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CNU (B1A4)

Height: 182cm
Real name: 신동우 / Shin Dong Woo
Date of Birth: June 16, 1991

CNU (B1A4)

About CNU (B1A4)

CNU (B1A4) Facts

  • Group: B1A4
    • Position: Vocalist, Rapper and Dancer.
  • Education
    • Hanyang University – Department of Theater and Film.
  • Languages Korean, English (intermediate) and Japanese (intermediate).
  • Hobbies Writing and composing songs.
  • Skills: Cooking, taekwondo, rap and singing.
  • Nickname Pooh Bear, ChikenNU, Pororo
  • Favorite Artist: Usher.
  • Religion: Atheism
  • He comes from a family of trot singers. A member of his family sings pansori (Korean traditional music genre). This explains why he had a natural idea of wanting to be a singer when he grew up. When he went to the Youth Music Festival and smiled on stage, he was discovered by an agency director and entered to be a part of B1A4.
  • I played in a band when I went to school.
  • If he hadn’t become an Idol, he would have opened a roast pork restaurant.
  • ‘CNU’ means reliable and sweet friend was produced after consultation with his colleagues.
  • Won silver medal in archery at the 2014 Idol Star Athletics Championships
  • On March 26, 2013, CNU appeared as one of the jury members for the new KBS pilot “Million seller,” where they visited a woman who had a story to tell them.
  • The members said CNU is the most popular among non-donor fans because it has a hot body.
  • CNU injured his knee while preparing the single ‘Sweet Girl’ although the company and the rest of the group were concerned, CNU himself insisted on going ahead with the comeback and promotions despite the fact that his injury was not improving. He was later informed that in September his knee would be operated on (due to complications from the same injury).
  • It was reported that CNU did not undergo surgery because his knee has improved with treatment.
  • On January 4, 2019, a news outlet reported that CNU will join the military on January 22. His agency confirmed the news through an official statement.

CNU (B1A4) Musicals

  • 2017: Hamlet (season from May to July)
  • 2016 The Three Musketeers
  • 2015: Annana Chess



  • Amazing with Baro for WHO AM I (2nd from B1A4 album)
  • Pretty together with Jinyoung and Baro for WHO AM I (2nd album of B1A4)
  • Drunk with Music to WHO AM I (2nd album from B1A4)
  • Seoul with Baro for WHO AM I (2nd from B1A4 album)
  • Blue Moon and Choo Choo Train (3rd Japanese album by B1A4)


  • Drunk with Music together with Joo Youn and Go Hyung Suk for WHO AM I (2nd album of B1A4)
  • Seoul to WHO AM I (2nd album from B1A4)
  • Drive for Solo Day (B1A4’s 5th mini album)
  • Love is Magic for Sweet Girl (6th B1A4 Minialbum)

Composition and Lyrics:.

CNU (B1A4) TV Programs

  • 2017: Party People JYP (besides B1A4 -22.10.2017)
  • 2017: Master Key (date pending)
  • 2017 Weekly Idol (27.09.2017)
  • 2017: MBC Video Star (chapters of August 29 and 30) along with Gong Chan
  • 2017: MBC Idol Star Athletics Championship
  • 2016: MNET YANG and NAM SHOW (with B1A4)
  • 2016: MBC 은밀하게 위대하게 (Greatness in secret) together with B1A4.
  • 2016: Immortal Song (together with B1A4)
  • 2016: King of mask singer
  • 2016: OnStyle My Bodyguard
  • 2016: Pikicast Fan Heart Attack Idol TV
  • 2016: JTBC Take Care of My Witch (together with B1A4).
  • 2016: The God of Music 2 (together with Jin Young, GongChan and Sandeul).
  • 2015: KBS 4th season of Global Request ‘A Song For You’ (ep.7 with B1A4)
  • 2015: MBC Idol Sports Championship (February 19).
  • 2014: SBS Star King (Ep.394 and 395 con Baro and Gong Chan)
  • 2014: KBS Vitamin
  • 2014: KBS Million Seller (Ep. 1)
  • 2014: KBS Dream Team 2 (Archery competition, with Sandeul and Gong Chan).
  • 2014; Immortal Song 2 (with Sandeul)
  • 2014: Weekly Idol
  • 2014: 1000 Songs Challenge (26.01.2014, besides Gongchan and Sandeul)
  • 2014: 1000 Songs Challenge (19.01.2014, besides Gongchan and Sandeul)
  • 2013: KBS Dream Team 2 (with Gong Chan)
  • 2013: All the KPOP
  • 2013: Beatles Code 2
  • 2013: Weekly Idol
  • 2012: MBC World Changing Quiz Show (07.04.2014 together with. Baro).
  • 2012: Immortal Songs 2
  • 2012: B1A4 Hello Baby
  • 2012: Sesame Player 3
  • 2012: Weekly Idol
  • 2012: Self Camera Diary (Selca Diary)
  • 2011: MTV “Match Up” with Block B

CNU (B1A4) Drama

  • Ms. Ma, Nemesis (SBS, 2018)
  • I Need a Fairy (KBS2, 2012)

CNU (B1A4) Music Videos

CNU (B1A4) TV Drama’s

  • Fly Away theme for Ghost Doctor (2022)
  • No Problem (next to Baro) theme for Prison Playbook (2018)
  • How to Find Love subject for Cinderella and Four Knights (2016)

CNU (B1A4) is a member of:



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