Yang have been friends since 2000.
  • Seung Ri revealed that G-Dragon changes clothes 5 to 6 times a day when they are at home.
  • He has 2 rooms full of clothes in his house.
  • It is the favorite hyung of Seung Ri.
  • He was #1 of the top 20 idols in the Gallup Korea.
  • He was the #1 of “10 Hot people of the year 2015” by Grazia Korea magazine.
  • He was the only Korean to appear in the “top 100 Innovators” on Hypebeast.
  • He was included in the Forbes “30 Under 30” list.
  • In an interview, when asked what differentiated BIGBANG from EXO and SHINee, he replied that BIGBANG wrote and produced their own music. After his answer, the interviewer asked him if he thought that statement might upset the fans of those groups, then he said, “They might get angry, but there’s nothing you can do about it, because it’s the truth.”
  • Chinese actor Wang Yun Lin, confessed to be a fan of G-DRAGON. On his Weibo account, he wrote “I’m obsessed with Kwon Ji Yong, I can’t keep him away from me.”
  • He has been selected by a famous Chinese portal site as the third most influential star (weibo) surpassed popular Chinese stars such as Li Yi Feng, Yang Mi and Luhan to become the third in the ranking.
  • It has reached 11 million followers on Weibo
  • G-DRAGON is the male idol with the most registered copyrighted songs on KOMCA, ranking #1 with 160 registered songs.
  • He posed with Nana Kumatsu for the magazine Nylon Japan , April 2016.
  • He collaborated with DJ Baauer and M.I.A. on “Temple”.
  • He has become the face of Moonshot Korea together with Sandara Park.
  • Hungarian model Barbara Palvin, showed interest in GD, to which he was flattered and said it was a pity he couldn’t meet her.
  • Kissed About on the cheek during a television program.
  • He won the man of the year award at GQ Korea in 2015.
  • Sarang said he was not handsome, when he was visiting while they were filming The Return of Superman.
  • It won the “Melon Popularity Award 2015” (September 7,14 and 21).
  • He won the Fashion Photographer of the Year Award (Fashion Photographers Award).
  • He won the 2015 Best Dressed Award (Fashionista Awards).
  • He won Esquire Legends’ “The Man Of Our Time” award.
  • He won the JTBC “2015 Most Memorable Guest.”
  • G Dragon poses for VOGUE KOREA magazine for its 20th anniversary August issue, in which the photo shoot was done by famous designer Karl Lagerfeld.
  • G Dragon is the only artist of Korean origin to appear on 3 covers of 1 issue for VOGUE KOREA magazine.
  • On May 17, 2016, a Japanese news outlet revealed a report that said that model and actress Komatsu Nana this was never confirmed or denied by them.
  • In September 2016, dating rumors between G-Dragon and Nana have resurfaced after some photos, which were posted on G-Dragon’s private and personal instagram account of them together, were released. The same were leaked following a hack of the instagram account. This has been deleted and the protagonists never confirmed the relationship.
  • On October 31, 2016, the BIGBANG frontman shared an image of himself and singer Pharrell Williams on Instagram along with the following message, “Coming soon.”
  • On November 9, 2016, a Japanese media outlet reported that BIGBANG’s G-Dragon is having a secret affair with Japanese model and actress Komatsu Nana. According to the report, the two met on November 5 and 6 after BIGBANG’s concerts at Tokyo Dome. In response to the report, YG Entertainment said, “Because it is about the artist’s private life, it is difficult to confirm.”
  • On December 6, Jaden Smith (Will Smith’s son) posted on his twitter account a post that read “G-Dragon is My inspiration” GD retweeted and replied.
  • On January 24, it was confirmed that he would collaborate on one of the songs on Zion.T’s new album. The next day the name of the song, “COMPLEX”, was revealed.
  • On January 25, 2017, he hosted a private party for the “Peaceminusone +82” exhibition in Paris, which was attended by Soojoo, Sam Tiba, Yoon as guests, Keith Ape and Bella Hadid among others.
  • On August 18, 2017, on the occasion of his birthday, he donated a total of 81.8 million won (approximately $71,700) to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in order to help refugees around the world fleeing war and violence. He also released a music video of his song “BULLSHIT” shared exclusively through a link on his USB album “Kwon Ji Yong” and it was the first content to be updated through the USB album.
  • On December 24, 2017, YG Entertainment confirmed that the military enlistment of G-Dragon and Tae Yang will be within the first half of 2018.
  • On February 14, 2018 YG Entertainment reported that G-Dragon will start his military service on February 27.
  • On May 16, it was reported that G-Dragon, who is currently serving his mandatory military service in the unit under the 3rd Infantry Division, will receive surgery on his ankle at Seoul University Hospital for a pre-enlistment ailment.
  • On June 25, 2018, Dispatch released a report saying that the BIGBANG member has been receiving special treatment at the military hospital he entered on June 19, with VIP room with amenities and after-hours visits from his manager. In response, YG Entertainment released an official statement clarifying that G-Dragon is receiving rehabilitation treatment at the hospital after having surgery on his ankle and was visited by his family and close friends, and not agency staff. The room is a small 1-person room for normal soldiers and was made to avoid commotion and chaos. Moreover G-Dragon is strictly adhering to the military’s sick leave period and is receiving treatment by forgoing his vacation period.
  • On October 26, 2019, he was discharged from the Army after concluding his mandatory military service as an active soldier.


