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Bobby (IKON)

Weight: 65 kg
Height: 175 cm
Real name: 김지원 / Kim Ji Won
Date of Birth: December 21, 1995

Bobby (IKON)

About Bobby (IKON)

Bobby (IKON) Facts

  • K-Pop Group: IKON
    • Position: Rapper and dancer.
  • Sub-Unit: MOBB, B.I X Bobby
    • Position: Rapper and dancer.
  • Languages: Korean (mother tongue), English (fluent)
  • Hobbies: Basketball, play, and sleep.
  • Specialty: Freestyle rap, beatboxing, swimming, guitar.
  • Religion: Christian.
  • Favorite artists: Michael Jackson and Bob Marley.
  • He auditioned for YG Entertainment in New York.
  • From a very young age his dream was to be an artist.
  • He learned to play instruments such as drums, guitar and piano at church.
  • He lived with his family in the United States for most of his childhood, until he was 15 years old.
  • His dream was to be able to take his family back to Korea and live all together. Finally, he took them to Korea with the money he got from winning “The Family of Korea” SMTM 3″.
  • He was the creator of the ‘Stick to me’ dance from the song ‘Just Another Boy’..
  • He participated, together with B.I., in the hip-hop survival program Show Me The Money 3. he was on the team of DOK2y The Quiett (Illionaire) and was the winner of the program.
  • The video of their performance on ‘SMTM 3’ program 5 surpassed 1 million views in just 6 days.
  • His song ‘Go’ was ranked number 1 in several music charts.
  • His first photo shoot was for NYLON magazine, November 2014 issue.
  • He has been named man of the year 2014 by GQ Korea magazine.
  • He was confirmed as the 1st member of YG’s 2nd Hip Hop project in 2014 along with Masta Wuy DOK2 his video was released on December 2, 2014.
  • On March 28, 2015, news broke of his trip to Thailand for the filming of the ‘Sprite’ commercial with renowned actress Kang So Rathis announcement was launched towards the end of April of the same year.
  • B.I and he have worked on the composition of all the songs on the album “Welcome Back “.
  • During WIN, he wrote and composed a previously unreleased song called “Probably Perfect “.
  • Bobby also has a tattoo above both ankles, which says “Worry about nothing” and “Pray about everything”. His brother also has the same tattoo but below the knees.
  • Bobby’s MV for “HOLUP “reached more than one million views in less than 24 hours.
  • In the MV of “HOLUP “Bobby included the voices and laughter of his band mates in some parts of the video.
  • Together with B.I, he sang Luis Fonsi’s popular song “Despacito” on Young Street Radio.
  • In his appearance in King of Mask Singerat the end of his performance, with the song “Salmon” by Kang Sang Eh, Bobby mentioned that he likes singing much more than rapping, as he is excited about how singing can touch people’s hearts.
  • It is the first member of a YG group, after BIGBANG to release a studio album.
  • He has written and co-written all the songs on his debut solo album.
  • The MVs for “I Love You ” and “Runaway ” were inexplicably deleted and re-uploaded at least 3 times on the day of its release, causing confusion and annoyance among fans.
  • LOVE AND FALL ” ranked #1 on iTunes in 22 countries on the day of its release; reaching #9 on the top album chart on iTunes and returning Bobby the third solo artist on the chart.
  • His album also ranked #2 on Billboard’s worldwide album chart.
  • Bobby’s debut album Love and Fall , ranked sixth in the top 10 best kpop albums of 2017, made by Billboard.
  • On August 20, 2021 Bobby posted on his Instagram a handwritten letter to announce that he will marry his fiancée and also that he will become a father in September.
  • On September 27, 2021, a YG Entertainment source announced that Bobby and his fiancée welcomed their first child.

Bobby (IKON) Advertisement

  • NONA9ON (2015-2016-2017)
  • Sprite Next to Kang So Ra (2015)

Bobby (IKON) Career

2016: Solo debut with a digital single ‘The MOBB’.

August 29th YG Entertainment officially revealed the first teaser for iKON’s Bobby’s solo debut. The official photo was released through his official blog and showed Bobby with a light hair color.

Bobby’s solo song, HOLUP! (Korean translates to “with a hangover”) is described as a strong hip-hop song, which he composed with Shockbit. The song has been arranged by Shockbit while Bobby wrote the lyrics by himself.

HOLUP! was launched on September 07, 2016 at midnight.

2017: Return as a solo artist with his first album ‘Love and Fall’.

On September 2, 2017, YG Entertainment released the first teaser image for Bobby’s first solo album, which will be released on September 14.

