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Byunghun (TEEN TOP)

Weight: 54Kg
Height: 173 cm
Real name: Lee Byung Hun (이병헌)
Date of Birth: November 23, 1993

Byunghun (TEEN TOP)

About Byunghun (TEEN TOP)

Byunghun (TEEN TOP) Facts

  • Ex-K-Pop Group: TEEN TOP (2010-2017)
    • Position: Rapper and Dancer
  • Education:
    • Sunset High School (Beaverton, Oregon)
    • Korea Arts High School
  • Specialty: Piano, violin, music composition, English.
  • Nicknames: Mischievous Rapper, Byeongari (Chicken Little), Byunnie, GangJoe (given by Mc of Weekly Idol), ByungHoney, Honey93.
  • Religion: Christian.
  • Hobbies: Acting, listening to music and watching dramas.
  • Rolemodels: G-Dragon (BIGBANG ).
  • Mascots: He has two pet dogs; Dong & Kan.
  • Fanclub LJjjangs.
  • He says his favorite nickname is “Honey.”
  • L.Joe in an interview said that he doesn’t like summer.
  • He has two moles near the left eye.
  • L. Joe was a model student, he had A’s (equivalent to a 10).
  • He is called a cosplay boy, as he has a dual personality.
  • He lived 5 years in Beaverton, Oregon, so he speaks English (this has been confirmed on more than one occasion).
  • He was the member who trained the least before his debut, his training lasted 8 months and he was the last member to be added to the group.
  • He had laser surgery on his eyes, because he did not have good eyesight.
  • His stage name comes from Lee, which is his last name, and Joe, which is what he was called in Oregon, since it was difficult for his classmates to memorize and pronounce his real name.
  • Before becoming a member of TEEN TOP dreamed of becoming a doctor specializing in cardiotonic surgery.
  • In a Rising Brothers program where they participated along with 100%, it was revealed that L.Joe earned an “Academic Excellence Award” that only students with good academic performance receive.
  • In Kiss The Radio, Niel said: “When L.Joe is frustrated about something, he comes to us (referring to Niel and Ricky) and throws us his temperament and L. Joe replied Niel y Ricky they’re always around me when I’m upset. They’re probably the reason I was upset.”
  • On Kiss The Radio L.Joe said that once upon a time the gifts intended for actor Lee Byung Hun were inadvertently sent to his office.
  • Participated in the “The Color of Kpop” project of SBS Gayo Daejun 2012, being part of the temporary sub-group “Dynamic Black” together with Lee Ki Kwang from HIGHLIGHT, Hoya, Lee Joon and Jin Woon from 2AM.
  • I dance to “The Red Shoes” by IU together with C.A.P in one of his concerts.
  • Sukira asked him with whom he would like to do a duet and he answered “With Moon from F (x), he also chose him as the male idol he would like to duet with on Weekly Idol.
  • While living in the U.S., he fell in love with a Chinese girl, who made him a fan of TVXQ (DBSK) they wrote letters to each other once he had moved out but then lost touch.
  • He has acrophobia (fear of heights).
  • L.Joe said on the “TEEN TOP Never Stop In Guam” show through a “Group Discussion” that age doesn’t matter to him, that it’s just a number.
  • L.Joe said: “Suzy is the member of miss A with whom I understand the most “because when he had the opportunity to meet them, he had a good impression of her.
  • In L.Joe’s participation in drama ‘Flower Grandpa Investigation Team’ he acted as high school student Uhm Siwoo.
  • He likes science, finds experiments interesting, also dissection.
  • Chun Ji said the members did not have a good first impression of L.Joe because he joined the group shortly before debuting and they did not know much about him.
  • Niel said that L.Joe was the icon of misfortune, as he always does badly in games or competitions.
  • He is not good at sports.
  • According to the other members L.Joe shows his affection with blows.
  • The song called “LOVE U” that will be released on TEEN TOP’s new album “ÉXITO” is composed by him.
  • For the magazine “OSEN, interview in Hanbok” L. Joe said “Eating chicken and watching TV is my favorite thing to do.” in his free time in the bedroom he plays role-playing games, watches movies or dramas on TV and eats delicious dishes.
  • At KCON L.A. L.Joe L.Joe was included along with Gong Chan (B1A4 ), Hong Bin (VIXX ), Lee Jong Hyun (CNBLUE ) and Jin (BTS ) as well as the concert visuals.
  • On MBC Every1’s “Star JikJJik”, an episode called “Top 30 Visual Idols” was aired. The rankings were determined through physiognomy, somatology and suitability for programs, evaluated by a plastic surgeon, cameraman and the audience; in which L.Joe ranked 30th, Infinite’s L 12th and the top 5 were: SHINee’s Minho 5th; Super Junior’s Choi Siwon 4th; Kim Hyun Joong 3rd; ZE:A’s Im Siwan 2nd and 2PM’s Nichkhun 1st.
  • He plans to get married when he is a little older (Regarding age) in the radio program “Lee Sora Gayo Plaza” he said “I’ll get married when I feel I can handle my own life, by myself – then that’s when I can get married.”
  • L.Joe’s foot size is between 25-25.5cm, and he generally has trouble finding the right size shoe.
  • He always carries his medicines in his purse, especially the vitamins his mother buys her.
  • When he was in school in Oregon he said that the best way to fight racism was to become an “Asian Gangster” and fight with words (L.Joe takes being a “gangster” very seriously).
  • I wish I could play the guitar.