He has been involved in the music industry since he was a child, debuting on a popular children’s show called “Bbo Bbo Bbo Bbo “and when he was 7 years old, he became a member of the group. Little Roora.

After 5 years of training at , G-Dragon was trained by YG Entertainment since he was 12 years old, together with another member of the BIGBANG, Tae Yang during their training they were called GDYB and made many collaborations with other members of the YG Family. Initially, YG, seeing the friendship between Tae Yang and he spoke and the project was launched GDYB in which they were to be a HipHop/Rap duo, but some time later they saw T.O.P, Seung Ri, Dae Sung and Jang Hyun Seung on August 19, 2006, he made his debut together with BIGBANG.

His talent for composing made BIGBANG the only boyband to have a member as a producer, after Seo Taiji and Boys and Two he is known for his high-pitched voice and beautiful smile, as well as his positive and cheerful attitude.

G-Dragon (BIGBANG) Collaborations

  • Okasian – ₩ 1,000,000 (feat. CL, BewhY & G-dragon)
  • PSY – 팩트폭행 Fact Assault (ft. G-Dragon)
  • Zion.T – Complex (ft. G-Dragon)
  • Baauer – Temple (ft. G-Dragon, M.I.A)
  • Kwang Hee, Tae Yang & G-Dragon – Mapsosa
  • Major Lazer – Bubble Butt (ft. Bruno Mars, G-Dragon, T.O.P, Tyga)
  • Skrillex – Dirty Vibe (ft. Diplo, G-Dragon, CL )
  • W-inds – Rain Is Fallin (ft. G-Dragon)
  • Uhm Jung Hwa – D.I.S.C.O. (ft. G-Dragon)
  • Uhm Jung Hwa – Party (ft. G-Dragon)
  • Seung Ri – Strong Baby (ft. G-Dragon)
  • Seung Ri – Open Window (ft. G-Dragon)
  • Seung Ri – Let’s Talk About Love (ft. G-Dragon & Tae Yang )
  • Tae Yang – HOT Intro (ft. G-Dragon)
  • Tae Yang – I Need a Girl (ft. G-Dragon)
  • Tae Yang – Ringaa Linga (ft G-Dragon)
  • Tae Yang – Stay With Me (ft. G-Dragon)
  • Se7en – Run (ft. G-Dragon & Tae Yang)
  • Se7en – Get Up And Dance (ft. G-Dragon)
  • Se7en – Can You Feel Me (ft. G-Dragon)
  • Se7en – Intro (ft. G-Dragon & Perry)
  • Perry Borja – Storm (ft. G-Dragon, Masta Wu & Sean)
  • Perry Borja – G-Dragon (ft. G-Dragon)
  • Park Bom – Anystar (ft. G-Dragon & Gummy )
  • LEXY – Super Fly (ft. G-Dragon, T.O.P & Tae Yang )
  • Kim Jo Han – So In Love (Part2.) (ft. G-Dragon)
  • Gummy – Intro Work It Now (ft. G-Dragon)
  • Moo Ga Dang – Oh, Ah, Oh (ft. G-Dragon)
  • YG Family – Why Be Normal
  • YG Family – Hip Hop Gentlemen
  • YG Family – YMCA Baseball Team
  • YMGA – What (ft. G-Dragon & YGFamily)
  • Wheesung – Magic Eye (ft. G-Dragon)
  • Pixie Lott – Dancing On My Own (GD&TOP )
  • PSY – Blue Frog (Feat. G-Dragon)
  • IU -Palette (Feat.G-Dragon)


