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AOORA (Trophy Cat)

Weight: 61 Kg
Height: 176cm
Real name: 박근이 / Park Geun Ee
Date of Birth: January 10, 1986

AOORA (Trophy Cat)

About AOORA (Trophy Cat)

AOORA (Trophy Cat) Facts

  • Group: Trophy Cat
  • Ex-K-pop groups:
  • Education Seoul National University, Fine Arts and Dance.
  • Hobbies Composing, playing the piano, designing clothes.
  • He had his solo debut in 2009 with the single “Loveback/ Dream”.
  • He was the first member revealed to be a part of Double A by Wellmade Entertainment.
  • He performed a duet with Kim Sung Hee
  • He produced the debut single “So Crazy” by Double A
  • He weighed 120 kg and in one month he lost 51 kg.
  • He was heavily criticized for making faces in a presentation and had to write an apology for the disrespect.
  • He likes the aegyo.
  • He was quite criticized because several of his early singles have high erotic and sexual content. Several of AOORA’s MVs are age-restricted.
  • His MV “Love Back”, with which he had his solo debut, was removed from YouTube, however it can be found as it has been unofficially uploaded by fans.
  • “1theK” first uploaded AOORA content to his YouTube channel when he released his single “Lovestagram”. Three versions of “Lovestagram” are uploaded to “1theK”, while a fourth version of the song sung in Chinese was uploaded to his personal YouTube channel.
  • On May 24, 2016, AOORA announces that its contract with the company had terminated and that it would therefore no longer be part of Double A link to the news 1
  • On October 7, 2016 he released his first physical single “FOOLS”, and for the first time in his solo career he appeared in a music program to promote his song “FOOLS”. The program in which he appeared was in ARIRANG.
  • He started appearing frequently in various videos by Edward Avila (famous American youtuber based in Korea who does makeup tutorials and reviews).
  • AOORA and Kimchi (now known by his real name: Yoo Ye Hyang Gi) continue to stay in touch despite the group’s disbandment. In one of Edward Avila’s videos, you can see how AOORA goes to visit Yoo Ye Hyang Gi at the cafe where he currently works.
  • On February 16, 2017 AOORA announces that he would create his own company called “Billion DC” together with producer “Friday” and that in it they would have several projects in the future managing the career of several artists, as well as continuing with his career as a singer.
  • The MVs of Double A are uploaded to the “Billion DC” YouTube channel.
  • On June 5, 2017 AOORA announced, via youtuber Edawrd Avila’s channel, that he and producer Friday would be forming a duo called ” Trophy Cat “and that they would be releasing a single called “Stay” in collaboration with Edawrd Avila.
  • August 21, 2017 Trophy Cat returns to collaborate with Edward Avila in a second single called “BODY”.
  • In August 2017 AOORA and Edward Avila perform at “KCON LA 2017” performing “BODY” in Los Angeles, USA.

AOORA (Trophy Cat) Career

2007: Debut as a member of ONE-X

Park Geun Ee originally debuted as a member of R&B group “ONE-X” on July 18, 2007 with the release of their first single, however, some time after the group released their first single they disbanded.

2009: Debut as Soloist

Later, Park Geun Ee, under the stage name Gn.E returns to the music scene and debuts as a solo artist on October 21, 2009 with his first digital single “Love Back/ Dream”.

2011: Debut as a member of AA and change of stage name from “G.nE” to “AOORA”.

In 2011 he changed his stage name from Gn.E to AOORA and made his debut on Double A their debut was with the single “So Crazy” on November 4, 2011.

August 20, 2013 Double A released their last single as a group called “OK About It”; after that single the group went inactive. That year three of the group members left for various reasons, leaving the group as a trio with AOORA, Woosang and Hoik as members.

2014: Inactivity in AA, and solo activity

With the inactivity of the group, AOORA concentrates his solo activities and after many years he releases his second single on March 28, 2014 titled “Body Party”, which was very controversial as it had high erotic and sexual content. After “Body Party” and throughout 2014 AOORA continues to release digital singles with erotic content while uploading the audios of his songs and MVs of them in short versions to his own youtube channel, most of them with age restriction.

