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Weight: 47 kg
Height: 166 cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: August 30, 1987


About Cao Lu (FIESTAR)

Cao Lu (FIESTAR) Facts

  • Ex-Kpop Group: FIESTAR (2012-2018)
    • Position Vocalist and Dancer.
  • Education Chung Ang University
  • Languages Mandarin and Korean (fluent)
  • Hobbies: Dancing, Cooking
  • Favorite Color Orange
  • Favorite Artist: Jang Na Ra
  • Motto The most important thing is to work hard.
  • In China, she had a solo career in 2004, she was known by the stage name ‘LuLu’ where she won the rookie of the year award.
  • She always uses the face mask.
  • She is very good at yoga.
  • She can play the guitar very well and composes songs.
  • She has a talent for humor.
  • Teaches Mandarin to Ga In.
  • Share birthday with the singer Heo Young Ji and Kwon So Hyun
  • In All the KPOP she teamed up with ₩one.
  • She also has other music videos Juliet, Swan Lake, New Year.
  • She did a cover of & Apink with & Mr.Chu“.
  • She has been highly praised for her charisma in the ‘Radio Star’ program, gaining the acceptance, affection and attention of the netizens.
  • She has been confirmed as a new member of ” We Got Married “.
  • She is a close friend Zhou Mi from Super Junior M, Meng Jia and Fei Wang and Jackson from GOT7.
  • Cao Lu showed admiration for her friend Park Shin Hye in the past, Cao Lu said, “Despite her busy schedule, Park Shin Hye actively participates in school. I realized that I could be successful too if I worked as hard as she does. She is my role model. Park Shin Hye also shares the love for her friend when she said, “She is my role model. FIESTAR is gaining a lot of attention, and I hope Cao Lu Unni will be even more successful in the future.”
  • Cao Lu ranked No. 3 in ‘Female Group Members in Brand Reputation List for the Month of July’, The Korean Institute of Corporate Reputation examined the data from June 28 to July 29 in order to choose the female group member with the highest brand reputation. The categories include the number of brands the celebrities participated with, their ability to communicate it to the public, community perception and Brand Reputation Index.
  • In 2016 during the ISAC Chseok Special she participated in artistic gymnastics and placed second.
  • In the ISAC Lunar New Year Special 2017 Positioned in first place in the Artistic Gymnastics competition

Cao Lu (FIESTAR) Drama

  • Legal High (jTBC, 2019) cameo
  • Missing 9 (MBC, 2017)
  • The Sound of Heart (KBS2, 2016) cameo
  • She’s So Lovable (SBS, 2014)

Cao Lu (FIESTAR) Awards

  • MBC Entertainment Awards Popularity Award (besides Jo Seho for We Got Married)

Cao Lu (FIESTAR) Radio Programs

  • 2016: (SBS) Love FM Song Eun Yi & Kim Sook’s Unnies Radio (08.01.16)
  • 2016: ( SBS) Power FM Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time (05.01.16)

Cao Lu (FIESTAR) TV Programs

  • 2018: (Celuv.TV) UP! Pretty
  • 2017 (JTBC) Night Goblin (27-08-17)
  • 2017: Hello Counselor (besides Kang Nam, Benji Bae from B.I.G and Robin) (KBS, 6-2-17)
  • 2017: (JTBC) Knowing Bros (Jan 28, 17)
  • 2017: (E Channel) Muk!et Street
  • 2016: (JTBC) Abnormal Summit (06/27/16)
  • 2016: (JTBC) Please Take Care of My Refrigerator (20 and 27-06-2016, besides Yezi )
  • 2016: (JTBC) Two Yoo Project Sugarman (21.06.16) (besides Yezi and Linzy )
  • 2016: (KBS) A Look at Myself (03.30.16)
  • 2016: (KBS) A Look at Myself (03/11/16)
  • 2016: (MBC) King of Mask Singer (Panelist: Ep. 47 and 48)
  • 2016: (SBS Plus) Baek Jong Won’s 3 Great Kings
  • 2016: (KBS) The Human Condition (02/16/16)
  • 2016: (SBS) Same Bed Different Dreams
  • 2016: (MBC) We Got Married as a couple by Jo Se Ho
  • 2016: (MBC) Real Men (Women’s Special 4th Season)
  • 2016 (KBS2) Duty Olympics (besides Yezi )
  • 2016 (SBS) Stargram (besides Hyemi and Jei )
  • 2016: (MBC) Lunar New Year’s Special “AS You Talk” (21.01.16)
  • 2016: (SPO TV GAMES) Bubble Fighter Show (09.01.16)
  • 2016 (MBC) My Litle Television
  • 2016 (MBC) “The Geeks” airing (01/08/16)
  • 2015 (KBS) Let’s Go Dream Team 2 (2015.12.10)
  • 2014 (KBS) Let’s Go Dream Team 2 (2014.03.09)
  • 2014 (MBC Every) Weekly Idol (Next to NU’EST )
  • 2013: (SBS) JJak
  • 2013 (KBS2) VJ Special Forces
  • 2013: (SBS) Channel FIESTAR
  • 2013 (KBS) Let’s Go Dream Team 2 (Ch. 166)
  • 2013: (MBC Music) All The K-Pop (Ch. 33)
  • 2012 (MBC Every) Weekly Idol (Next to SPICA )

Cao Lu (FIESTAR) TV Drama’s

  • Waiting For You theme for My Amazing Boyfriend (2016)

Cao Lu (FIESTAR) Music Videos

  • Sunny Hill – Midnight Circus (Stage Version) (2011)

Cao Lu (FIESTAR) is a member of:


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