  • G-Dragon Concert “Shine A Light” 2009
    • 05 and 06 December – Seoul, South Korea – Olympic Gymnastics Arena
  • G-Dragon World Tour “One Of A Kind” 2013
    • march 30 – 31 – Seoul, South Korea – Olympic Gymnastic Arena
    • 06 April – Fukuoka, Japan – Yahoo! Japan Dome
    • 20 and 21 April – Saitama, Japan – Seibu Dome
    • April 27, 28 and 29 – Osaka, Japan – Kyocera Dome
    • may 4th and 5th – Bejing, China – Master Card Arena
    • 9 and 10 May – Taipei, Taiwan – Taipei Arena
    • 17 and 18 May – Hong Kong, China – Asian World Expo
    • 25 and 26 May – Shanghai, China – Mercedes Benz Arena
    • 01 and 02 June – Nagoya, Japan – Nagoya Dome
    • 07 and 08 June – Bangkok, Thailand – Impact Arena
    • 15 and 16 June – Jakarta, Indonesia – Meis
    • 22 June – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- Bukit Jalil National Stadium
    • 29 and 30 June – Singapore – Singapore Indoor Stadium
    • 31 August – Seoul, South Korea – Olympic Gymnastic Arena
    • 01 September – Seoul, South Korea – Olympic Gymnastic Arena
  • G-Dragon World Tour “ACT III, M.O.T.T.E” 2017
    • 10 June – Seoul, South Korea – Seoul World Cup Stadium
    • 17 June – Cotai, Macau – Cotai Arena
    • 24 and 25 June – Kallang, Singapore – Singapore Indoor Stadium
    • 07 and 08 July – Bangkok, Thailand – Impact Arena
    • July 11 – Washington, USA – Key Arena
    • July 14 – California, USA – Sap Center
    • July 16 – California, USA – The Forum
    • July 19 – Texas, USA – Toyota Center
    • July 21 – Chicago, USA – United Center
    • July 25 – Miami, USA – American Airlines Arena
    • July 27 – New York, USA – Barclays Center
    • july 30 – Toronto, Canada Air Canada Centre Oceania
    • 05 August – Sydney, Australia – Qudos Bank Arena
    • 08 August – Brisbane, Australia – Brisbane Entertainment Centre
    • 12 August – Melbourne, Australia – Hisense Arena
    • 16 August – Auckland, New Zealand – Spark Arena
    • august 19 – Fukuoka, Japan – Fukuoka Dome
    • august 22 and 23 – Osaka, Japan – Kyocera Dome
    • August 25 and 26 – Hong Kong, China – Asia World Expo Arena
    • 01 September – Manila, Phillipinas – Smart Araneta Coliseum
    • 03 September – Jakarta, Indonesia – ICE Hall
    • 17 September – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Merdeka stage
    • 19 September – Tokyo, Japan – Tokyo Dome
    • 23 September – Birmingham, England – Genting Arena
    • 24 September – London, England – The SSE Arena
    • 26 September – Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Ziggo Dome
    • 28 September – Paris, France – Accor Hotels Arena
    • 30 September – Berlin, Germany – Mercedes Benz Arena
    • 07 and 08 October – Taipei, Taiwan – Nangang Exhibition Center

