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Changjo (TEEN TOP)

Weight: 66 kg
Height: 183 cm
Real name: 최종현/ Choi Jong Hyun
Date of Birth: November 16, 1995

Changjo (TEEN TOP)

About Changjo (TEEN TOP)

Changjo (TEEN TOP) Facts

  • Kpop group Toe Top
    • Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer & Maknae
  • Education
    • Chuncheon Middle School.
    • Seoul Performing Arts High School.
  • Specialty: Defense (he has a black belt in Taekwondo) and dance.
  • Hobbies: Create choreographies, listen to music, edit videos.
  • Rolemodels: Tae Yang from BIGBANG Kim Woo Bin, Yeo Jin Goo and Park Hae Jin.
  • Motto Finish what you start.
  • Fanclub Changster’s.
  • “Changjo” means creation, so he gave it to himself as his stage name.
  • As a child he dreamed of being a bodyguard, as he was well trained in martial arts.
  • He started dancing when he was 7 years old while watching the group DBSK he also practiced dancing while looking at his reflection through the windows
  • In V app, he confessed that at the time he was a teenager he responded badly to his mother and sister, he also said he regrets it.
  • He is the factor Dance of the group.
  • The choreography of Let’s Dance was created by him.
  • He cried when he received a letter from a Japanese fan, as the fan read the letter to him in Korean.
  • His first kiss was with Niel accidentally on the show Teen Top & 100% Rising Brothers in episode 7 of the second season, after that, he himself said that he did not want to remember that event.
  • ChangJo’s first impression of Niel was “He looks like a Simpson.”
  • Although he is not a frequent rapper on Teen Top, his rapping in the song “First Kiss ” “Lovefool” “Mr.Bang” and “Rock Star (tour in Taiwan)”.
  • When they debuted their nickname was Jjinbang (Steamed Bun), because he had more cheeks, but now the members think he has become more charismatic and manly, so they can no longer call him that.
  • Broke the record of Andy from Shinhwa on Baekdu Mountain with 5 stones, at only 17 years old he succeeded in the mission.
  • He is known for his attacks of ira in variety shows (he yells at others without respect, which is very funny in variety shows) but he himself said that he does it only in shows, even though members say otherwise.
  • It is a little difficult to recognize him after the great change he underwent as a result of his diet and exercise in order to leave behind his chubby image. Even the members voted him as the member who has changed the most since the debut.
  • In Weekly idol he was named#4 in Diet Idol and also Influential Maknae.
  • During an interview ChangJo said that he would choose to ChunJi as the member who would introduce him to his sister.
  • ChangJo was accepted to Hoseo University of the Arts in Seoul to attend next year along with fellow group member Ricky.
  • He made a video together with Rokhyun from 100% dancing, called TOP MEDIA TEEN TOP&100% – THE FIRST PRESENT.
  • His favorite ice cream flavor is melon.
  • ChangJo does aegyo only when he is asked to do so because he usually does not like to do it.
  • Despite being the youngest member of Teen Top, he and Niel are the tallest in stature.
  • ChangJo says that little children are like angels, just the sight of them makes him happy.
  • ChangJo was nominated for Jong Hyun from SHINee to take part in the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, ChangJo nominated Chanyong, ChangBum from 100% and the Angel’s.
  • TEEN TOP members said in an interview that they ignore ChangJo’s chat messages because he sends useless words at high speed on Kakao talk.
  • ChangJo likes his forehead.
  • He suddenly fell down while asleep and went to the hospital to check on his health.
  • He will play his first leading role (Yong Soo Chul) in an MBC drama “Sweden Laundry”. The drama will start airing at the end of November 2014.
  • ChangJo with Kim Ian are the first actors to appear in Weekly Idol.
  • When Changjo turned 20 years old, members wrote him letters and made a video for him
  • L.Joe when he recorded the video for his birthday he told him: “Don’t exercise too much because now I am thinking that you are my hyung (brother)
  • Together with ChunJi they are the “Genesis line” this is because in Korean ChunJi (천지) means “heaven and earth” while ChangJo (창조) means “creation” together 천지창조 i.e. “Creation of heaven and earth” or simply “Genesis”.
  • Lately involved in rumors of dating Park Ji Yeon a member of the disbanded group Glam, TOP Media denied the rumors: “After confirming with Changjo himself, the rumors are not true. We are not sure why these rumors arose. The Internet is full of rumors.”
  • In an interview, he himself confirmed that in the episode of Sweden Laundry where it appears Niel actually hit and bit him
  • In Angelbox he confessed that the most difficult feeling to hide was anger, because when he did so, red spots would appear on his neck
  • When he won the last competition in TEEN TOP Rising 100% to make it through limbo the MC said that TEEN TOP should be proud of ChangJo because during the competitions they were saved by him. He also asked CAP what his thoughts were about him that day, to which he replied that this was a very special dongsaeng as he gave him encouragement all the time that he was like a mom to him, eliciting a little laughter from the members of 100% because of this the MC told his to call him mom, which he did, again provoking laughter, and the MC replied that he should call him dad.
  • He was named “Idol with a rubber waist” because in TEEN TOP Rising 100% he successfully passed the limbo with 64cm, since the competition is about overcoming the 65cm of flexibility of the female idol Jia from Miss A.
  • In episode 10 of A Song for You 3 the MC Sung Jae from BTOB said he is close to ChangJo and Ricky they also go bowling and out to lunch.
  • Wrote and composed the song Never Ending for the mini album of UP10TION who are the sister group of Toe Top &. 100%
  • ChangJo will throw out the first ball for Nexen in the VS Doosan professional baseball post-season game on October 14 at 6:30PM KST at the Mokdong Baseball Stadium.
  • On May 3, 2016, the audio of a song he composed and performed called “Pray” which may be the first of his first solo album produced by him.
  • On June 15, 2016 was revealed on Soundcloud the audio of the second solo song composed and performed by himself called “Tonight, one of the songs that will be found on his solo album as a solo artist and producer. Then it was revealed It’s You.
  • He spoke of his bipolarity.
  • He cried at his sister’s wedding, which was in November 2018.
  • He is close friends with dancer Lee Hae Sung and said that he would choreograph the choreography for Never Anything, but he did not perform it live, because his friend went to military service and did not do the choreography.

