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Chen (EXO)

Weight: 64 kg
Height: 173 cm
Real name: 김종대 / Kim Jong Dae
Date of Birth: September 21, 1992

Chen (EXO)

About Chen (EXO)

Chen (EXO) Facts

  • Group: EXO
    • Position: Vocalist and Dancer.
    • Sub-Unit: EXO-CBX
  • Project Group: S.M. The Ballad.
  • Voice type: Light lyric tenor
    • Rank: E2 ~ Bb5 (3 octaves and 3 notes)
    • Register: A2/Bb2 ~ A4
  • Symbol: Scorpion (Lightning)
  • Training period: 4 months.
  • Hobbies: Singing and cycling.
  • Religion: Catholic
    • Baptismal name: Mateo
  • Rolemodels: Jong Hyun from SHINee.
  • Nicknames: Mateo, ChenChen, Chennie, captain beagle, Camel Chen, Orange, “Jjong-dda”, Chenderella.
  • Fanclub:
    • Dandelion (this is how he names his followers of his YouTube channel)
  • He was recruited by SM in 2011 at a singing championship, which he entered after not being admitted to the music university he wanted. He was recommended by his vocal instructor to the company
  • Gayo Daejun SBS was introduced in 2011 together with LuHan Kai and Tao
  • He is known to play the piano, but has never played it in front of fans.
  • Chen ranked #3 in the Top 3 ‘Singing Idols’ of Mnet’s program (2014).
  • In 2015 there were strong rumors about a possible romantic relationship with Yoon Bomi from Apink the rumors were denied by Bomi a year later.
  • For SM’s 2014 Halloween party, Chen dressed up as ahjumma. For the 2015 party, he dressed up as Harry Potter.
  • He composed the lyrics of the song Promise (the melody was made by Lay and the rap by Chanyeol). Lay explained that after creating the melody he told the members that whoever wanted to help him should come by the room and Chen was the only one who did, and according to him it was because he has a lot of free time.
  • Made the musical In The Heights along with YDG, Luna, Key and Dongwoo. His character was Benny, just like Sunggyu’s. Chen went to see Sunggyu perform.
  • He donated 300,000 won to a church in his hometown to help restore it.
  • He has a forest named after him, a gift from his fans.
  • He was the first member of EXO to sing an OST and it was for the drama of D.O for which he is very grateful. D.O., said he couldn’t imagine anyone else singing that song who could do it better. (song ).
  • In 2018 his fans as a gift for his birthday bought a piece of land in Scotland for which he was given the title of “Lord”.
  • Before becoming a rookie, Chen had surgery on the membrane under his tongue in order to be able to make the “rubbed r” sound.
  • He is known for his various donations. In January 2017, it was revealed that he had donated to the Siheung Women’s Empowerment Center to contribute to the “Young, be enterprising!” project. It is also known that he donated 20 million won to the Siheung 1% Welfare Center in October 2016 and in March 2016 to the Siheung Multicultural Family Service Center.
  • Lyricist Jo Yoon Kyung named Chen as a rookie lyricist we should watch out for. he said:“It’s good that [Chen] is very attached to his tracks and [is] full of ambition. I think he will become excellent in a short time.”
  • Chen appeared on SBS PowerFM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time” as a guest on October 4, 2019, a listener sent the text:“I think Chen’s voice fits very well with IU’s voice, please collaborate with her.” Chen expressed his happiness for the message and said “This is a comment that I really wish would come true.” He then showed his admiration for IU as a fellow singer and said: “While I was preparing for my solo songs, I was listening to IU songs a lot and practicing them.”
  • On January 13, 2020, it was officially announced that he will marry his fiancée with whom he is expecting a child. The idol made the announcement “Hello, this is Chen. I’m writing because I have something to tell you. I don’t know how to start and I’m very nervous about breaking the news. But I wanted to be the first to tell my fans, who showed me love and support, so I am writing despite my rough handwriting. I have a girlfriend with whom I want to spend the rest of my life. At first, I was worried about the consequences of my decision. But I was discussing it with etiquette and members about how to deliver this, so he won’t be surprised out of the blue. But then I got good news. Now that I couldn’t do what I had planned with my agency and members, I built up my courage, even though I’m not fully prepared. I couldn’t take it anymore. I thank my members who really congratulated me, and thank you very much for your love and support. I will be eternally grateful for your love and will do my best in my place, as always, to reciprocate your love. Thank you always.”.
  • On April 29, 2020, news outlet Financial News reported that Chen’s wife gave birth to a baby girl this day at a hospital in Cheongdam Ward in Gangnam District. A source from SM Entertainment confirmed the news and said, “It is true that their daughter was born today.”
  • On October 16, 2020, Chen shared a handwritten letter telling his fans that he would enlist in the army on October 26.
  • On November 16, 2021, Newsen reported that Chen’s wife is expecting their second child. In response to the report, SM Entertainment confirmed the news.
  • On January 19, 2022, a source of Xportsnews reported that his wife recently gave birth to their second child. In response to the report, his agency, SM Entertainment, confirmed that the news was true.



