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Brave Brothers

Weight: -
Height: -
Real name: 강동철 / Kang Dong Cheol
Date of Birth: February 2, 2023

Brave Brothers

About Brave Brothers

About Brave Brothers

Kang Dong Cheol, better known by his stage name Brave Brothers, is a South Korean producer, songwriter and singer. He is a former producer of YG Entertainment that same year he founded his company Brave Entertainment.

He produced hits such as Son Dam Bi “Crazy”, After School “Diva” and BIGBANG “Lie” and “Last Goodbye”.

In 2009 he made his official debut where he prepared for eight long years, in order to release his first single, “Attitude”, where he included his own cyber style with hip hop sounds.

On October 25, 2015, he opened a hip-hop venue in Gangnam called “Phantom.”.

Brave Brothers Facts

  • Education: Seorabeol High School (dropped out)
  • Religion: Protestant
  • It is said that in his childhood he roamed the streets a lot, he was known in the neighborhood. He was arrested at the age of 17 and was in a detention center for 2 years.
  • On the Win Win program he said he was involved in 12 crimes of violence and even owned a prostitution shop, but he changed everything when he met the music of Cypress Hill.
  • Brave brothers’ debut, disturbed as they have received a lot of attention due to their decision to release their single on the same day as G-dragon.
  • He suffered the leak of a file that was about to be sent to producers in the USA.

