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Dawn (HyunA&DAWN)

Weight: 60Kg
Height: 174 cm
Real name: 김효종 / Kim Hyo Jong
Date of Birth: June 1, 1994

Dawn (HyunA&DAWN)

About Dawn (HyunA&DAWN)

Dawn (HyunA&DAWN) Facts

  • Group HyunA&DAWN
  • Former K-Pop Groups:
  • Debut as a soloist November 5, 2019.
  • Hobbies: Skateboarding, shopping, watching anime, growing flowers and biking.
  • Talents: Rapping, songwriting, DJing, popping.
  • Languages: Korean (mother tongue) and Japanese (intermediate).
  • Favorite color: Black
  • He was a JYP trainee in 2012, in the dance team.
  • He is mainly a rapper, but he is also a composer.
  • When I was little, I wanted to be a zookeeper/train animals.
  • Participated with HyunA on the song Roll Deep, for M! Countdown and other programs, instead of Il Hoon he did the same for the choreography video.
  • He appeared on ‘Rain Effect’, a reality show about the life of Rain (aired in 2014) in Ep. 03 along with his partners HUI and CINEMA (at minute 19:30).
  • It was part of a sub-unit called Triple H with HyunA and HUI which debuted on May 1, 2017.
  • He came up with the idea for the name of the reality show from Triple H.
  • I work as co-lyricist for the song “Never” from PRODUCE 101.
  • On August 2, 2018, it was confirmed that E’Dawn is in a relationship with HyunA since May 2016.
  • On Sept. 13, 2018, following the news of the relationship between HyunA and E’Dawn, Cube Entertainment decided to take drastic measures and fired both artists from Cube Entertainment, terminating their contracts; in an official statement the company explained: “We are very pleased to announce that Cube Entertainment has decided to terminate the contracts of both artists It was decided that Cube Entertainment’s artists, HyunA and E’Dawn, will be leaving the company. We put our number one priority on managing our artists with mutual trust and faith between the agency and the artist. After much discussion and consideration, we have decided that we could not regain the trust of the two artists, HyunA and E’Dawn. We would like to thank the fans who have supported the two artists until now.
    • However, later, Shin Dae Nam, the president of Cube Entertainment, stated, “HyunA and E’Dawn’s withdrawal from the agency is an issue that is still being discussed and nothing has been finalized. We believe that the artists’ opinion on the matter is important as well and this is an issue where we have to listen to them before making a final decision. Their withdrawal is not a decided fact. We will hold a board meeting next week to discuss the matter.”
  • On October 5, 2018, news outlet Ilgan Sports published a report stating that. HyunA and E’Dawn will leave Cube Entertainment.
  • On Nov. 14, News1 reported that Cube Entertainment and E’Dawn recently terminated their exclusive contract, which means that they will naturally also be withdrawing from PENTAGON the agency responded to the reports, “Cube Entertainment and E’Dawn agreed to terminate the exclusive contract. The statement concludes, “Once again we sincerely thank the artists and fans who have been with us so far.
  • On January 27, 2019, together with HyunA signed a contract with the agency PSY P NATION.

Dawn (HyunA&DAWN) Collaborations

  • Demian – LOVE% (Feat. DAWN) (2021)
  • HyunA – Party Feel Love (Feat. DAWN) (2021)
  • HyunA – Purple (Feat. E’DAWN) (2017)

Dawn (HyunA&DAWN) Music

Dawn (HyunA&DAWN) Drama

  • Spark (Naver TV Cast, 2016) Cameo

Dawn (HyunA&DAWN) TV Programs

  • Amazing Saturday (tvN, 2021) (Ep. 178) with HyunA
  • My Little Old Boy (SBS, 2021) together with HyunA
  • Jessi’s Showterview (SBS, 17.09.2020) (Ep. 15)
  • Knowing Brother (jTBC, 2019). Next to HyunA
  • Pentagon Maker (Mnet, 2016).
  • Rain Effect (Mnet, 2014) Ep. 03 Next to HUI & CINEMA

&Music Videos

Dawn (HyunA&DAWN) is a member of:



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