At the beginning of 2011, Chen auditioned for SM Entertainment through the S.M. Casting System he was a trainee for almost a year.


On February 21, 2012, Chen was introduced as the latest member of the new group of SM Entertainment, EXO it was presented in teaser number 19 together with Baekhyun and Lay then on January 29th, the music video for the debut single prologue of EXO-M, What Is Love together with his partner Lu Han he made his first public appearance as a member of EXO together Lu Han, Tao and Kai at the SBS Gayo Daejeon 2011.

2014: SM the Ballad

Chen joined the ballad group SM the Ballad , initially formed by SM Entertainment in 2010. On the group’s second album Breath, he sang the Chinese version of the lead single “Breath” with Zhang Li Yin he also sang a duet with Krystal from f (x) titled “When I Was… When U Were…” and “A Day Without You” with Jong Hyun from SHINee chen performed his duets with Krystal and Jonghyun live at the SM the Ballad Joint Recital on February 12.

In July 2014, Chen released his first solo song since his debut titled “The Best Luck” as an original soundtrack for the SBS drama It’s Okay, That’s Love , starring fellow EXO member D.O the Best Luck” received the award for Best OST by a Male Artist” and “Best OST Song” at the 5th So-Loved Awards and the 16th Seoul International Youth Film Festival, respectively. Chen was also invited as a special guest performer at the 3rd APAN Star Awards on November 11, 2014, where he performed the song live.


In August 2015, he made his musical theater debut playing the role of Benny in SM C&C’s production In the Heights. He also participated and became the runner-up in the eleventh round of the musical TV show King of Mask Singer under the alias “Legendary Guitar Man.”.

2016: Collaboration with Punch, collaboration with Heize for SM Station , and with Dj Alesso

In January 2016, Chen performed John Lennon’s “Imagine” with world-renowned pianist Steve Barakatt at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts as part of UNICEF’s “Imagine Project Imagine.”.

In February 2016, Chen together with Punch duetted “Everytime” as part of the soundtrack of Descendants of the Sun the song debuted at number one on Gaon’s weekly digital chart and even more than two months after its release, it is still at number one.

April 5, 2016, SM Entertainment revealed that Chen in collaboration with rapper Heize, they would be releasing the next digital single for the project SM Station with their digital single titled “Lil’ Something,” a song produced by Vibe member Ryu Jae-Hyun, which will be released on May 13. This is also the first time that the three EXO members are coming together as a unit to perform a soundtrack song. The song will be released on music charts on August 25 at 12 a.m. KST.

October 4, 2016, SM Entertainment revealed that Chen would return to collaborate on the next digital single for the project, SM Station entitled “Years.”& along with Dj Alesso to be released on October 7, with a Chinese and Korean version.