G-Dragon (BIGBANG) Drama

  • Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea (2010)

G-Dragon (BIGBANG) Awards

  • KM Music Festival Music Arrangement (for ‘Lies’)
  • Arena Magazine Korea Most Influential Men of the Year
  • Music Bank (08/28) “Heartbreaker”
  • Music Bank (04/09) “Heartbreaker”
  • Inkigayo (06/09) “Heartbreaker”
  • M! Countdown (10/09) “Heartbreaker”
  • Music Bank (11/09) “Heartbreaker”
  • Inkigayo (09/13) “Heartbreaker”
  • M! Countdown (17/09) “Heartbreaker”
  • Music Bank (18/09) “Heartbreaker”
  • Inkigayo (20/09) “Heartbreaker”
  • M! Countdown (09/24) “Heartbreaker” [Triple Crown]
  • Music Bank (09/25) “Heartbreaker”
  • Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song Of The Month – September (for “Heartbreaker”)
  • Cyworld Digital Music Awards Ting’s Choice Award (for “Heartbreaker”)
  • Cyworld Digital Music Awards Bonsang Award (for “Heartbreaker”)
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards Album Of The Year (for “Heartbreaker”)
  • MelOn Music Awards: Top 10 Artist (G-Dragon)
  • MelOn Music Awards Album Of The Year (for “Heartbreaker”)
  • MTV Video Music Awards Japan: Best Collaboration Video (for “Rain is Fallin”)
  • Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song Of The Month besides Park Myung So (by I Cheated)
  • MelOn Music Awards: Rap/Hip-Hop Award with TOP (by Oh Yeah’))
  • M! Countdown (9/27): “Pencil”
  • M! Countdown (04/10) “Pencil”
  • M! Countdown (11/10) “Pencil” [Triple Crown]
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best Male Artist (by Crayon)
  • MBC Entertainment Awards Style Guinness Award
  • 27th Golden Disk Awards: Digital Bonsang (by One of a Kind)
  • 27th Golden Disk Awards Popularity Award
  • Seoul Music Awards: Record of the Year in Album (by One of a Kind)
  • 10th Korea Music Award: Best Rap Song & Hip Hop (by One of a Kind)
  • Fuse TV Awards: Best New Artist
  • M! Countdown (12/09): “Black”
  • Inkigayo (15/09): “Coup D’ Etat”
  • M! Countdown (19/09) “Black”
  • Music Bank (20/09) “Who You”
  • SBS Inkigayo (09/22): “Crooked”
  • M! Countdown (9/26): “Crooked”
  • Music Bank (09/27) “Crooked”
  • Inkigayo (29/09): “Crooked”
  • Youku Tudou Young Choice Awards Favorite International Artist
  • Style Icon Awards Style Icon of the Year
  • Style Icon Awards: Top 10 Style Icons
  • MelOn Music Awards: Top 10 Artist (G-Dragon)
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards Artist Of Year (by Coup d’Etat)
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Male Solo Performance (by Crooked)
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Male Artist (by Coup d’Etat)
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Music Video (by Coup d’Etat)
  • MBC Entertainment Awards Best Couple Award besides Jung Hyung Don
  • SBS MTV Best of the Best Album of the Year (by Coup d’Etat)
  • World Music Awards: World’s Best Entertainer of the Year
  • World Music Awards World’s Best Album (by Coup d’Etat)
  • QQ Music Awards: Most Popular Korean & Japanese Artist
  • Korean Music Awards: Male Musician Of The Year – Netizen Vote
  • GQ Korea Awards Men of the Year for 2015
  • Grazia Korea Awards 10 Hot People of the Year 2015
  • JTBC Awards Most Memorable Interview Guest
  • QQ Music Awards: Most Popular Korean & Japanese Artist
  • Style Icon Awards: Style Icon Award
  • Style Icon Awards Top 10 Style Icons
  • Forbes Asia Awards Most Influential Person Under 30
  • InStyle Star Icon Awards Male Idol Fashionista
  • QQ Music Awards: Influential Male Artist of The Year
  • Weibo Star Power List Awards Top Korean Celebrity (March)
  • Weibo Star Power List Awards Top Korean Celebrity (April)
  • Popular Culture and Arts Awards Prime Minister’s Commendation
  • Douban Music of the Year Top Male Artist
  • MBC Music Core (06/17): “ Untitled, 2014″
  • SBS Inkigayo (06/18): Untitled, 2014″
  • MBC Show Champion (6/21): Untitled, 2014″
  • MBC Music Core (06/24): “ Untitled, 2014″
  • SBS Inkigayo (06/25): Untitled, 2014″
  • KBS Music Bank (06/30): Untitled, 2014″
  • Douban Music of the Year Top Korean Artist
  • Douban Music of the Year Most Talked About – June (by Kwon Ji Yong)
  • 7th 2017 Gaon Chart Music Awards: Song of the Year – June (by Untitled, 2014)
  • KOMCA Grand Prize 2018 : Most Royalties and Copyrighted Song in 2017

