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Weight: 63kg.
Height: 186cm
Real name: Ha Joon Young (하준영)
Date of Birth: March 13, 1987 (JJCC)

About (JJCC) (JJCC) Facts

  • K-Pop Group: JJCC
    • Position: Rapper, Vocalist and Dancer.
  • Ex Group: J.Rich
  • The first thing you notice in the opposite sex: Style.
  • Most charming feature : Style, extravagance, personality 4D.
  • He says his role in JJCC is to be “the goddess” of the group.
  • I used to be a model as well as Simba.
  • Studied mechanical engineering before making his debut
  • When he is interested in someone he communicates clearly.
  • His stage name comes from “Psycho” which means psychopath.
  • His favorite genre is Hip-Hop.
  • If he were not a singer he would like to be: Actor, fashion designer.
  • He is interested in fashion, his dream is to launch a clothing line under his own name.
  • Despite being the eldest of the group, he acts like a maknae full of aegyo.
  • He has a fresh, fun personality and is the one who interacts the most with the fans.
  • He was chosen by his peers as the most fashionable member and the most attractive member.
  • He is also known as the one who likes to eat the most.
  • He is currently studying fashion design.
  • He cried after his debut, when he spoke to his parents on the phone.
  • He knows how to do magic tricks with cards.
  • As well as Simba is known for his previous exhibitions as a model and is also an expert rapper within the group.
  • The biggest difficulty he has received from his parents: “When I told them I wanted to work in entertainment”.
  • He is the member with the most fanboys.
  • He likes to go alone to amusement parks because he says that when you go with your girlfriend you have to take care of many things while if you go alone the world is yours.
  • During the mv of “where you at” he said he wanted to be the model, the girl who was everyone’s girlfriend.
  • He first dreamed of becoming a singer in 2009.
  • His favorite girl group is 2NE1.
  • He is a close friend of Min Hyuk from BTOB.
  • He loves spicy food.
  • Shares room with San Cheong.
  • He participated in the graduation show of fashion design students as a model when he was in college and participated in several photo shoots.
  • He broke his leg during a presentation broadcast live on TV.
  • He completed his military service in November 2018. (JJCC) TV Programs

  • 2014 (SBS) Star King (08.11.14, together with Eddy ) (JJCC) Music Videos

  • 2010: Goodbye My LoveJ.Rich (JJCC) is a member of:



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