2017: Collaboration with Dynamic Duo and collaboration with 10cm for SM Station 2

On January 8, a source from Dynamic Duo’s agency Amoeba Culture revealed, “The first artist for the project-collaboration “Mixxxture” with Loen Entertainment is EXO’s Chen. We plan to release the song in the middle of January.” The teaser only gives a small taste of the song, which sounds quite calm, with notes of electronic music, and features a man on a dirty road dancing quietly on a chair. The teaser also reveals that the song is called “Nosedive” and will be released on January 24 at midnight.

During the broadcast of “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School” he revealed that he wants to collaborate with 10 cm and 10 cm’s official Instagram page posted an audio clip from the radio show and wrote, “An offer to collaborate with EXO’s Chen? O…. Ok… Po… Please give me a call…?”, indicating that he was surprised but more than willing to collaborate.

On October 26, SM Entertainment revealed through an unexpected video that EXO’s Chen and 10cm will release a track together for SM STATION 2.

10 cm and EXO’s Chen will release their SM STATION duet “Bye Babe” on November 3 at 6 p.m. along with a photo teaser for “Bye Babe.” is a mid-tempo acoustic track co-produced by 10 cm. Both 10 cm and Chen also participated in creating the lyrics.

2019: Solo debut with his first mini album “April, and a flower”.

On March 8, it was reported that he plans to release a solo album in April and is scheduling preparations for music video filming. In response to the reports, SM Entertainment commented, “Chen is preparing a solo album. The exact schedule will be revealed once it is confirmed.”.

On March 19, the first teaser was released for Chen’s first mini album, “April, and a flower”, which will contain six songs and will be released on April 1 at 6 p.m. Pre-orders for the physical album will be available from March 19. Pre-orders for the physical album will be available from March 19. his first mini album “April, and a flower” includes the title song “Beautiful goodbye” and five other songs. Chen co-wrote the lyrics of the song “Flower”.

A detailed review of what fans can expect from the EXO member’s debut solo album was released on March 22 for both the regular and Kihno versions of the mini album.

On April 1 at midnight KST, Chen unveiled the music video for “Beautiful Goodbye”. The emotional ballad which featured Chen’s beautiful voice, talks about asking a person to wait to say goodbye until April, so that their goodbye can be beautiful.

On April 1 at 7 p.m. KST, the EXO member will hold a surprise street performance titled “Chen’s April Busking.” However, he will not reveal the location in advance as it will be a surprise event for his fans. The event will also be live streamed internationally through SMTOWN and EXO’s Naver V Live channels.

The title song “Beautiful Goodbye” ranked #1 on seven major streaming music charts in Korea, including Melon, Genie, Buggs, Soribada, Olleh Music, Momople and Naver Music, 2nd on Flo and the mini album managed to rank at the top of the iTunes Top Album charts worldwide, being #1 in at least 32 different countries.

Back with his second mini-album “Dear My Dear”.

On August 29, news outlet News1 reported that EXO’s Chen is expected to unveil an album sometime in early October.

In response to the reports, SM Entertainment confirmed, “EXO’s Chen is preparing to release a solo album in early October.”.

SM Entertainment revealed more details about Chen’s second solo album titled “Dear My Dear” composed of a total of six songs. The official release date is October 1 and online pre-orders started on September 11. The track list for his solo album “Dear My Dear!” will include the songs “Shall We?”, “My Dear”, “Amaranth”, “Hold you tight”, “You never know” and “Good night.” On October 1, Chen released the music video for “Shall we?”, which is a romantic love song with a retro pop style.

The album reached #1 in 36 countries, including France, Finland, Norway, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Nigeria, Thailand, Turkey and many more.

2020: Collaboration with Dynamic Dou for the single “You”.

On January 20, Amoeba Culture company surprised with the teaser of Dynamic Duo, the song “You” is a ballad in which heartbreak is the main theme.

The chorus is provided by Chen’s melodious voice, which resonates above the R&B melody that stars in the ballad, while Choiza and Gaeko’s raps take center stage in the rest of the song’s lines.