  • For his audition he wrote the song “Call Me Gangsta” and it was with this song that he performed, impressing people with his rap.
  • He wrote the song “Fan” for the showcase in Japan.
  • He had to audition 3 times, which is why his motto is “The third time is the charm.
  • He assured that he has liked several girls at the same time.
  • His parents had initially disapproved of his dream of becoming a rapper.
  • He had many friends in Oregon, with whom he always joked around. Sometimes he had to defend himself because the jokes could get out of hand.
  • L.Joe paid for all the food they served to their fans at the first fanmeeting of “Missing” in Korea, this was a result of a group discussion, as they felt they should give something back to the Angels, so L.Joe just shouted “….”I’ll do it, I’ll pay for the food “, as he pulled out his credit card
  • On several occasions it has been demonstrated that L.Joe is very good with languages, he has even made clear his interest in it, for the tours he is in charge of interacting more with the fans on stage. In Latin America it was possible to notice part of his Spanish, in Europe for the 2013 tour he spoke a little French and German; he also speaks fluent English.
  • His goal in life is to write more than 100 songs
  • In an interview he was asked “what would you do after a difficult breakup? ” To which he replied: “I would say to myself: Time heals wounds.
  • The day you live in your own home, you will try to “Be still inside the home.”
  • The song “How I Am” by Kim Dong Ryul always makes him cry
  • To relax and manage stress, he has admitted on several occasions that he pays a cab driver to take him for a ride over a bridge. (He loves the view from high places)
  • When asked “what would you do if you could control the other members with a remote control?” He replied “Shut the other members’ mouths.”
  • In an interview he said that his “hair was easily damaged” thanks to the hair dyes he used, he doesn’t like to keep the same color for a long time so he is always dyeing his hair every 3 or 4 weeks, because of this he is always getting different cuts or using moisturizing creams and hair lotions
  • He recently clarified that one of his dreams is to become a producer, so he could write songs for the other members and produce the songs he has written
  • In the MV of “I’m Sorry” L.Joe dressed up as a girl to represent the female figure, appearing for the first few seconds along with Chang Jo
  • L. Joe has a lot of admiration for Niel, on a recent variety show he said “Come to think of it, while we are in the bedroom resting… Niel is always busy in some program, no matter if he wants to go or not, or if he likes it or not, he is always the person who comes very late and sleeps later than us, all this effort he has made for TEEN TOP, I am really grateful to Niel.
  • In a recent episode of Weekly Idol (NIEL & TEEN TOP, episode number 188) Doni and Coni conducted an open poll to decide who is the most attractive member of TEN TOP and according to the public L.Joe is in first place
  • In the program “Match made heaven in returns” he confessed that he was a virgin
  • On July 2, 2015 L.Joe was cast as the main male lead for the web drama ‘Magic Lamp’. The said drama is a romantic fantasy mixed with some comedy about an affectionate love between a young couple. L.Joe will take on the character of ‘Gong Byung Man’, an innocent guy with one-sided feelings for the female character named ‘Sori’. The female lead character is played by actress Kang Sung Ah. Also joining the cast is Kim Do Kyun from the rock band ‘Baekdusan’. The plot will revolve around the male lead (Gong Byung Man) searching for a magic l& that will grant him 3 wishes and he will use that opportunity to get the girl of his dreams. The filming will start soon and is set to be aired on Naver TVCast.
  • On July 2, 2015 L.Joe deleted his second and only twitter account in use (@angeljoe1123 account that he had created exactly 1 year ago (02/07/14) and announced in his first account @ljoeljoe1123) as had been communicated by C.A.P through a statement to avoid inconvenience regarding the Niel rumor. A day earlier he deleted his Instagram account (@Teentopangeljoe) due to the same issue.
  • His favorite TV character is Bart Simpson, he has a lot of clothes with the image of the character or accessories; from protectors for his cell phone to sweatshirts or socks.
  • L.Joe will make his big screen debut, as he was cast as the male lead for the Korean/Japanese film Trumpet on the Cliff.
  • I participate in the dating program Match Made in Heaven Returns where he chose Nicole Jung as its final partner.
  • For TEEN TOP’s comeback with “Red Point” L.Joe said he was working hard to gain weight, so he gained from 50 kg to 54 kg and his goal is to reach at least 56 kg.
  • According to All KPOP L. Joe will promote with TEEN TOP until January 2018 when the contract with TOP Media ends.
  • The march 20 the agency TEEN TOP they wrote that Teen Top will be preparing to return with their second album with the members of the new album, “Teen Top,” and that they will be making a comeback with their second album with the members of the new album C.A.P, Chun Ji, Niel, Ricky and Chang Jo being 5 members, leaving aside L.JOE.
  • On April 18, 2017, he announced that he would start promoting all his activities under the name Byung Hun.


