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Height: 175cm
Real name: 김동혁 / Kim Dong Hyuk
Date of Birth: January 3, 1997


About DK (IKON)

DK (IKON) Facts

  • K-Pop Group: iKON
    • Position Dancer and vocalist.
  • Languages: Korean, English and Japanese (basic).
  • Hobbies: Play piano, drums, guitar and flute.
  • Specialty: Basketball and English.
  • Rolemodels: Tae Yang.
  • His father passed away when he was 8 years old.
  • He is very close to his grandmother, who helped with his upbringing since he was a child.
  • He studied in Atlanta, Georgia, as an exchange student for two years.
  • When he lived in America, his name was Ezra.
  • He was president of the student council at his high school
  • He won the first place in JYP’s audition, however he decided to go to YG.
    • He appeared in a video with other candidates from the JYP audition, one of whom was Yang Hong Seok who was later a contestant on Mix & Match, singing the theme song for the drama Dream High
  • He auditioned for YG as a rapper.
  • He was the last to join Team B, on November 05, 2012, and the last member confirmed to make up iKON
  • During WIN wrote a letter to B.I to thank him for all he had done for him
  • It is said that he had left school when he started the WIN program to devote himself fully to training.
  • Previously, he shared a room with Junee and B.I
  • Donghyuk was the choreographer of the song “Airplane ” (only seen in concerts).
  • The group’s motto (“Get ready? Show time! “) was created by him.
  • His most precious object is his friendship ring, which he shares with the members of iKON donghyuk considers it his lucky charm and never takes it off.

DK (IKON) Collaborations

  • BobbySecret (feat DK, Katie) (2017)

DK (IKON) Radio Programs

  • (DIVE Studios) Kpop Daebak Show (Ep. 137) (08.11.2021) (podcast)

DK (IKON) TV Programs

  • Two Yoo Project – Sugar Man (JTBC, 11.02.2018, together with iKON)
  • Weekly Idol (MBC, 07.02.2018, together with iKON)
  • Idol School Trip (JTBC, 2017, besides iKON)
  • Fantastic Duo 2 (SBS, 06/18/2017, besides iKON)
  • Weekly Idol (MBC, 07.07.2017, with iKON)
  • Two Yoo Project – Sugar Man (JTBC, 19.01.2016, together with Bobby and Junee)
  • Mix & Match (Mnet, 2014)
  • WINNER TV (Mnet, 2013, together with Team B)
  • WIN: WHO IS NEXT? (Mnet, 2013)

DK (IKON) is a member of:



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