Brave Brothers Music Credits

  • “이름이 뭐예요?/What’s My Name?” – Name Is 4Minute
  • “물 좋아/Is It Poppin’?”
  • “오늘 뭐해/Whatcha Doin’ Today?”-. 4Minute World
  • “살만찌고/Only Gained Weight” -. Brave Brothers 10th Anniversary
  • “두근두근 Tomorrow” -. 두근두근 Tomorrow.
  • “못 말리는 삼형제” -. Hit Pop
  • “천하무적 야구단” -. 천하무적 야구단
  • “Wonder Woman”
After School
  • “Play Girlz”, “AH”, “나쁜놈” -. New Schoolgirl
  • “Diva” – Diva
  • “너 때문에” -. Because of You
  • “8 Hot Girl”, “첫사랑” -. First Love
  • “Week” – Brave Brothers 10th Anniversary
  • “밤 하늘에” -. RED
Pink BnN
  • “My Darling” – Yoon Bo-mi & Kim Nam-jooBrave Brothers 10th Anniversary
  • “Intro (Gonna Get Your Heart)”, “짧은 치마/Miniskirt”, “Under the Street Lights” -. Miniskirt
  • “단발머리/Short Hair”, “Joa YO!”, “Soulmate”, “You Know That” -. Short Hair
  • “AOA”, “사뿐사뿐/Like A Cat”, “Girl’s Heart” -. Like A Cat
  • “심쿵해/Heart Attack”, “Luv Me”, “One Thing”, “Really Really” -. Heart Attack
  • “Excuse Me” – Angel’s Knock
Bae Seul Gi
  • “Intro”, “Tiresome” (Feat. Ha Joo Yeon of Jewelry), “DJ” (Feat. Maboos).
  • “Big Change (Feat. Deegie)”, “Step By Step”, “Luv U” -. Step By Step
  • “Love Options” – Love Options
  • “Intro (Put Your Hands Up)” – First Single
  • “Intro (Victory)”, “Good Bye Baby” -. Bigbang 03′
  • “Shake It (Feat. Ji Eun)” – Bigbang Vol.1
  • “없는 번호”, “Oh Ma Baby” -. Always
  • “Crazy Dog”. , “마지막 인사/Last Farewell” – Hot Issue
  • “Wonderful” – Remember
  • “Let’s Get It Started (Feat. Maboos)”, “Boyfriend”, “You & I” -. Boyfriend
Brave Girls
  • “Intro (Ain’t Nobody Like Brave Girls)”, “So Sexy”, “아나요” -. The Difference
  • “툭하면 (Feat. Skul1)”, “비가 내리면” -. Back To Da Future
  • “변했어” -. 변했어
Brown Eyed Girls
  • “어쩌다” -. My Style
  • “Beep Beep” – Beep Beep
  • “C-Real Intro”, “No No No No No No” -. Round 1
  • “너 같은/Someone Like U” -. Naturalness
  • “투게더” -. 풍류
Dazzling Red
  • “This Person” – Idol Group
  • “Enter”, “기억해”, “너 하나만” -. 기억해
  • “전화가 오네 (Feat. 호란)”, “어젯밤 (Feat. 별들의전쟁)” -. Electroboyz First Single
  • “Ma Boy 2 (Feat. Hyorin of Sistar)” – Rebirth
F-Ve Dolls
  • “입술자국/Lip Stain”, “잘났어” -. Charming Five Girls
  • “거울을 보다가”, “여기까지만 (Feat. Skull)” -. Comfort
Han Yuna
  • “마네킹 (Feat. Maboos)” – I’m Mannequin
  • “끈적끈적/Sticky Sticky” -. Sticky Sticky
  • “Wiggle Wiggle – Wiggle Wiggle
  • “난 예술이야/I’m Ill”, “Show Window”, “Watcha Talk About”, “Chameleon” -. I’m Ill
  • “너 밖에 몰라/One Way Love” -. LOVE & HATE
Hyo Min
  • “Nice Body feat. LOCO”, “Fake It” – MAKE UP
  • “Ice Cream feat. Maboos” – Melting
Jang Geun Suk & Hyolyn
  • “Magic Drag”.
Jo Sung Mo
  • “Intro”, “바람필래”, “이밤이 지나가면”, “점점더 (Feat. Electroboyz)” -. Meet Brave
Kim Dong Wan
  • “Secret” – (Tiffany of Girls’ Generation)
Kim Hyung Jun
  • “Midnight Passes” – Lie To Me OST
Kim Yuna, SISTAR & Electroboyz
  • “Super Girl”
Lee Ai
  • “기억해” -. 기억해
Lee Ki Kwang
  • “Dancing Shoes”, “Wipe the Tears” – First Episode: A New Hero
Lee Min Woo
  • “남자를 믿지마” (Feat. Big Tone) – M Rizing.
Lee Seung Gi
  • “Losing my mind” – 정신이 나갔었나봐
  • “눈물 씻고 화장하고” – “눈물 씻고 Lextacy
  • “하늘 위로 (Feat. 지은)”, “Big Lexy” -. Rush
Masta Wu
  • “울라라라라 (Feat. Red Roc)”, “Cry (Feat. 이영현)”, “껌 (Feat. Teddy Park)” -. Mass Wu Pt.2
  • “Just That Little Thing” – The 2nd Single
