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Weight: 50 kg
Height: 168 cm
Real name: 김혜림 / Kim Hye Lim
Date of Birth: January 19, 1993


About Chae Joo Hwa (HELLOVENUS)

Chae Joo Hwa (HELLOVENUS) Facts

  • Ex K-pop group: HELLOVENUS
    • Position: Rapper, vocalist and dancer.
  • Education
    • Seoul Young-Pa Girls’ Middle/ High School (Graduate).
  • Hobbies: Swimming and songwriting.
  • Skills: Rap, dance, choreograph and compose.
  • Languages Korean (native language), English (intermediate), Chinese and Japanese (basic).
  • Instruments Piano and guitar.
  • Mascot: A dog named “Gummy”.
  • She started working at the age of 15 as a back-up dancer together with Dain from WA$$UP and Park Kyung Ree for Lee Chaeyeon.
  • She is a former trainee at Medialine Entertainment (Viva Girls).
  • Lime, Park Kyung Ree, Soyumi from KISS&CRY, Woohee from From Shabet, EXY and Seol A from Cosmic Girls, Hyoeun from Stellar were to debut in Viva Girls but the project failed due to financial problems.
  • In pre-debut under the name Haley she recorded a song called “Listen To Me” with South Korean actor and singer Leejung she also wrote the lyrics to the rap for Scotch VIP’s “Final 2011”.
  • She participated in Happy Pledis 2011 “Love Letter” as a background voice.
  • She helped write the lyrics to the song “Time Up!” – After School.
  • She was one of the transfers from After School to HELLOVENUS (together with Yooara and Yoonjo).
  • Credit for song raps Venus” , “What Are You Doing Today? y Would You Star For Tea? belong to him.
  • I interpret the song “Ring My Bell “with Yooyoung and “Baby Bye Bye Bye” with Alice at the first fanmeeting.
  • Upon termination of her contract, Lime decided to sign a new one with Fantagio and cease to be part of Plaid.
  • Auditioned for Show Me The Money that same day, she showed herself close to ₩one.
  • She was partner of Jo Young Min (BOYFRIEND) and Wonder Boy.
  • Fear of heights (acrophobia).
  • Her father is an entrepreneur, her mother is a wedding dress designer and her brother is a chef.


Lime was born on January 19, 1993 in Incheon.

Before her debut she had already been singing and writing songs for artists; she composed or performed them. She also worked as a dancer.

He was going to debut in a group called Viva Girls together with EXY and Seol A from Cosmic Girls, Woo Hee from From Shabet, Soyumi and Kyung Ree from 9MUSES but due to the company’s scarce resources, this debut did not take place. she trained at Pledis Entertainment to debut in the group After School but was eventually transferred to HELLOVENUS together with Yoo Ara and Yoon Jo (former members of the group).

Debuted in HELLOVENUS in 2012.

Chae Joo Hwa (HELLOVENUS) Advertisement

  • BNT (2014)
  • CAOLION (2014)
  • Hiddink’s Master League (2014)
  • Clean&Clear

Chae Joo Hwa (HELLOVENUS) Collaborations

  • Honey Family – “역전의 드라마” (Ft. 문명진, Haley).
  • SCOTCH VIP – “Finale 2011” (Ft. JAY MOON, Mino, YAMMO, VEE X KILLA, 한해, 박경, 콸라, Zico )
  • Lee Jeong – “Listen to me” (Rap ver.)

Chae Joo Hwa (HELLOVENUS) Drama

  • Love Intervention 2 (KBS Joy, 2019)
  • Idol Fever (Naver, 2017).
  • After School Luck or Not (TV STore, BTV, 2013) (Cameo)
  • To Be Continued (Naver, 2015) Ep 11,12

Television Programs

  • Let’s Go! Dream Team II | 출발드림팀 II : The Obstacle Flag Race (2015.12.10)
  • 비타민 VITAMIN together with HELLOVENUS (15.12.03)
  • Let’s Go! Dream Team II | 출발드림팀 II : The 2015 CISM World Games Special (2015.09.03)
  • Let’s Go! Dream Team II | 출발드림팀 II : Muscle Queen Competition, part 2 (2015.07.16)
  • Let’s Go! Dream Team II | 출발드림팀 II : Muscle Queen Competition, part 1 (2015.07.09)
  • Let’s Go! Dream Team II | 출발드림팀 II : Girl Group Bubble Suit Championship (2014.12.18) (Mnet, 2015) Show Me The Money 4
  • Boyfriend – “Wonder boy ep. 10 together with HELLOVENUS (2012)

Chae Joo Hwa (HELLOVENUS) Music Videos

  • New Ch& Ft. Kye Bum Zu, Ji Hee Pil – “YAHAGE” (2014).
  • Kye Bum Zu Ft. Dok2 &- “Something Special” (2013, cameo).

Chae Joo Hwa (HELLOVENUS) is a member of:


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