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Chae Dongha (SG Wannabe)

Height: 182cm
Real name: Choi Do Sik (최도식)
Date of Birth: June 23, 1981

Chae Dongha (SG Wannabe)

About Chae Dongha (SG Wannabe)

Chae Dongha (SG Wannabe) Facts

  • Ex-Group: SG Wannabe
  • Debut 2002
  • Chae was found dead in his apartment on May 27, 2011, he hanged himself at home. The official version says he was suffering from severe depression, he was even on medication for this reason.
  • He is known as a person who was affected a lot by people and was easily hurt by words.


Chae attended Seoul Institute of Arts and majored in broadcasting and Kyung Hee University of Global Business.

The first time he debuted in 2002 was as a soloist with Nature. he was the lead vocalist and leader of SG Wannabe, when the group debuted until he left the group in March 2008, to resume his solo career.

After leaving SG Wannabe, he released his second album, SG Wannabe Essay in September 2010, he returned to the music scene with the song “Vanilla Sky” from his only ballad “Vanilla Sky”. of D-Day, he wrote and composed.

Chae Dongha (SG Wannabe) Drama Themes

  • Sarangi Malhajyo theme for Three Sisters (2010)
  • Useobwa theme for City Hall (2009)
  • Sunaebo theme for My Sweet Seoul (2008)
  • Eonjekkajina theme for In Soon is Pretty (2007)
  • Dareun Na theme for Over the Rainbow (2006)

Chae Dongha (SG Wannabe) is a member of:


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