Corbyn (24K)


Real name: 홍코리 / Cory Hong

Stage name: Unknown

Gender: Male

Age: 31 years

Date of birth: November 25, 1990

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Bloodtype: O

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

CORBYN Profile

About Corbyn

Corbyn (24K) Facts

  • Former K-pop group: 24K (2012-2019)
    • Ex-Sub Unit 4K
    • Position: Leader, Vocalist, Dancer.
  • Education
    • Portland Community College.
  • Languages: Korean and English (Fluent).
  • Specialty Rapping, singing, composing and producing.
  • Hobbies Basketball, movies and camping.
  • Nationality : Korean/American.
  • Favorite color: Green and white.
  • His father named him Cory since in Korea people usually add “ah” when they call someone by name, so it would sound ‘Cory-ah’, which sounds like Korea.
  • His parents still live in the U.S. and he didn’t contact them much before, but after moving to Korea, he now keeps in touch more.
  • He was born in Daegu (South Korea), lived there for 5 years and then moved to the United States.
  • Produced the single “Hey You” with the help of the members.
  • Composed and produced Only You together with Jeong Uk he also created the YouTube intro for Choeun Entertainment.
  • He auditioned for the survival show YG MIXNINE, but did not pass.
  • On January 25, 2019, Choeun Entertainment announces that member Cory will no longer be part of the group 24K due to the expiration of his contract, determining that he will remain as the group’s music producer.
  • He composes, produces and writes most of his songs.

Corbyn (24K) Radio Programs

  • 2021: (DIVE Studios) Beauty Bar (Ep.02) (Season 2) (09.29.2021) (Podcast)
  • 2021: (DIVE Studios) Get Real (Ep.04) (Season 2) (08.19.2021) (Podcast)
  • 2020: (DIVE Studios) Get Real (Ep.26) (12.24.2020, with Michael) (Podcast)
  • 2020: (DIVE Studios) Get Real (Ep.24) (December 10, 2020, along with LXX) (Podcast)

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