Changjo (TEEN TOP) Advertisement

  • 2011 BSQT CF (shoe brand)
  • 2012: Be atoy (next to Toe Top)
  • 2012: Sketcher (besides Toe Top)
  • 2012: Michiko London (uniforms, along with Toe Top)
  • 2013: VOGUE GIRL (next to C.A.P & Niel )
  • 2013 NYLON Magazine December issue (together with Toe Top and 100%).


Music and Lyrics.

  • Fire dragon- Niel and ChangJo
  • Never Ending – UP10TION
  • Party2nite – UP10TION
  • 5 Seasons’ – NATURAL BORN TEEN TOP
  • Day’ – RED POINT
  • Pray – Changjo
  • Tonight – Changjo
  • Merry Christmas’ – Snow Kiss TEEN TOP
  • It’s You – Changjo


  • 그때 – Kwon brothers

Changjo (TEEN TOP) Drama

  • Criminal Minds (tvN, 2017) Ep. 16-17
  • Oppa is Missing (Naver TV, 2017)
  • Sweden Laundry (MBC, 21-November-2014).
  • Entertain us (MNET 2014).
  • I Am Legend (SBS, 2010)cameo with Toe Top.

Changjo (TEEN TOP) Films

  • 2015 Mak-Girls

Changjo (TEEN TOP) TV Programs

  • 2010 Star Cam (with Teen Top)
  • 2011 MBC Flower Bouquet (episode 8)
  • 2011 Moon Night 90 (with Niel and Ricky )
  • 2012 Weekly Idol (2 times with Teen top members)
  • 2012 MBC KPop Star Olympics
  • 2012 MBC Kpop Star Athletic Championship
  • 2013 Immortal Song 2 (together Niel and C.A.P )
  • 2013 MBC KPop Star Olympics
  • 2013 MBC Kpop Star Athletic Championship
  • 2013: Wide M Open Studio
  • 2013 Weekly Idol (2 times with Teen top members).
  • 2013: Immortal Song 2 (October with Niel, ChunJi and L.Joe).
  • 2014: MBC Idol Sport Champion Ship (with L.Joe, ChunJi and Ricky )
  • 2014 : MBC Idol Futsal Champion Ship (with Ricky ).
  • 2014: MBC Infinie Dream Concert.
  • 2014 KBS Global Request Show: A song for you 3 (ep.10 with Teen Top)
  • 2014: ASC Arirang-After School Club (live broadcast 15/09/2014)
  • 2014: KBS Open Concert (16/09/2014)
  • 2014: KBS1 Love Request (09/20/14)
  • 2014: MBC Idol Music Festival: Kpop Expo in Asia (09/21/14)
  • 2014: Pops In Seoul (09/22/14).
  • 2014: Weekly Idol (broadcast 08/10/2014)
  • 2014: Arirang TV Simply KPOP
  • 2014: Immortal Song 2 (with Niel october 25)
  • 2014: MBC Weekly Idol (with Ian from Sweden Laundry, ep 176)
  • 2014 : MBC Weekly Idol (taping on Tuesday, November 18)
  • 2015 MBC Idol Star Athletics, Archery, Futsal Championship (February 19)
  • 2015 MBC Idol Sports Championship (February 19)
  • 2015 : KBS2 Immortal Song (con Niel, 13.07.15)
  • 2015 : KBS Global Request Show: A song for you 4 (ep.1)
  • 2015: KBS Yettie TV (with C.A.P, ChunJi, L.Joe and Ricky)
  • 2015 MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships
  • 2015 KBS2 Immortal Song 2: The men of Immortal Songs mesmerize the ladies (con Niel 2015.08.15)
  • 2015 : KBS Hello Counselor (Ep. 240 with C.A.P,ChunJi, Niel and Ricky. 31/08/15)
  • 2015: KBS2 Immortal Song 2 (with Chang Jo and Chung DaEun)
  • 2015 : KBS2 Immortal Song Chuseok Special (con Niel )
  • 2015 : KBS The 52nd Daejong Film Awards Festival- Red Carpet (November 20)
  • 2016: KBS Gag Concert with Niel and Ricky (31/01/16)
  • 2016 : KBS2 Immortal Song 2: Legendary harmony with Lee Seungchul and singers (con Niel )
  • 2016: Mnet – TvN “Hit the Stage”.
  • 2016 MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships
  • 2017 MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships
  • 2019 afrecaaTV (with ChunJi and Ricky )

Changjo (TEEN TOP) is a member of:

Teen Top

Teen Top

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