Ban Hyung Moon (Tritops)


Member of: Tritops

Stage name: Unknown

Gender: Male

Date of birth: Unknown

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  • K-pop group : Tritops
  • JS Prime Entertainment revealed that “Ban Hyung Moon before his debut in TRITOP in 2007, we have known that he had vocal nodules. I think the heavy practice activities and schedules that were rushed after he released the album had a great effect on the throat. Because of Bang, Hyung Moon is so determined to continue with the promotions on stage, we decided to treat him while he continues with the promotion.
  • On April 6, Jang Yoo Joon (member of Triptos) took to his Twitter to report on his leader’s health. “After the musical, his throat was in such a bad condition that he visited the hospital after the schedule concluded His vocal cords were swollen. While we were here, Ban Hyung Moon also had an examination. Oh wow, he has vocal cord nodules…. He is undergoing treatment…Please get well Leader ! T_T

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