Lee Byung Hun was born in South Korea on November 23, 1993 but moved to Oregon when he was 12 years old and returned to Korea at the age of 16. His stage name comes from L for Lee (his last name) and Joe which is what he was called in Oregon. L.Joe traveled to Korea with his father’s consent, unbeknownst to his mother, to fulfill his dream. During his time as a trainee he almost had knee surgery for his efforts in dance training.

Demand vs. TOP Media

On February 9, it was disclosed that the member of TEEN TOP had requested the termination of his exclusive contract with his agency, TOP Media, (L.Joe’s contract with his agency will expire in January 2018).According to a report, the reason behind L.Joe and his agency’s conflict is due to the agency interfering with his personal activities, but the reason he gave was “obstruction of solo activities” on the part of his agency.

The conflict between the two parties appears to have begun last year. After the agency heard of L.Joe’s desire to solo, it reportedly curtailed his activities, causing a misunderstanding.

Although he was repeatedly contacted to appear in dramas, the agency did not make any negotiation to make it happen. It was revealed that for a drama ‘A’, who contacted L.Joe because he wanted to hire him and after he was offered a salary that matched his experience and recognition, his agency [T.O.P Media], asked for a salary 7 times more than his previous drama, and consequently the offer was not finalized.

A TOP Media source stated, “It is true that L.Joe requested to terminate his contract, but because there is still time left on his contract, we expect him to continue promoting [with the others].The other five members renewed their contracts last year in December. They are currently preparing for their comeback in March. The members and the company hope that [L.Joe] will have a change of heart.”.

In the meantime, it has been confirmed that TEEN TOP will continue with 5 members.

On May 16, 2018, TOP Media disclosed through an official statement that the two parties had reached a mutual agreement regarding the issue over Byung Hun’s terms by following and fulfilling the mandatory clauses of his exclusive contract.

The settlement was secured by Byung Hun’s side on May 11. TOP Media withdrew the lawsuit from the Seoul Central District Court and their exclusive contract relationship has officially come to an end.

Byunghun (TEEN TOP) Advertisement

  • 2011 BSQT CF (Shoe brand)
  • 2012: Be atoy (next to TEEN TOP )
  • 2012: Sketcher (besides TEEN TOP )
  • 2012: Michiko London (uniforms, along with TEEN TOP )
  • 2015: Sponsoring MWC (Military Watch Company)

Byunghun (TEEN TOP) Collaborations

  • Oops – G.NA ft Jung Il Hoon (Live performance by Inkigayo, replacing Ilhoon).
  • “Lady” – Niel (Part of the rap).
  • “Back To The Top – Stephanie Kim (2015).