The music video for their digital single “You” was released on January 23 and is the first collaboration between Dynamic Duo and EXO’s Chen in three years.

The song talks about the emotional changes people go through, from denial to self-blame, after a breakup. The realistic lyrics about the breakup and the lyrical melody create a melancholic feeling in the song, while the lyrics talk about not being able to do things alone and missing the person you used to be in your life.

Back with the digital single “Hello”

On October 8 KST, the cover of the digital single was revealed, the cover is drawn in a watercolor painting style depicting the twilight sky in pastel colors. The single, “Hello” will be released on October 15 at 6 p.m. KST.

“Hello” is a British pop song of alternative sub genre. The lyrics were inspired by a letter containing the quiet heart of wishing for one’s peace/well-being. It was composed and arranged by Kim Jae Hwi with lyrics by Hwang Yoo Bin.


  • Ailee – Love (Feat. Chen) (2019)
  • Onestar – May We Bye (Feat. Chen) (2019)
  • Vibe – Lil’ Something (Acoustic Ver.) (Feat. Chen) (2016)

Chen (EXO) Music

  • EXO – Love Shot (2018) [Lyrics]
  • EXO – Light Out (2017)[Lyrics]
  • 10 cm x Chen – Bye Babe& (2017)[Lyrics]
  • EXO – Touch It (2017) [Lyrics]
  • EXO – Ko Ko Bop& (2017) [Lyrics]
  • EXO – She’s Dreaming (2016) [Lyrics]
  • EXO – Promise (2015) [Lyrics]

Chen (EXO) Drama

  • EXO Next Door (LineTV, 2015)

Chen (EXO) Musicals

  • In the Heights (2015)

Chen (EXO) Awards

  • Seoul International Youth Film Festival: Best OST (Best Luck)
  • Soompi Awards Best OST (Best Luck)
  • Koreaboo Awards: Best OST (Best Luck)
  • SBS Inkigayo (02/05) “Nosedive” (with Dynamic Duo)
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Collaborationcon’. & Dynamic Duo (Nosedive)
  • MelOn Music Awards Best Rap/Hip Hop Song with Dynamic Duo (Nosedive)
  • MBC Show! Music Core & (13/04) “Beautiful Goodbye”
  • SBS Inkigayo (04/14) “Beautiful Goodbye”
  • KBS Music Bank (11/10): “Shall we?”
  • MBC Show Champion (10/23): “Shall we?”
  • 2020 Korea’s First Brand Awards Male Vocal

Chen (EXO) Radio Programs

  • 2016 : Sukira Special Dj (11.01.2016, with Sehun)
  • 2015: Choi Hwa Jung Power Time (23.06.2015, besides Chanyeol and Sehun)
  • 2015: KBS ‘Radio Show’ (03.05.2015, with D.O)
  • 2015: Youngstreet Radio (23.04.2015 besides Chanyeol and Kai)
  • 2015: Yoo In Na’s Volume Up Radio (15.04.2015 with Baekhyun and Suho)
  • 2015: Blue Night Radio (14.04.2015 with Chanyeol and Suho)
  • 2015: Sukira Kiss The Radio (29.01.2015, besides Xiumin)
  • 2015: Sunny FM’s Date (14.01.2015, besides Suho)
  • 2014: SBS Power FM K.Will’s Youngstreet (15.03.2014, besides Chanyeol)
  • 2013: KBS-R 2 ‘o’Clock’ (17.12.2013, with D.O, Baekhyun and Luhan)
  • 2013: MBC-R Live on Air (17.12.2013, besides D.O, Baekhyun and Luhan)
  • 2013: (SBS) Cultwo Show (16.12.13, with D.O, Baekhyun and Luhan)
  • 2013: Young street Radio (13.12.2013, besides D.O and Baekhyun)
  • 2013: ShimShimTapa (11.12.2013, with D.O and Baekhyun)
  • 2013: SBS Love Game (11.12.2013, with D.O and Baekhyun)
  • 2013: Gayo Plaza Radio (09.12.2013 with Baekhyun and D.O)
  • 2013: Sukira kiss the radio (16.09.2013, with Baekhyun as special dj)
  • 2013: Midday Hopeful Song (29.08.2013, Luhan, Chanyeol, Kris, Suho, Baekhyun, Chen, Tao and Kai)
  • 2013: Sukira Kiss The Radio (14.07.13, with Baekyun as special DJ)
  • 2013: KBS-FM Kiss The Radio (26.06.13, besides Lay, Baekyun, Chanyeol and D.O).
  • 2013: Arirang-R Sound K ‘AN’R (20.06.13, together with Suho, Kris and Baekyun).
  • 2013: SBS-Boom’s Young Street (31.05.13, besides Xiumin, Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and Tao).

