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Weight: ---
Height: ---
Real name:
Date of Birth: April 20, 1998


About DeVita

DeVita Facts

  • Debut April 9, 2020
  • Languages Korean and English (fluent)
  • She was born and raised in South Korea but in 2009 moved to Chicago, then eleven years old.
  • In 2014 she participated in Kollaboration Chicago, a talent show, placing second.
  • The name “DeVita” comes from the movie Cinema Paradiso and its protagonist “Salvatore Di Vita”, as well as the former Argentinean first lady “Evita Peron”. The name represents her desire to inspire and influence the lives of those who listen to her music.
    • She revealed through her Twitter account that the song “1974 Live” was inspired by Christine Chubbuck and “EVITA!” by Eva Peron.
  • Despite having previously appeared in Kpop Star 3 was discovered thanks to her SoundCloud account where she caught the attention of several artists, getting several collaborations with important artists before her debut.
  • Before joining AOMG she had already collaborated with several artists of the agency, creating a link that would end in an exclusive contract. Previously she had signed with 8BallTown, although her dissociation as an artist does not interfere with the good relations she maintains with the agency, actively collaborating with them.

DeVita Collaborations

  • Don Malik – 칭칭칭칭 (Feat. DeVita) (2021)
  • Bronze – MOVIES REMIX (Feat. DeVita, KIRIN) (2021)
  • Gray – Rise (Feat. DeVita) (2021)
  • Kim Yu Gyeom – I Want U Around (Feat. DeVita) (2021)
  • Nucksal – 추락 (The Fall) (Feat. DeVita) (2020)
  • Geeks – Heartbreak Hotel (Feat. DeVita) (2020)
  • GooseBumps – Somewhere (Feat. Gray, Hoody, ELO & DeVita) (2020)
  • Code art – Let U In (Feat Colde & DeVita) (2020)
  • 8BallTown – Sunny’s Interlude (2019)
  • Ugly Duck – Money Talks (Feat. Chloe DeVita) (2019)
  • Ugly Duck – MIB (Feat. Chloe DeVita) (2019)
  • Jay Park & KIRIN – Do What I Like (Feat. Chloe DeVita) (2019)
  • GLAM GOULD – Pretend (Feat. Jung Jin Hyeong & Chloe DeVita) (2019)
  • Jay Park – For Ourselves (Feat. Chloe DeVita) (2019)
  • Woo Won Jae – Noise (Feat. JUSTHIS & Chloe DeVita) (2018)
  • Red House – Why (Feat. Chloe DeVita) (2018)
  • WEKEYZ – Sugar (Feat. Chloe DeVita &. Ugly Duck ) (2018)

Participatory Concerts/Festivals

  • SXSW 2022 Music Festival

DeVita TV Programs

  • (SBS)& Kpop Star 3 (2013)

DeVita TV Drama’s

  • Stay The Night (besides Gray ) theme for She Is My Type (2020)

DeVita is a member of:


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