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DPR IAN (Christian Yu) (C-CLOWN)

Weight: 60 kg
Height: 174 cm
Real name: Christian Yu
Date of Birth: September 6, 1990

DPR IAN (Christian Yu) (C-CLOWN)

About DPR IAN (Christian Yu) (C-CLOWN)

DPR IAN (Christian Yu) (C-CLOWN) Facts

  • Ex-K-Pop Group: C-CLOWN
  • Debut: July 19, 2012
  • Fans: SALTs (Super Amazing Loving Team).
  • Nicknames: Pororo, Hamster, Bamtaro, Creeper B, The Band-aid man.
  • Motto:Be yourself “; this motto was given to him by his mother, during his high school years, when he was confused about what to do.
  • Interests in Cinematography and editing.
  • Hobbies are Collecting professional cameras.
  • He was born in Sydney, Australia and at the age of 18 moved to Korea to pursue his dreams. He was discovered while walking down the street, received an invitation card, and spent 2 years as a trainee at Yedang Entertainment. From the 1st moment, he was introduced to his colleagues as a leader.
  • In 2011 he performed in the presentations of Alireplacing Yong Jun Hyung from HIGHLIGHT with the song “Don’t Act Countrified ” (See ).
  • He became known through a YouTube account, where he uploaded videos where he demonstrates his B-boy skills (See ).
  • He has been playing drums for 13 years, as he was in a band when he lived in Sydney, and at that time he is very fond of Heavy Metal.
  • You would like to one day C-CLOWN will participate in the Running Man program.
  • The rap parts of the debut song “ONLY “were written by him and T.K.
  • Now, being able to be on stage in Korea as a singer, Rome is extremely grateful to one person, the singer Jay Park he said “When I see Jay Park’s success it gives me strength, he also left his home overseas and found himself in Korea. What am I going to do here now? I always ask myself when I feel frustrated, whenever that happens it’s enough for me to see Jay Park. I’m also going to have the strength to do this, so I must clench my fist tightly and get it “.
  • He likes a wide variety of music. He listens to Rock, some Heavy Metal songs, and even enjoys Jazz. So the music he wants to make is a kind of fusion of all of that. From composing for Japanese hip hop musician Nujabes to choreographing for a dance group or art school, which is his ultimate goal as an artist.
  • He was the special MC of the program “Simply Kpop “on several occasions.
  • His most embarrassing moment was when he was getting his makeup done next to Lee Ki Kwang from HIGHLIGHT.
  • He was a special DJ for a radio program on “Arirang Radio “for some time.
  • At Idol Battle D-Style he had the chance to dance with Chan Mi from AOA.
  • He had his own radio program on “SBS Pop Asia Radio “called “K-Wave”.
  • He was nominated for Peniel Shin from BTOB to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which he accepted.
  • He is currently the founder of the independent group of music and video creators/publishers/directors, Dream Perfect Regime.
  • Directed the debut MVs of Mino and Bobby as well as MVs for other artists such as Amber Liu a great friend of hers, Tae Yang, Jay Park, Loco, and above all, for his best friend and partner Dabin Hong, better known as DPR Live.


Ba Rom was born in Sydney, Australia. He started to be known through his B-boy videos posted on YouTube. That’s when he moved to Korea to pursue his dreams as a dancer. After 2 years already, due to his physique and skills, he was quickly spotted by the Yedang Entertainment agency where he became an apprentice.

On Oct. 5, the group’s agency, Yedang Entertainment, announced the group’s split C-CLOWN through an official statement published on its social networks.

DPR IAN (Christian Yu) (C-CLOWN) Collaborations

  • DPR LIVE – BOOM (Feat. DPR IAN) (2021)

DPR IAN (Christian Yu) (C-CLOWN) Radio Programs

  • 2013: Shim Shim Tapa Radio (18.01.13) – besides T.K.
  • 2013: (SBS) Kim Young Chul Fun Fun Fun Fun Radio (11.02.13) – besides Peniel Shin, Aron and San E.
  • 2013-2014 (SBS) POP ASIA, as DJ.
  • 2013 (Arirang Radio) Sound K as DJ.
  • 2014: (Arirang Radio) Super K-pop (01.09.14).

DPR IAN (Christian Yu) (C-CLOWN) TV Programs

  • Dream Team (KBS, 2011) (21.08.11).
  • Dream Team Season 2 (KBS, 2012) (16/23.09.12).
  • After School Club (Arirang TV, 2013), as co-animator (20.11.13, ep32).
  • MBC Music Idol Dance Battle (2014) (09.04.2014, Ep, 1, 2, 3, 4).
  • After School Club – ASC After Show (Arirang TV, 2014), besides Kang Jun (24.08.14, 28.08.14, 20.08.14).
  • Idol Dance BattleD-Style (2014) (21.05.14, Ep 1,2 and 3).
  • Always Cantare (2014).

DPR IAN (Christian Yu) (C-CLOWN) is a member of:


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