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Casper (Cross Gene)

Weight: 66 kg
Height: 176 cm
Real name: 储晓祥 / Chu Xiao Xiang
Date of Birth: March 20, 1991

Casper (Cross Gene)

About Casper (Cross Gene)

Casper (Cross Gene) Facts

  • Former K-pop group Cross Gene (2012 – 2017)
    • Position Rapper, Vocalist and Dancer
    • Ex-Gen Wild Chic Gene.
  • Languages Mandarin, Korean, English and Japanese (basic)
  • Education Professional and Technical School, Bao Shan.
  • Hobbies Playing sports, shopping, watching movies and basketball.
  • Preferred musical styles Popular songs, Rock / Metal Jazz / Blues, Hip Hop, Classical.
  • Favorite artists Rain, Lee Hyori, Elva Hsiao, Chris Brown, Kanye West and Drake
  • Favorite actors Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Daniel Wu
  • Favorite sports Basketball, Martial Arts, UFC, Skateboarding, Cycling
  • Specific competencies Rapping, singing, street sports, X-Game
  • He found his first years as a trainee difficult, as he didn’t know much of the language, had no friends and went through periods of stress and pressure, but thanks to being together with the other members, he found it more reassuring.
  • Takuya mentioned that although Casper shows a virile appearance and powerful image on stage, he tends to sleep a lot and his personality is orderly and methodical.
  • He was not at the presentations of Cross Gene with “Play With Me” because he was filming for the Taiwanese movie “Seventeen”.
  • He was an athlete. He trained 6 years as a weightlifter and 1 year of sprinting. He had to quit due to a back injury.
  • Casper and singer Gen Neo performed a mash up of Leehom Wang’s “Nibuzai” and Justin Bieber’s Heartbreaker. Link 1
  • He had a segment on “The heart of K-Wave” called Casper TV where he interviewed bands and talked about k-pop in general, the segment was spoken in Mandarin and is uploaded on the youtube channel “KBS World TV”.
  • When they went to Weekly Idol, there was a misunderstanding over the language when he said “when I was younger I had a really big one”, referring to his musculature, to which Doni corrected him and warned that he should always add the noun to the sentence, otherwise it sounds strange.
  • He knows how to do “finger tuning” or choreographies with his fingers and he usually shows that skill a lot, as for example in the movie “Battle of Hip Hoper”, the MV “Billion Dolla”.
  • His haircut has not changed much over the years, except for the time he shaved his head, it is almost always the same style, with the difference that only the color of the hair changes.
  • He has made a collaboration with the artist Andy.A47 in the song “M.I.C” (No MV).
  • When the group participated in the “K-Pop Star Olympics” (a multi-sport competition program where various k-pop groups and artists participate) in July 2012, Casper won the gold medal by running 400 meters in the section “Special event for rookies”.
  • I collaborate in a choreography with the dance group MIN STYLE in the song “COKE , DOPE , CRACK , SMACK” by “J-DOE”. Video available on YouTube under the name “Minstyle X CROSSGENE / Casper. True PROMOTION VIDEO.”
  • He did a performance together with Sangmin and the dance crew “MIN STYLE” with the song “One blood” from “The game” for the fashion show called “2014 Seoul Fashion Week F / W Collection – Dominic’s way” event where Shin and Takuya modeled. His performance can be found on the official YouTube channel of MIN STYLE under the name “Resturn up crew x Cross gene x Dominics map guest show”.
  • He is close to The8 from Seventeen he attended the tour of Seventeen “DIAMOND EDGE” to support it (2017).
  • Through an official press release on the fan cafe of Cross Gene on September 1, 2017, it was announced that Casper will leave the group, meanwhile Casper uploaded an image to his personal instagram in black and white of his hands with the caption: “I’m Sorry”, in the description of the image “I’m Sorry” is translated into Chinese, Korean and Japanese, by way of apology to his fans. Parallel to this Amuse Korea has deleted his other instagram account which was dedicated to his activities as a member of the group, leaving only his personal account.

Casper (Cross Gene) Advertisement

  • 2011: Sony Xperia (China)
  • 2010: Nike
  • 2009: Haoledi
  • 2009: Adidas
  • 2009: Xuan Ma
  • 2009: Jolin
  • 2009: Pepsi (China)
  • 2009: Semir (China)
  • 2009: Master Kong (beverage) (China)
  • 2008: Sports 100

Casper (Cross Gene) Collaborations

  • 2014: Andy.A47 ft. Casper – “M.I.C”.
  • 2016: Gen Neo x Casper – “Nibuzai/Heartbreaker”.

Casper (Cross Gene) Films

  • Battle Of Hip Hopera (2016)
  • Seventeen (2015)
  • ZEDD (2014)

Casper (Cross Gene) TV Programs

  • IDOL PRODUCER (iQiyi, 2019)
  • The Unit (KBS, 2017)
  • Korea Impression (Episode 1 as MC besides Se Hyung from Berry Good ) (2016) (Korea)
  • The Heart of K-wave of KBS: “Casper TV” (KBS World TV) (April-2016 and May-2016) (Korea)
  • eTV (with the cast of the movie Battle of Hip Hopera) (9-22-16) (China)
  • Wow! NEWS (together with the cast of the movie Battle of Hip Hopera) (9-22-16) (China)
  • 100% Confrontation (with the cast of the movie Battle of Hip Hoppera) (9-30-16) (China)
  • JJANG CHINA ( As show host) (4-2-14) (China)
  • Worldwide: “Entertainment Hot Spots” as MC (2012) (China)
  • To the same line Fashion Icon (2009) (China)


  • 2012: K-Pop Star Olympics, First Place in the section “Special event for rookies” (July) (Korea)
  • 2008: KTV (HAOLEDI Men KTV) First Place
  • 2008: Pepsi (Legends of the Microphone) First Place
  • 2007: Hakkyo Cheongsu: First Place

Movie Themes

  • “Battle of Hip Hopera, theme for Battle of Hip Hopera (2016)

Casper (Cross Gene) Music Videos

  • 2016: Gen Neo x Casper – “Nibuzai/Heartbreaker”.
  • 2016: Casper & Bang Bang – “Battle of Hip Hopera”.

Casper (Cross Gene) is a member of:


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