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DALsooobin (Dal★Shabet)

Weight: 50k
Height: 175 cm
Real name: 박수빈 / Park Su Bin
Date of Birth: February 12, 1994

DALsooobin (Dal★Shabet)

About DALsooobin (Dal★Shabet)

DALsooobin (Dal★Shabet) Facts

  • K-pop group: Dal★Shabet.
  • Position: Vocalist, Dancer and Maknae.
  • Education:
    • Hanlim Multi Arts High School (Graduate).
    • Konkuk University’s Fine Arts Culture College (theater and entertainment major).
  • Hobbies: Taking pictures / Walking / Singing.
  • FanClub: Subinatic.
  • She fainted during a performance at an OT (Vocational Orientation) of a school in Kwangju on March 30 as she was exhausted due to her busy schedule.
  • GV2 main model.
  • She was a model in Seoul, and lived alone, even though she was only 15 years old.
  • On a Nagnam School variety show she was asked about her ideal type to which she replied that dating Mir it would be fun and exciting.
  • She went to the same institute as Krystal from F (x) they both graduated in the same year. Several photos have surfaced showing them both sitting together in their uniform on their graduation day. She also attended this high school Moon Jong Up, Il Hoon, Sejoon and Ahreum.
  • She has a small mole in the chin area.
  • The singer suffered injuries to her legs and hip after a collision that occurred just after Subin finished filming the variety show on MBC Everyone, Nine to Six 2 during the weekend.
  • She has contributed to her group’s new mini-album, both in the composition and lyrics of all the songs on the mini-album, several netizens have said that this has not been seen in any other girl-group.
  • February 19, Happy Face Entertainment released the first details about Subin’s solo song. her next single is titled “Circle’s Dream ” being her fourth solo single and will be released at midnight on February 23.
  • On February 18, 2020, it was announced that Subin’s agreement with KEYEAST subin is currently looking for a new agency to promote her in the acting field. She also said that she is working on an album and will release it in April, while in March she will do a pre-release.
  • The name of the single for “Dive” Internationally, it kept the same name, however, in Korea it is known as “I Wanna Leave but I Wanna Live”.
  • Her single “눈 닮은 눈 닮은 닮은 눈 (Eyes like snow) ” managed to debut at #91 on the Bugs chart.


2011: Debut and Dal☆Shabet

Park Su Bin made her debut with “Soup After Diva” in Dal★Shabet January 3, 2011.

2013: Acting debut

Subin became the host of MBC’s show, “Music Talk Ma Bling” in January 2013. The show ran for 117 episodes, with the last episode airing on July 12, 2013. During the show she made her acting debut in TvN’s seven-episode mini-series “Find the Fake.”.

2016: Debut as Soloist with Flower

Subin debuted as a solo artist with the digital single: “Flower” in May 2016. The album consists of 4 songs “Hate”, “Flower” and their respective instrumentals. Both songs were written and produced by herself.

1st Mini Album “Our Love” and “Moon Pt.1”.

On June 20, she followed up with the release of her first Mini Album “Our Love”. On December 28, 2016 she released her second digital single “Moon, Pt. 1”, which contains the songs “Swing” and “Moon”.

2017: Single “Circle’s Dream”.

On February 23, 2017, Subin released “Circle’s Dream album containing four songs including “Circle’s Dream” and “Strawberry,” along with “Swing” and “Moon,” which previously released as part of the digital single “Moon, Pt. 1”.

Exit Happy Face Entertainment

In December 2017, Subin’s contract with Happy Face Entertainment subin herself revealed that the future of her group is in the hands of Dal★Shabet was still standing, this was also stated by her other colleagues who left the agency.

In February 2018, it was reported that it had signed a contract with KEYEAST.

2019: Katchup and name change

On March 5th, Subin released the digital single “Katchup”, a song with a retro style, and also presented her new stage name change as “DALsooobin”.

2020: Single “I Wanna Leave but I Wanna Live”.