TV/Internet programs

  • 2017 Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School (17.09.09 besides Baekhyun)
  • 2017: Fantastic Duo (07/17/09)
  • 2016 : My SMTelevision (14.11.2016, besides Xiumin)
  • 2016 The Return of Superman (18.09.2016, together with Xiumin).
  • 2016 Happy Together (14.06.2016 , together with Chanyeol and Suho )
  • 2016 Two Yoo Project Sugar Man (with Chanyeol)
  • 2016: Traveling Withtout Our Manager (besides Xiumin)
  • 2016 the Viewable SM – 4 episodes (with Chanyeol and Sehun)
  • 2016 fantastic Duo (01 and 08.05.16, together with Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O. and Xiumin)
  • 2016: MBC Radio Star (02/24/16)
  • 2015: MBC King of Mask Singer (23 and 30.08.2015)
  • 2015: The Exploration Of The World (26.06.2015, besides Sehun)
  • 2015: Show! Music Core (11.04.2015, as Special MC)
  • 2015: Hello Counselor (13.04.2015, with Chanyeol and Baekhyun)
  • 2015: (CCTV3) DingGeLongDongQiang (01.03.2015, next to Tao)
  • 2015: Super Junior-M – Guest House (03.01.2015, besides Suho)
  • 2014: Showbiz Korea – Simply Kpop (06.01.2014, together with Luhan, D.O and Baekhyun)
  • 2013: (Mnet) MPD’s MVP (21.12.2013 together with Baekhyun, Lay, D.O and Luhan, interview)
  • 2013: (Mnet) Super Hit (20.12.2013, besides D.O, Baekhyun, Luhan, Lay)
  • 2013: Star Face-Off Chuseok Special: “The Beatles” (20.09.2013, besides Chanyeol, Lay and D.O)
  • 2013: Immortal Song 2 (14.09. 2013, with Kai, Lay, Sehun, D.O, Baekhyun, Luhan and Xiumin)
  • 2013: KBS2Inmortal Song 2 (31.08.2013, with Baekhyun, D.O, Kai, Sehun, Xiumin and Lay)
  • 2013: CAB2 Immortal Songs 2 (17.08.13, Baekyun and Chen)
  • 2013: 1000 Song Challenge (07.07.13, besides Chanyeol yD.O)
  • 2013: Beatles Code 2 (01.07.13, together with Luhan, Chanyeol, Suho and Kai)

TV Drama’s

  • Your Moonlight subject for Do You Like Brahms? (2020)
  • Rainfall subject for Chief of Staff (2019)
  • Make It Count theme for Touch Your Heart (2019)
  • Cherry Blossom Love Song theme for 100 Days My Prince (2018)
  • I’m Not Okay theme for Missing 9 (2017)
  • For You (together with Baekhyun and Xiumin ) theme for Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)
  • Everytime (besides Punch ) theme for Descendants of the Sun (2016)
  • Best Luck theme for It’s OK, It’s Love (2014)

Movie Themes

  • Beautiful Accident (besides Suho ) theme for Beautiful Accident (2016)

Video Game Featuring

  • Crush U (besides Xiumin and Baekhyun) track for Blade & Soul (2016).

Chen (EXO) is a member of:

SM Ballad

SM Ballad

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