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Fei (Miss A)

Weight: 47 Kg.
Height: 165 cm.
Real name: 王霏霏 / Wáng Fēi Fēi
Date of Birth: April 27, 1987

Fei (Miss A)

About Fei (Miss A)

Fei (Miss A) Facts

  • Ex K-Pop Group: Miss A (2010-2017)
  • Position Vocalist and Dancer.
  • Education:
    • Seoul Institute of the Arts.
  • Favorite Color: Network.
  • Specialties: Power Jazz, Hip Hop, Chinese Folk Dance.
  • Family Parents, one brother (younger) and one sister (older).
  • Languages: Mandarin (fluent), Cantonese (fluent), Korean (fluent), Thai (fluent) and English (intermediate).
  • Hobbies: Dancing, cooking, listening to music, reading manga, video games and singing.
  • Fei was discovered on her way to Guang Zhou’s dance school.
  • Together with Jia, Hye Rim sarah (Shin Hye Ji) and Xiao Fei (Hwang Yi Fei) was part of a group named JYP Sisters (which were called the Wonder Girls chinese) on a Chinese variety show.
  • She participated in the Korean version of “Master Chef Celebrity” she was appointed “Goddess of Cook” (Diosa de la Cocina) for the skills she showed during the show, and won in several episodes, and at the end, she won 2nd place in the competition.
  • Won 1st place in “Dancing With the Stars 3” where she participated with dancer Kim Suro.
  • Like several Chinese celebrities, Fei showed on Weibo her support for the Chinese political movement involving the South China Sea, receiving much negative criticism as a result.
  • J.Y. Park took over the production of her solo album.
  • The “Fantasy” MV has an age restriction, being only for people over 19 years old.
  • She has more than 2 million followers on Weibo.
  • JYP Entertainment announced that Miss A had officially disbanded on December 27, 2017 and Fei left a message to fans on Instagram. She posted a picture of the group in their debut days with “Bad Girl, Good Girl” and wrote “It’s where we started.This is how I met you all.I will always cherish and love the beautiful memories with Miss A and all of you who supported us and loved us.Will you now walk on a new path with me and join me on a new adventure together.I love my #sayA’s.”

Fei (Miss A) Career

Born on April 27, 1987 in Haikou, Hainan, China, she attends the Seoul Institute of Arts (SeoulArts), formally known as Seoul Art College, along with the Seoul Art College, and is a graduate of the Seoul Art College Jia from miss A in China, Fei appeared on the Zhejiang Television (浙江 电视台) audition program “the more she dances the prettier she is ” (“The more you jump, the more beautiful you are”).

Fei was recruited as a member of the Chinese version of the Wonder Girls, JYP Sisters however, after 3 years of training, she became part of the new female group of JYP Entertainment, miss A.

After the split of Miss A in 2017, Fei signed an exclusive contract with Bannana Culture, focusing mainly on activities in China.

Fei (Miss A) Drama

  • Shall We Fall in Love (QQLive, 2018).
  • Cover the Sky (Anhui TV, 2018)
  • Swan (2017)
  • Temptation (SBS, 2014) cameo
  • Dream High 2 (KBS2, 2012) cameo
  • Dream High (KBS2, 2011) cameo

Fei (Miss A) Films

  • Select Game (2016)
  • Annyeong (Next to miss A and 2PM )

Fei (Miss A) Awards

  • TV Show Dancing with The Stars 3: Best Dance Couple (1st Place)
  • Trends Health Health Leading Award

Fei (Miss A) Radio Programs

  • Idol True Colors MBC C-Radio (2013 – 2015, as a DJ)
  • C2S Radio Live Talk (2012, besides 2PM )

Fei (Miss A) TV Programs

  • Running Yellow River (Zhejiang TV, 2020)
  • I’m an Actor Season 3 (Zhejiang TV, 2020)
  • 99 Cost-effective Nigh (Jiangsu TV, 2020)
  • God’s Voice (Zhejiang TV, 2020)
  • Sisters Who Make Waves (Mango TV, 2020)
  • 2016 : SBS My Little Television
  • 2015: KBS2 Happy Together 3 (09/24)
  • 2015: MBC Music Super Idol (22/09
  • 2015: Shaolin Clenched Fists
  • 2015: Laugh Out Loud (besides Jia)
  • 2015: Running Man episode 234-235
  • 2015: My Young Tutor / Tutoring Across Generation (MBC)
  • 2014-2015: Cooking Korea
  • 2014: “Happy Together”
  • 2014: Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 (11/22/14; besides Jia)
  • 2014: MBC World Changing Quiz Show (01/11/14; besides Jia)
  • 2014: Sleeping With the Boss (guest)
  • 2014: “I’m Legend”
  • 2014: The Singer Game (Mnet)
  • 2014: “The great magician” (27/09 – 04/10)
  • 2014: Running Man ep. 205
  • 2014: We All Love to Laugh (1/06/14)
  • 2014: “If You Love”
  • 2014: Hunan TV “Amazing Dance” (as juror)
  • 2013: Happy Together 3 (12.11, besides Suzy )
  • 2013: KBS Real Experience Seven Days
  • 2013: Odd Dance Flying
  • 2013: SBS Challenge 1000 Songs (06/30/13, besides Min )
  • 2013: Zhejiand TV China’s Dream Show: Dream Ceremony (2013, besides Min and Jia)
  • 2013: KPOP Collection in Seoul
  • 2013: Dancing With the Stars 3
  • 2013: Master Chef Korea Celebrity
  • 2012: Dancing Golden Mic (14/11/12 besides Min and Jia)
  • 2012: KBS Vitamin
  • 2012: Our Sunday Night
  • 2010: Bouquet
  • 2009: You Will Grow Prettier If You Dance

Fei (Miss A) TV Drama’s

  • Shall We Fall in Love (besides Zhao Tian Yu) theme for Shall We Fall in Love (2018)
  • Raining Heart theme for Cover the Sky (2018)
  • One Summer Night (besides Jo Kwon ) subject for Temptation (2014)

Movie Themes

  • 零落成辉 (with Gen Neo) theme for 京都妖狐志 (2019)

Fei (Miss A) Music Videos

  • Huh Gong & Hoony Hon – I Only Love You (2011)&
  • 2PM &- My Color (2009)

Fei (Miss A) Advertisement

  • 2020: Michael Kors (China)
  • 2015: MediHea (together with Hyunbin)
  • 2015: Derfill
  • 2015: Chariot Sportswear (besides Taecyeon )
  • 2013: Connie Colin
  • 2012: Cathy Cat
  • 2010: Samsung China’s Anycall
  • 2010: Edwin

Fei (Miss A) is a member of:


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