  • “잠은 안오고 배는 고프고/Sleepless Night” -. Lost (Til The Night Is Over)
NS Yoon Ji
  • “N To The S 윤지”, “춤을 춰/Lets Dance”, “DJ Don’t Stop” -. Time To Fly High
Oh Jong Hyuk
  • “Get Away” (Feat. Showgun) – OK, I’m Ready
One Two
  • “별이 빛나는 밤에” -. 별이 빛나는 밤에
  • “와랄라 랄라레” -. Walala Lalale
  • “Very Good”
  • “In the summer” (Feat. Lady Owl)
  • “Time To Rock Da Show,” “Pop Pop,” “Goodbye” – Time To Rock Da Show
Red Roc
  • “Bounce Back” – Hello
  • “Interlude – Follow Me”, “Run (Feat. G-Dragon, Taeyang)” -. 24/SE7EN
  • “Oh~Ma Girl” – Se7olution
  • “Here We Come”, “Push Push Push”, “Oh Baby” -. Push Push
  • “We Never Go Alone”
  • “Drop The Beat (Feat. B2K)”, “가식걸/Shady Girl” -. Shady Girl
  • “Mighty Sistar”, “Over”, “니까짓게/How Dare You” -. How Dare You
  • “Ma Boy”
  • “Let’s Get The Party Started,” “So Cool” – So Cool
  • “Hot Place (feat. Brave Sound)”
  • “Come Closer”, “Alone” – Alone
  • “Sistar19”, “있다 없으니까/Gone Not Around Any Longer”, “A Girl in Love” -. Gone Not Around Any Longer
Son Dam Bi
  • “Bad Boy” – Mini Album Vol. 1
  • “미쳤어/Crazy” -. Mini Album Vol. 2
  • “토요일밤에/Saturday Night” -. Type B – Back To 80’s
  • “눈물이 주르륵/Dripping Tears” -. Dripping Tears
Son Dam Bi & After School
  • “Amoled”
  • “통증/Pain, the Love of Heart” -. Blow Speed
  • “Intro”, “펑펑울었어/Cry” – “펑펑울었어/Cry”. Cry
  • “노세 놀아보세” -. 무가당
  • “O.A.O (오.에.오)” -. O.A.O (오.에.오)
Lee Sun Mi
  • “보름달/Full Moon (feat. Lena)” -. Full Moon
  • “Enter”, “그리운 날에”, “라라라라” -. Time To Shine
  • “Intro,” “Shining☆Star,” “Love Letter” -. Shining☆Star
  • “Stupid Love” – Stupid Love
Tae Yang
  • “Intro (Hot)” – Hot
  • “완전 미쳤네/So Crazy”, “For You” -. So Good
  • “내 이름은/What’s My Name” -. What’s My Name
  • “Teen Top”, “Going Crazy”, “Where’s Ma Girl”, “Girl Friend” -. It’s
  • “aRtist,” “To You,” “Baby U,” “Shake It” – aRtisT
  • “Be Ma Girl”, “Fall in Love”, “Party Tonight” -. Be Ma Girl
  • “So Sweet”, “Get Crazy”, “Miss Right (co-compose with Elephant Kingdom)” -. No.1
  • “Walking By…” – No.1 Repackaged
  • “Don’t I” – Teen Top Class
  • “Except for me” – Brave Brothers 10th Anniversary
  • “Love Is” – High Five
Thelma Aoyama
  • “Intro”, “Fallen Angel”, “My Sweetest Sin” -. Love Story
  • “난” – Touch
  • “Should Have Treated You Better”, “It’s Been A Long Time” – 있을 때 잘해 줄 걸 있을 때 잘해 줄 걸
  • “Intro (Pump Pump Pump)”, “어리지 않아”, “Give It to Me” -. New Generation
  • “Intro (On Fire)”, “니가 좋아”, “Talk To Me” -. Bring It Back 2 Old School
  • “Enter”, “만만만하니/ManManNaNi”, “OK!” – ContiUKiss
  • “Intro”, “빙글빙글/Round&Round”, “Without You”, “뭐라고” -. Only One
YG (Yang Hyun Suk )
  • “Cash Money” (Feat. Krayzie Bone).”
  • “Let It Play (Feat. Ji Eun)”
  • “Real Talk (Feat. Taeyang)”
  • Made In R.O.K
Yoo Seung Chan
  • “How are yoo?”
  • “하루종일/All Day Long (Original Ver.)” -. Leap For Detonation
  • “숨소리/Breathe” – First Homme.

Brave Brothers Awards

  • 2021 Asia Artist Awards: AAA Best Creator
  • Hallyu Composer Award (2011)

Brave Brothers TV Programs

  • One Night of TV Entertainment (SBS,2017)
  • Superstar K (Mnet,2016) As a Juror
  • Radio Star (MBC, 2016)
  • Drop Guru
  • Immortal Songs 2
  • I Live Alone (ep. 25 and 148)
  • Outrageous Roommate (MBC, ep 1-4)

Brave Brothers is a member of:


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