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Cherry Coke

Real name: Sun Kyung
Date of Birth: January 30, 2023

Cherry Coke

About Cherry Coke

Cherry Coke Facts

  • She was born and raised in Busan until high school, because at that time she was getting a lot of calls from various agencies, then she decided to move to Seoul.

Cherry Coke Collaborations

  • NU ART – Give Up (Feat. Cherry Coke, 910Month) (2021)
  • 의민 – Shall We Go (Feat. Cherry Coke) (2021)
  • Jvde Milez – HORIZON LINE (Feat. Cherry Coke) (2021)
  • GLOWCEAN – PURE (Feat. Jade, Cherry Coke) (2021)
  • Deepshower – ONE TIME (Feat. Cherry Coke) (2020)
  • Donutman – We Need Love (Feat. Cherry Coke) (2018)
  • JUSTHIS & Fire wave – 4 the Youth (Feat OLNL, YESEO, Ku One Chan, Cherry Coke & Minje) (2018).
  • Ash B – BLOCKED (Feat. Cherry Coke) (2018)
  • Andup – 텁텁 (Feat. Cherry Coke) (Prod. by B R L L N T) (2018).
  • J’kyun – 흠뻑 (Feat. Cherry Coke) (2017).
  • Wanda – 기려 (Feat. Cherry Coke) (2016).
  • Hae – Bloom (Feat. Cherry Coke) (2016)
  • Sleeq – Eiffel (Feat. Cherry Coke) [Prod. by Hae] (2016).

Cherry Coke TV Programs

  • Signhere (MBN, 2019)

Cherry Coke is a member of:


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