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Weight: 48kg
Height: 163cm
Real name: 김고은 / Kim Go Eun
Date of Birth: January 31, 2023


About Byul

Byul Facts

  • Debut: 2002
  • Project Group: MAMADOL (2022)
    • Position: Vocalist
  • Education: Dongduk Women’s University (Practical Music)
  • Hobbies Watching movies, listening to music, writing, reading comics.
  • Specialties Exercise, letters.
  • Favorite Food: Rice Cake noodles.
  • Religion: Protestant
  • Former Agency: JYP Entertainment
  • She married HaHa november 30, 2012.
  • Their first child was born on July 9, 2013.
  • Haha and Byul will be parents again! On October 6, 2016 their representatives shared the news and announced ¨She is currently 4 months pregnant with her second child. They are both very happy after finding out about her pregnancy¨.
  • Artists Haha and Byul have welcomed a healthy baby into the world. On March 22, 2017, a representative of Haha and Byul’s agency Quan Entertainment revealed that “Byul has given birth to a healthy baby, currently the mother and child are doing well, Haha is very happy.”
  • On December 31, 2018, it was reported that Byul is expecting her third child. She is about 10 weeks pregnant.
  • On July 15, 2019 at 12:40 pm her agency stated that she gave birth to her third child, which was a girl and both are healthy and well.

Byul Collaborations

  • RGP – We Can Love Again (Feat. Byul) (2018)
  • Yoo Eun Seong – 하나님만이 (besides Byul) (2015).
  • Wasabii Sound – Even If I Smile And Smile (Feat Byul) (2012)
  • Kim Jong Wook – 내 입술은 할 수 없는 말 (Feat. Byul) (2011).
  • BlueBrand – Trauma (Feat. Byul) (with MC Sniper ) (2010)
  • Bless – 얼마나 좋길래 (Feat. Byul) (2009)
  • Natural – Give Your Heart (Feat. Byul) (2008)
  • Cho Young Soo + All Star – 하나의 꽃 (With. SG Wannabe, Baek Ji Young, SeeYa, V.O.S, KCM, Zia, Na Yoon Kwon Byul, Lee Ji Hye, Davichi, M to M Lee Seung Woo) (2008)
  • Andy – Shall We Fall In Love? (Feat. Byul) (2008)
  • Na Yoon Kwon – Open the Window (feat Byul) (2008)
  • Kim Dong Wan – 사랑해선 안될 사람 (Duet with Byul) (2007).
  • Lee Ki Chan – Fly to You (Feat Byul, Alex, Hwa Yo Bi, Danny Jung) (2007)
  • Square – 멀리에서 온 편지 (Feat. Byul) (2006)
  • Sammy – 내 모든 삶의 행동 (Feat. Byul) (2005)
  • One Two – 누굴 불러 (Feat. Byul, Lim Jeong Hee) (2003)

Byul Drama

  • Apgujeong House (SBS, 2003)

Byul TV Programs

  • Mama The Idol (TVN, 2021-2022) Main cast

Byul TV Drama’s

  • Dear My Love theme for When the Weather is Fine (2020)
  • Beats (together with Zizo) theme for Hip Hop Teacher (2017)
  • Beautiful Days theme for Second 20s (2015)
  • Remember theme for Who Are You- School 2015 (2015)
  • Before Tears Reach My Cheeks (String Ver.) theme for Because We Haven’t Broken Up Yet (2013)
  • Love In Memory theme for Love In Memory (2013)
  • Reminds of You (Ft Shorry J) theme for Missing You (2012)
  • Before Touching Two Cheeks theme for Golden Time (2012)
  • Words Engraved in my Heart theme for My Husband Got A Family (2012)
  • Because It’s Still You theme for Wild Romance (2012)
  • My lips Cannot Say (besides Kan Jong Wook ) theme for Gloria (2010)
  • Penniless (together with Kan Jong Wook ) theme for Gloria (2010)
  • After Abandoning The Heart-Star theme for Cinderella’s Sister (2010)
  • Beautiful Girl theme for The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry (2010)
  • Give Your Heart theme for Paradise (2009)
  • I’ll Love theme for The Man Who Can’t Get Married (2009)
  • Love You (Orchestration Mix) theme for I’m Sam (2007)
  • Fly Again theme for 9 End 2 Outs (2007)
  • If You Love Me theme for Invincible Parachute Agent (2006)
  • Sweet Dream theme for Over the Rainbow (2006)
  • Excitement theme for Our Attitude to Prepare Parting (2005)
  • Only Hear From Side theme for Our Attitude to Prepare Parting (2005)
  • I’ll Be Thankful theme for Full House (2004)
  • I Think I theme for Full House (2004)

Movie Themes

  • Heart Is… theme for Heart is… (2006)

Byul is a member of:



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