Black Jimin (IN4MAL & PURE)


Real name: 강선규 /Kang Sun Kyu

Stage name: Unknown

Gender: Male

Age: 32 years

Date of birth: February 3, 1990

Place of birth: Gyeongju, South Korea

Height: 184cm.

Bloodtype: B.

Zodiac Sign: Aquarium

Black Jimin Profile

About Black Jimin

Black Jimin (IN4MAL & PURE) Facts

  • Former K-Pop Groups: IN4MAL & PURE
    • Ex-Position: Leader, Rapper, Vocalist, Dancer.
  • Debut April 4, 2013 and M!Countdown.
  • Family Big Sister
  • Favorite Food Sushi, pizza, noodles, ramen and kimchi
  • Skills In terms of language skills, he is able to write in hiragana (syllabary used in Japanese writing)
  • On his days off he usually goes to the studio room and works deeply on the songs.
  • he passed the audition by performing a cover of Yoochun in the song “Mirotic”. He auditioned as a vocalist and also used rap
  • When White Soohyuk, Pink Chanhwiy Blue Jungbin left the group, Jimin became the new member of PURE.

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