Byunghun (TEEN TOP) Drama

  • When My Love Blooms (tvN, 2020)
  • Clean and Polish (KBS2, 2019)
  • Melting Me Softly (tvN, 2019) Special Appearance
  • Class of Lies (OCN, 2019)
  • The Nokdu Flower (SBS, 2019)
  • A Pledge to God (MBC, 2018-2019)
  • Bad Boy Detective 2 (NaverTV Cast, 2018)
  • Let’s Eat 3 (tvN, 2018)
  • Our Neighborhood (KBS W, 2018).
  • Everyday New Face (Tencent, 2016).
  • Entertainers (SBS, 2016)
  • Magic Bottle (Naver TV Cast 2015) starring.
  • Missing Noir M (OCN, 2015) Special Appearance
  • Entertain Us (MNET, 2014)
  • Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit (TVN, 2014, cameo Ep.7)
  • I Am Legend (SBS, 2010, cameo)
  • HAHANIO (SBS, 2008)
  • I Love You (2001, cameo)



  • 2014: SUCCESS mini album – LOVE U

Composition and Lyrics.

  • 2014: Album Repackage 20’s Love Two SUCCESSFUL – I’m Sorry (Together with C.A.P )
  • 2016: Red Point mini album – 기다리죠 (Day after Day)


  • 2013: Teen Top Class mini album – Rock Star (Rap, with C.A.P )
  • 2015: Natural Born mini album – Hot Like Fire
  • 2015: Natural Born mini album – 그 전화 받지마 (Please) (besides. Niel and C.A.P )
  • 2016: Red Point mini album
    • 사각지대 (Warnig Sign)
    • Please, Don’t Go (가지마)
    • Day

Byunghun (TEEN TOP) Films

  • Trumpet of the Cliff (2016)

Byunghun (TEEN TOP) TV Programs

  • 2010: Kara Bakery (pre-debut)
  • 2010: Star Cam (with TEEN TOP )
  • 2010: MNET Scandal (with C.A.P )
  • 2011: MBC Flower Bouquet (episode 8).
  • 2012: MBC KPop Star Olympics
  • 2012: Weekly Idol (2 times)
  • 2012: MBC Kpop Star Athletic Championship
  • 2013: Wide M Open Studio
  • 2013: Weekly Idol (2 times)
  • 2013: MBC KPop Star Olympics
  • 2013: MBC Kpop Star Athletic Championship
  • 2013: Immortal Songs 2 (October with Niel, ChunJi and Chang Jo ).
  • 2014: MBC Idol Star Athletic Championship (with Ricky, Chang Jo and ChunJi).
  • 2014: Immortal Songs 2 (16/August with Niel ).
  • 2014: MBC Infinie Dream Concert.
  • 2014: After school club Ep 101 (with TEEN TOP )
  • 2014: KBS Vitamin (with Niel and Chun Ji (broadcast on October 1).
  • 2014: KBS A Song for You 3 (Ep.10 with TEEN TOP )
  • 2014: ASC Arirang-After School Club (live stream 15/09/2014)
  • 2014: KBS Open Concert (16/09/2014)
  • 2014: KBS1 Love Request (09/20/14)
  • 2014: MBC Idol Music Festival: Kpop Expo in Asia (09/21/14)
  • 2014: Pops In Seoul (09/22/14).
  • 2014: JTBC Hidden Singer (with Chun Ji and Niel on September 27)
  • 2014: & Weekly Idol (08/10/2014).
  • 2014: Arirang TV Simply KPOP
  • 2014: SBS Star King (with ChunJi and Ricky, recordings on 06/10/14)
  • 2014: JTBC Hidden Singer (with ChunJi and Niel recording on 26/October).
  • 2014: MBC Weekly Idol (recording on Tuesday, November 18).
  • 2015: Mnet 4 Things Show: Outrageous Interview (Tuesday, January 27, 6PM KST.).
  • 2015: MBC Idol Star Athletics, Archery, Futsal Championship (February 19)
  • 2015: MBC Idol Sports Championship (February 19).
  • 2015: MBC Weekly Idol (Ep.188 – 04/03/15, with C.A.P, Niel and Ricky ).
  • 2015: MBC Every1 Match Made in Heaven Returns (Ep. 4-5)
  • 2015 : Weekly Idol (06/24/15)
  • 2015 : KBS Global Request Show: A song for you 4 (ep.1)
  • 2015: KBS Yettie TV (with C.A.P,ChunJi, Ricky and ChangJo)
  • 2015 MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships
  • 2015 : KBS2 Immortal Song (with Niel, recording 11/23/15)
  • 2016 MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships

Byunghun (TEEN TOP) is a member of:


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