2015: Solo activity and debut with Hoik in the duo “AOORA&HOIK”.

In 2015 his group continues inactive but he continues his solo activities releasing digital singles. His first single in early 2015 is titled “You, Will, Romantic” which was released on March 9, the theme of it was erotic and sexual content, the same theme with which he had been working with his previous singles. However on June 15 of that year he released a single called “Lovestagram” with a romantic theme and ballad, something very different from what AOORA had been doing with his previous singles. It was then that for the first time “1theK” decides to upload content from AOORA to his youtube channel and uploads three versions of the MV “Lovestagram” Feat. To Aram on October 2, 2015, AOORA uploaded a fourth version of “Lovestgram” on his youtube channel, but sung in Chinese. On October 2, 2015, he decided to form a duet with his bandmate in “Lovestgram”, a song that was sung in Chinese. Double A called AOORA&HOIK releasing a single called “Morning Afternoon Evening” Feat Tae Yeon of the group She’z the single included a Chinese version of the song, the Chinese version audio was uploaded to AOORA’s youtube channel while the Korean version MV was uploaded to CJENMMUSIC’s channel AOORA&HOIK did not promote the track on music programs but they did perform on radio programs promoting their track “Morning Afternoon Evening” and “Vanilla Sky”, a single which AOORA released as solo Feat. Hoik in 2014.

2016: AOORA’s departure from AA, change of agency and first physical single

On May 24, 2016 AOORA makes an announcement via his instagram saying that his contract with BLUE STAR Entertainment had ended and that he would no longer be with the company, remaining Double A only with two members: Hoik and Whoosang (as an inactive member since he was doing his military service).

Between June and July of that year he released two singles “Moonlight Bloom” and “Juicy”, the songs have a fresher and more relaxed theme without erotic content.

On October 7th AOORA releases its first physical single which contains three tracks: “Fools feat. Wheesung and Feelgood”, “Firework” and “Moonlight Bloom”. For the first time in his career, AOORA performs on a music show promoting his song “Fools” with Feat of singer Feelgood; the music show he performed on was ARIRANG on October 14, 2016.

In late 2016 and early 2017 AOORA begins to appear frequently in the video diaries of youtuber Edward Avila, an American based in South Korea who makes videos about makeup tutorials and beauty in general. In Edward Avila’s first video where AOORA appeared, they talked about AOORA’s career as a member of the group, implying that Double A was already dissolved.

2017: Creation of his own agency “Billion DC”, activities as a member of the duo “Trophy Cat” and collaborations with Edward Avila

On February 16, 2017, AOORA announces through his facebook that he, together with producer Friday, would create an agency called “Billion DC”. Together with Friday they start managing the career of “MiMi” also known as “Sweet Fresh Thrill” a solo singer and indie duo “Couple Diary”.

On June 5, he appears with producer Friday and Eward Avila on Edward Avila’s youtube channel announcing that AOORA and Friday would form a duo under the name of Trophy Cat the youtuber announced that although he would participate in this project, he has no intention of becoming an idol and it would only be a collaboration.

On June 20, a single called “Stay” was released for sale by Trophy Cat edward Avila and AOORA appeared in the video and collaborated in the singing, while Friday, who did not appear in the MV and did not participate in the singing, was in charge of the production, arrangements and composition of the song with the help of AOORA, the singer Feelgood made a small collaboration in the MV in the singing part. The MV of “Stay” was uploaded to Edward Avila’s youtube channel, as well as the Making Video of the same.

August 21, 2009 Trophy Cat (AOORA and Friday) collaborate again with Edward Avila for a second single called “BODY” which contains two tracks: “BODY” and the instrumental of the same. The MV of BODY, the Making Film of the MV and the dance practice of the same were uploaded to Edward Avila’s youtube channel.

AOORA together with Edward Avila performed at “KCON LA 2017” in Los Angeles, USA in August and presented the performance of “BODY”.

AOORA (Trophy Cat) Collaborations

  • Baksal – “Halloween” Feat. AOORA & MiMi (2016)

AOORA (Trophy Cat) Music

  • bangjun – How Do You Think About Me (2021)

AOORA (Trophy Cat) is a member of:

Trophy Cat

Trophy Cat

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