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Chanyong (100%)

Weight: 63 kg
Height: 180 cm
Real name: 김찬용 / Kim Chan Yong
Date of Birth: April 29, 1993

Chanyong (100%)

About Chanyong (100%)

Chanyong (100%) Facts

  • Kpop group: 100%
    • Subgroup: 100% V.
    • Position: Rapper and Dancer.
  • Hobbies: Watching movies, listening to music and shopping.
  • Specialties: Imitating other people’s voices, rapping.
  • Favorite food: Fast food and Korean food.
  • Nicknames: Yongyong, Chanyongie, Chanyonce.
  • He gets excited very easily and very much, so he has to control himself
  • In an interview for the Japanese program MAP revealed that Rokhyun has a lot of hair on his body saying he was a beast.
  • In the program TEEN TOP rising 100% explained that he could not be romantic.
  • He is the most joking of the group, together with Min Woo.
  • During the first season of TEEN TOP rising !00% received the nickname Chanyonce by dancing Crazy In Love in the talent show.
  • The other members call him Changyonce because of his dancing quality similar to that of Beyoncé.
  • Minwoo said on ‘100PER NEWS EP 02’ that he doesn’t bathe often, causing laughter from other members, then he denied it saying that it is a misunderstanding.
  • In Weekly Idol he commented that he was a cheerleader.
  • He has the best body in the group.
  • Chun Ji called Chan Yong for Sukira’s quick quiz “Radio Kiss” (09/23/2014).

Chanyong (100%) Radio Programs

  • 2012: MBC Standard FM Shindong’s ShimShim Lid – with Min Woo [10-10-2012]
  • 2012: MBC Standard FM Shindong’s ShimShim Lid – with Min Woo (12-10-2012)
  • 2012: MBC FM4U kim Shin-young’s Hope Song at Noon – with Min Woo & Hyuk Jin [25-11-2012]
  • 2013 MBC Standard FM Starry Night – with Min Woo [04-01-2013]
  • 2013: MBC Standard FM Starry Night – with Min Woo [11-01-2013]

Chanyong (100%) TV Programs

  • 2012: 100% “Pops in Seoul”.
  • 2012: MTV TEEN TOP 100% Rising
  • 2012: MBC TEEN TOP & 100% Rising Brothers
  • 2013 Let’s Go Dream Team 2 (with Sang Hoon, episodes: 172 & 173).
  • 2013: & Let’s Go Dream Team (together with Sang Hoon 202)
  • 2013: Weekly Idol
  • 2014: Mnet “Entertain Us” (together with TEEN TOP, episode 1)
  • 2014: Weekly Idol
  • 2014: SBS Star King (Ep. 394 with Rokhyun)

Chanyong (100%) Music Videos

Chanyong (100%) is a member of:

100% V

100% V

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