On March 26, the singer uploaded 3 photos to her Instagram related to her comeback, where you could see photos where she falls down beautifully. On April 06, she revealed that the name of her new song would be called “Dive”. On April 07, she released the First teaser for “Dive”. On April 09, at 18:00pm KST in Korea, the singer would reveal the video for “DIVE”, a song also composed by her with a soothing touch.

DALsooobin (Dal★Shabet) Advertisement

DALsooobin (Dal★Shabet) Collaborations

  • Architecture 101 – Norwegian Wood (Feat. DALsooobin) (2019).
  • Tymee – Love Is (Feat. Subin) (2015)

DALsooobin (Dal★Shabet) Music

DALsooobin (Dal★Shabet) Drama

  • Wish You: Your Melody In My Heart (Viki, 2020)
  • Shady Mom-in-Law (SBS, 2019)
  • More Nine Nine Boys (tvN, 2014, cameo)
  • My Love From the Star (SBS, 2013, cameo)
  • Roller Coaster 3 (TvN, 2013, cameo)

DALsooobin (Dal★Shabet) Models

  • Park Sul-Nyeo’s ‘Hanbok Fashion Show’ (09/25/13)
  • CFDK Hallyu Fashion Show (08/17/13, runway model)
  • K-Pop Collection (1/05/13, runway model)
  • Maxin Korea (1/04/16,ported model)

DALsooobin (Dal★Shabet) Films

  • Wish You: Your Melody In My Heart (2021)
  • Three Summer Nights (2015) cameo

DALsooobin (Dal★Shabet) Awards

  • MBC’s All The K-Pop: MC Award.

DALsooobin (Dal★Shabet) Radio Programs

  • KBS Sukira Kiss the Radio (13/02/14, besides Ahyoung)
  • MBC Shim Shim Tapa Radio (12/02/14)
  • Choi Yang Rak’s Radio (01/21/14, besides Gaeun)
  • Noon Music Party Radio (3/11/13, besides Ahyoung)
  • MBC Shim Shim Tapa Radio (09/23/13, with Ahyoung)
  • Boom Youngstreet Radio (9/07/13)
  • MBC Shim Shim Tapa Radio (2/07/13)