G-Dragon (BIGBANG) TV Programs

  • Devil’s runway (OnStyle, 2016, Ep. 03)
  • Running Man (SBS,2015, BIGBANG ep.250)
  • The Return of Superman (KBS2, 2015, Ep. 97-98)
  • Please Take Care of My Refrigerator (SBS, 2015, besides Tae Yang Ep. 43)
  • Infinite Challenge (MBC, 2015, besides Tae Yang ep. 435-442)
  • Infinite Challenge (MBC, 2013, besides Jung Hyung Don ep. 349-354)
  • Running Man (SBS, 2013, together with Daesung & Seungri Ep. 163)
  • Healing Camp, Aren’t You Happy (SBS, 2012, Ep. 31)
  • Running Man (SBS, 2012, Ep. 84-85)
  • Infinite Challenge (MBC, 2011, besides Park Myung Soo ep. 253-256)
  • Family Outing (SBS, 2008, Ep. 07-08)

G-Dragon (BIGBANG) Music Videos

  • 2014: Look At Me, Gwisoon – Dae Sung (cameo).
  • 2014: Hangover – PSY (Feat. Snoop Dogg) (cameo).
  • 2013: Ringa Linga – Tae Yang
  • 2013: Gentleman -& PSY & (cameo).
  • 2013: The Baddest Female – CL (cameo).
  • 2012: I When I Can’t Sing – SE7EN
  • 2011: Bean Pole -& Shin Won Ho
  • 2009: Only Look At Me – Tae Yang
  • 2009: Fire (Street version) – 2NE1 & (cameo).
  • 2004: Phone Number –& JinuSean
  • 2003: HOT – 1TYM
  • 2002: Get Ready – YG Family
  • 2001: My age is 13 – G-Dragon |Collaboration for Hip-Hop Plex, track 02|.

G-Dragon (BIGBANG) Advertisement

  • The North Face (besides BIGBANG )
  • G-Market
  • Bean Pole
  • LG Lollipop
  • CYON LG mobiles (together with BIGBANG and 2NE1 )
  • 8follow (LG U+ LTE8 CF)
  • NIKE
  • TS Shampoo (2021)

G-Dragon (BIGBANG) is a member of:





Big Bang

Big Bang

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