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E-Young (After School)

Weight: 50 kg
Height: 167 cm
Real name: 노이영 / Noh Yi Young
Date of Birth: August 16, 1992

E-Young (After School)

About E-Young (After School)

E-Young (After School) Facts

  • Former K-pop group After School (2011-2020)
    • Position: Vocalist and Dancer.
    • Subgroup AS BLUE
  • Fan Club: Guistars.
  • Education
    • Bongeui Middle School
    • Chuncheon Agricultural and Technical High School (Graduate)
    • Kyunghee University Postmodern Musicology
  • First appearance : Video of “Make It Happen” by Namie Amuro ft. After School.
  • Second appearance 2010 MBC Gaius Daejun 101231
  • Skills: Play piano, guitar, flute, drums, bass, cello, clarinet, trumpet, violin and harp.
  • Her first official appearance was in the video for “Make It Happen” by Namie Amuro ft. After School.
  • PLEDIS has put E-Young and Yoo Ara to enter After School however, in the final round E-Young beat Ara, so E-Young was the next member to make her debut at After School.
  • E-Young’s father always recorded her performances in the competitions she participated in, her high school teacher watched the videos and sent them to entertainment companies and then PLEDIS agency went to meet E-Young.
  • E-Young mentioned, she sometimes had to practice at least 14 hours a day.
  • During her graduation, her father, who is a music lover, presented her with a custom-made guitar.
  • E-Young was a student of renowned guitarist Kim Tae Won, who has been in the music industry for nearly 30 years. Kim Tae Won is very selective in choosing her students, E-Young was trained by him.
  • She has also won the following awards: Gangwon Dance, Youth Festival Target, Chuncheon Youth Singing, Soyang Culture Festival Music Awards, Youngage Music Competition, Youngage Blue Festival, and the gold award at the National Spirit Piano Music Competition.
  • Lizzy said it really has appeal, strange at times, but cute.
  • The name of her pet is Toruri (at first, she called it Torutori, but changed it) does not mention what kind of pet.
  • She is an expert in popping and ballet.
  • E-Young was inspired by bassist Marcus Miller and covered ‘Run For Cover’ during her 1st variety show appearance.
  • E-Young’s favorite guitarists were Yngwie Malmsteen [Swedish guitarist, composer and bandleader], Jimi Hendrix, Prince and even the late Michael Jackson’s guitarist, Jennifer Batten.
  • She has a small studio in the bedroom where she practices, writes songs and plays instruments.
  • E-Young has 4 guitars to date. she said she wanted a Paul Reed Smith brand guitar.
  • E-Young sometimes returns to her hometown in Chuncheon and reunites with her old friends.
  • She has won more than 30 awards for singing, dancing, piano and cello.
  • She is good at cooking pancakes.
  • She likes JYP (Park Ji Young) She likes her songs, her dance and the song ‘Nan Yeojaga Itneunde’ and more.
  • E-Young composed the piano line for the song “Time’s Up” from After School’s 6th Maxi Single, “First Love”.
  • E-Young had an interview with Marty Friedman on August 12, 2013 and both were featured in a Japanese magazine called “Guitar Maganize.”
  • I am ranked 82nd on the list of “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces in the World 2013.” according to TC Candler
  • During the promotions of After School’s 6th Maxi Single, she dyed her hair blonde which caught the attention of fans praising her beauty.
  • She is currently attending Kyung Hee University together with Lizzy with a specialty in modern music.
  • E-Young often goes on vacation to Hawaii to visit the former After School member, Bekah and her grandmother.
  • In September 2017, on the recommendation of her company, she established a music academy in her hometown, Gangwon-do called “E Young Musi Academy” giving lessons in dance, singing, piano, guitar, bass guitar and electric guitar; she also started her “E-Young Band”.
  • In January 2018, she was appointed as a public relations ambassador for Gangwon-do Province during the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

About E-Young

He attended K-Note Music Academy and Chuncheon Agricultural High School. In 2007 she won the Gold at the Teen Song Festival in Gangwon Province. In 2008 she won the top prize at the Dong Song Festival.

E-Young (After School) Drama

  • Trot Lovers (KBS2, 2014) (cameo)

E-Young (After School) Films

  • White: The Melody of the Curse (2011) (cameo)

E-Young (After School) TV Programs

  • 2014: After School Beauty Bible
  • 2013: Easy Korean Cooking (KBS, along with Lee Ka Eun )

E-Young (After School) is a member of:


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