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Cha Cha Malone

Real name: Chase Vincent Malone
Date of Birth: May 25, 1987

Cha Cha Malone

About Cha Cha Malone


Born to a Filipino mother and an African-American father. He was raised alone by his single mother for the first 16 years of his life. His grandmother also played an important role in his life. Malone’s first passion was art and illustration, and from an early age it became his creative outlet.

At age 7, Malone began playing the piano by ear, and was influenced by his mother, who used to write songs and sing in a band. He used to write rap verses in third grade and was introduced to the use of modern technology in beat making when he stumbled upon an early version of FL Studio on a friend’s computer in 2000 and participated in online battles on Rocbattle.

At age 12, and in middle school, Malone entered the world of b-boying with friends in the Seattle-based b-boy crew, Art of Movement, and in 2005 appeared on an episode of MTV’s Made. Malone graduated from The Art Institute of Seattle in 2009, earning a BFA in Media Arts and Animation.

Cha Cha Malone Collaborations

  • Jay Park – Get It All (Feat. Cha Cha Malone) (Prod. by Cha Cha Malone) (2019).
  • The Flavr Blue – 365 (Feat. Jay Park & Cha Cha Malone) (2018)
  • Sik-K – EX (Feat. Cha Cha Malone) (Prod. BOYCOLD ) (2017)
  • Kim Lip – Twilight (Prod. by Cha Cha Malone) (2017)
  • Jay Park – Feature (Feat. Cha Cha Malone) (2016)
  • Jay Park – FOREVER (WITH DJ ALE MORA) (Feat. Cha Cha Malone) (2016)
  • Loco – You Too (너도) (Feat. Cha Cha Malone) (2016).
  • Jay Park – Hot (Remix) (With Cha Cha Malone) (2014)
  • Jay Park – Hopeless Love (Feat. Cha Cha Malone) (2012)
  • The Quiett – Let It Go (Remix) (feat. Cha Cha Malone) (2011)

Cha Cha Malone Music


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