TV Shows

  • Miss Back (MBN, 2020)
  • Voice Trot (MBN, 2020)
  • Red Bus King (06/20/16)
  • I’m A Movie Director Too (Channel CGV, 2016)
  • King of Mask Singer (2016)
  • World Changing Quiz Show (11/04/15)
  • Game of Thrones: Superman vs 1 Night 2 Days (KBS, 2/20/15)
  • KBS Full House (11/26/14)
  • Love Synchro (10/23/14)
  • K-POP ON TV (10/23/14, together with Dal★Shabet )
  • Quiz to Change the World (09/27/14, besides Woohee)
  • Hidden Singer (6/09/14)
  • Comedy Road (08/17/14)
  • League of Legends Champions Summer 2014 (08/16/14, as MC)
  • 9to6 (06/20/14)
  • Korean Hot Square (05/24/14, ep 5)
  • 9to6 (05/23/14)
  • 9to6 (05/16/14)
  • Korean Hot Square (14/05/14, ep 5)
  • 9to6 (9/05/14)
  • Korean Hot Square (7/05/14, ep 4)
  • Quiz Show The 4 Musketeers (4/05/14)
  • 9to6 (2/05/14)
  • MBC’s “Man Reading About Baseball” (2014, as MC).
  • Witch Hunt (11/04/14)
  • JTBC Hot Square (11/04/14, Subin)
  • JTBC Hot Square (9/04/14)
  • JTBC Hot Square (2/04/14)
  • KBS Spokesman (1/04/14)
  • A Guy Who Reads Baseball (31/03/14)
  • A Date with KPOP Stars (28/03/14, besides Dal★Shabet )
  • KBS Full House (03/21/14)
  • A Date with KPOP Stars (7/03/14, besides Dal★Shabet )
  • KBS Vitamin (02/26/14)
  • A Date with KPOP Stars (02/21/14, besides Dal★Shabet )
  • The Show Live Chat (02/18/14, besides Woohee)
  • Escape Crisis No. 1 (02/17/14)
  • Unbearable School 2 (02/14/14, besides Ah Young and Gaeun)
  • The Beatle Code 2 (28/01/14, besides Dal★Shabet )
  • KBS Hello Counselor (01/27/14, besides Woohee)
  • 1000 Songs Challenge (12/01/14, besides Woohee and Ahyoung)
  • Happy Together (9/01/14, Subin)
  • KBS1 ‘Happy Plant’ (8/01/14, besides Dal★Shabet )
  • MNET ‘Moon Hee Jun’s Pure 15’ (8/01/14, besides Woohee)
  • Happy Together (3/01/14)
  • Radio Star (1/01/14)
  • tvN’s Find the Fake (2013, as MC)
  • MBC Music Toktok Marbling (2013, as MC)
  • 2013 Style Icon Awards (10/24/13)
  • 2013 Korea Drama Festival (2/10/13, as MC)
  • Baseball Girls (08/26/13, besides Gaeun)
  • Let’s Go! Dream Team II (08/25/13, besides Dal★Shabet )
  • All The Kpop (08/13/13, with Serri)
  • Let’s Go! Dream Team II (4/08/13, besides Dal★Shabet )
  • Golden Camera (1/08/13)
  • 1000 Songs Challenge (07/28/13, besides Woohee and Gaeun)
  • Quiz to Change the World (06/15/13, besides Ah Young)
  • Stress Out (04/24/13, with Dal★Shabet )
  • Stress Out (04/17/13, with Dal★Shabet )
  • Weekly Idol (02/13/13, besides Dal★Shabet )
  • TV Daily (7/02/13)
  • 1vs100 (01/29/13, together with Jiyul)
  • Porridge Making Woman, Undying Man (01/22/13)
  • Dream Team (01/13/13)
  • Music Storage (2012, as MC)
  • Economy Today (12/28/12, interview)
  • Kimchi (7/12/12, with Woohee)
  • Kimchi (1/12/12, with Woohee)
  • One Table (10/20/12, together with Dal★Shabet )
  • The GURUPOP Show (9/10/12, besides Dal★Shabet )
  • Sonbadak TV (2/10/12)
  • 10 Min Box (3/09/12, together with Dal★Shabet )
  • The Beatle Code 2 (08/20/12, with Dal★Shabet )
  • MTV Studio C (08/16/12, with Gaeun and Woohee)
  • MTV Studio C (05/17/12, as MC)
  • MTV Studio C (10/05/12, as MC)
  • MTV Studio C (3/05/12, as MC)
  • Star Interview (3/05/12, with Ahyoung)
  • MTV Studio C (04/26/12, as MC)
  • MTV Studio C (19/04/12, as MC)
  • MTV Studio C (12/04/12, as MC)
  • MTV Studio C (5/04/12, as MC)
  • MTV Studio C (03/29/12, as MC)
  • MTV Studio C (03/22/12, as MC)
  • Weekly Idol (28/01/12, besides Dal★Shabet )
  • MBC’s ‘Exploration of Genders (2012)
  • Idol Star Athletics Championships (2011)
  • MBC’s ‘Koreana Jones (2011, as MC)
  • KBS Happy Together 3 (3/02/11)
  • Idol Brain Collision (3/02/11, besides Dal★Shabet )

DALsooobin (Dal★Shabet) TV Drama’s

  • Parasol theme for Let’s Only Walk the Flower Road (2017)
  • Only Tell Me theme for Love And Secret (2014)
  • Head and Turn Around (besides Serri ) subject for God’s Quiz 2 (2011)

Themes for TV Programs

  • Walkie Talkie theme for I Am a Movie Director Too (2016)
  • I Am a Movie Director Too (together with Ato ) theme for I Am a Movie Director Too (2016)
  • Dream (together with Eddy Kim ) theme for I Am a Movie Director Too (2016)
  • 꿈 (Dream) theme for I Am a Movie Director Too (2016)

DALsooobin (Dal★Shabet) Music Videos

  • CLEF Project – Driving Road (2013)
  • Tae Yang &- I Need A Girl (2010)

DALsooobin (Dal★Shabet) is a member of:


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