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Height: 160cm
Real name: 윤빛나라 / Yoon Bit Na Ra
Date of Birth: February 5, 2023


About ESNa

ESNa Facts

  • Debut as Writer/Composer: 2012
  • Debut as a singer: 2014
  • Official Fanclub Name: EGGies (에기스)
    • why ‘eGGies’: In Korean it sounds like baby and eSNa says we are like their babies. it also follows the line of RBW fandoms, which are all food (Mamamoo have radishes and Vromance have broccoli).
  • She is the mind behind Soyu’s “Some” and Junggigo Special Love” by Wheesung and Gummy and Mad Clown and Hyorin’s “Without You” and has written popular songs in a very short period of time.She said, “‘Special Love’ was my first song as a songwriter to reach number one on the music charts.And I’m so grateful.I had to look at my name in the credits; I couldn’t believe it.When ‘Some’ reached the top spot on the chart, I thought there was a mistake.”
  • She said Some was a song that I wrote very comfortably: “It wasn’t a difficult song. The director of our company was at the piano and I was lying on the couch, and the song just came together.
  • She has a second youtube channel called esnatheperson where she shows her behind-the-scenes and socializing with members of her company or some of her acquaintances.
  • She calls herself “the mother of the RBW” while at the same time Basick named her “the father of RBW”.
  • It is very close to Vromance and Mamamoo calls them “his children”.
  • She is close to many idols, such as 2AM, SNSD’s Sooyoung and Hyoyeon, GOT7, Block B, etc.
  • She has been seen to know and be close to some actors from the Hawaii 5.0 show, such as Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park.
  • She has expressed a great appreciation for singer Bruno Mars and has adapted and covered several of her songs.
  • Next to Lee Chan Dong and Lee Hyun Seok (members of VROMANCE ) covered the song “All of me” by John Legend.

ESNa Collaborations

  • 2016: 뜨거워요 – Sangchu feat Don Mills, eSNa
  • 2016: I REMEMBER – Innovator feat. eSNa
  • 2015: Ahh Opp – MAMAMOO feat. eSNa
  • 2014: Gentleman – MAMAMOO feat. eSNa
  • 2013: Mistletoe – Esna, Louie (Geeks), Hanhae (Phantom)
  • 2013: Bye Bye – 2LSON feat. eSNa
  • 2012: What I See – Prepix ft Jun Hyung, Beenzino & eSNa
  • 2010: He Said She Said – Tim feat. eSNa

ESNa Music

  • 2016
    • Crosswalk for Jo Kwon
    • Words Don’t Come Easy theme for MAMAMOO.
  • 2015:
    • Oh You Yeah You theme for Twenty Again oST
    • Thief theme for BASTARZ (Sub-unit of Block B )
    • Ahh Oop! theme for Mamamoo and her (Project single)
  • 2014:
    • Dance theme for Jo Kwon
    • Piano Man theme for Mamamoo
    • Without You theme for Mad Clown feat Hyolyn (SISTAR )
    • Hello theme for Mamamoo
    • Hi Hi Ha she Ho theme for MAMAMOO
    • Papermint Chocolat (together with Kin Do Hoon) theme song for Mamamoo
    • Don’t Be Happy subject for MAMAMOO feat Bumkey
    • Some theme for So You (SISTAR ) & Junggigo
    • I’ll Tell You! theme for 4MINUTE
  • 2013:

ESNa TV Drama’s

  • Don’t Wake Me Up theme for Dramaworld (2016)
  • Destiny (feat Seoul Ong from 2AM ) theme for Ho Goo’s Love (2015)
  • Bite My Lower Lip theme for The Heirs (2013)

ESNa Music Videos

  • Ahh Opp – MAMAMOO feat. Esna (2015)

ESNa is a member of:


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