On September 5, YG Entertainment released two more image teasers to promote the album; revealing that the album’s name will be “Love and Fall” and that one of its main songs will be titled “I Love You “The teasers reveal that Bobby wrote the lyrics of his song and participated in its composition together with Kang Ukjin and Diggy.

On September 7, YG Entertainment released two image teasers to promote the music video for the album’s other title track, titled “The Album” This song is written and composed by Bobby, while the co-composition and arrangements were done by Choice37.

On Sept. 8, YG Entertainment released a video promoting Bobby’s album on the official channel of iKON.

On September 9, the list of tracks that make up the album was revealed; revealing that there will be 10 songs.

After a few hiccups, the MVs of “I Love You ” were finally launched on September 14, 2017.

2021: Back with his second album ‘Lucky Man’.

On January 14, 2021,YG Entertainment released a video with the title BOBBY, COMING SOON. On January 15 YG released the first video teaser of their second full album which will be on January 25.On January 19 a promotional poster was released with the name of their second full album which would be titled “Lucky Man”. that same day YG Entertainment released a poster with the album’s title track, which was to be called “U MAD..

On January 21, the list of tracks that make up the album was revealed; revealing that there will be 17 songs, including 4 SKITs. The album features collaborations with his bandmates from iKON, DK and JU-NE the MV of “U MAD” was launched on January 25.

Bobby (IKON) Collaborations

  • Mino – 바른말 (Feat. Bobby) (2021)
  • Show Me The Money 10 – 이끼 (Feat. Mino, Bobby) (Prod. by Mino) (2021)
  • Mino – Ok man (Feat. Bobby) (2020)
  • TPA, VaVa – Super Asia (2019)
  • The Glitch Mob, Mako, The World Alive – Rise Remix (feat. Bobby) (Worlds 2018, League of Legends).
  • PSY – BOMB (feat B.I, Bobby) (2017)
  • Lee Hi – Video (2016)
  • Masta Wu – Come Here (2014)
  • HI SUHYUN – I’m Different (2014)
  • Epic High – Born Hater (feat B.I Bobby, Beenzino, Verbal Jint, Mino) (2014)

Bobby (IKON) TV Programs

  • Show Me The Money 10 (Mnet, 2021)
  • Kingdom: Legendary War (Mnet, 2021)
  • Radio Star (MBC, 21.02.2018).
  • All broadcasts of the World (MBC, 10.02.2018)
  • Running Man (SBS, 2018, Ep.416-417, together with. B.I)
  • Two Yoo Project – Sugar Man (JTBC, 11.02.2018, together with iKON)
  • Weekly Idol (MBC, 07.02.2018, together with iKON)
  • Knowing Bros (JTBC, 03.02.2018, together with. B.I Junee, Yunhyeong and Seung Ri from BIGBANG)
  • Show! Music Core (MBC, 03.02.2018, as special MC, together with. B.I and Yeri from Red Velvet)
  • Idol School Trip (JTBC, 2017, besides iKON)
  • Master Key (SBS, 21.10.2017)
  • Oppa Thinking (MBC, 15.07.2017, besides. B.I and Junee)
  • The Nations’ Big Three (SBS, 07.07.2017, besides Jin Hwan)
  • Living Together in Empty Room (MBC, 2017, together with Jin Hwan)
  • Fantastic Duo 2 (SBS, 06/18/2017, besides iKON)
  • King of Mask Singer (MBC, 25.06.2017)
  • Weekly Idol (MBC, 07.07.2017, with iKON)
  • Daddy and Me (tvN, 2016)
  • Infinity Challenge (MBC, 06.02.2016)
  • Two Yoo Project – Sugar Man (JTBC, 19.01.2016, together with Donghyuk and Junee)
  • Happy Together (KBS, 24.12.2015, together with. B.I)
  • Running Man (SBS, 27.12.2015, in conjunction with B.I)
  • Show Me The Money 4 (Mnet, 2015, as host)
  • Mix & Match (Mnet, 2014)
  • Show Me The Money 3 (Mnet, 2014, program winner)
  • WINNER TV (Mnet, 2014, together with Team B)
  • WIN: WHO IS NEXT? (Mnet, 2013)

Bobby (IKON) TV Drama’s

  • Spotlight theme for Record of Youth (2020)

Bobby (IKON) Music Videos

  • The Glitch Mob, Mako, The World Alive – Rise Remix (feat. Bobby) (Worlds 2018, League of Legends).
  • JinuSean – Tell Me One More Time (2015)
  • Masta Wu – Come Here (2014)
  • Hi Suhyun – I’m Different (2014) besides& Jisoo from BLACKPINK
  • Epik High – Born Hater (2014)
  • Tae Yang – Ringa Linga (2013)

Bobby (IKON) is a member of:





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