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Weight: 48 kg
Height: 173 cm
Real name: 원민지 / Won Min Ji
Date of Birth: February 5, 1991


About Anda

Anda Facts

  • Education:
    • Sungkyunkwan University (Faculty of Theater and Arts)
  • Languages: Korean, Spanish (basic), Italian (basic), English (basic).
  • Favorite artists : Lily Allen, Bruno Mars and Madonna.
  • She traveled to Spain on December 10 to record her single Hypnotize in Spanish and did a short tour of the country.
  • She appeared in the November 2013 issue of Spanish magazine Bravo, becoming the first South Korean artist to grant them an interview.
  • She had to change her stage name from Andamiro to Anda after the debut because, after a short hiatus, a restaurant with the same name had become very popular.


Born on February 5, 1991 in Suwon, a city outside of Seoul, her family was very poor when she was a child, her father was unemployed and her mother ran a small art academy.

She lived in a small room in her mother’s academy. She was always very naughty since she started to walk. There was even a time when she was hit by a car while playing in the street and almost died. Another time, she fell into a traditional Korean toilet and almost drowned.
Growing up, she lived with her grandparents because her parents worked. She didn’t have many friends there. She spent most of her time alone at home. Being alone was very scary for her and to forget about it, she would sing and dance while watching the artists that were on TV. She always climbed on the bed using a hairbrush as a microphone and started singing and dancing to the latest songs on TV and the radio. Doing this always made her happy and helped her not to feel afraid even if she was alone, and it was then that her dreams of becoming a singer came true.
During her elementary school years, she didn’t have many friends either because she was very shy. However, her shyness.

Every day after school, she would run home to build her own stage instead of going to play with the other kids. her favorite time of the day was when she pretended to be like the performers on TV until it was time to go to bed. One fine day, in 6th grade, she wanted to audition so badly that she confessed her dream to her parents. Instead of supporting and encouraging her, they got angry and scolded her. From then on, she preferred to keep her dreams to herself. When she started high school, her desires to become a singer became even stronger, but not having received any training in singing or dancing, it was always something that only stayed inside her heart. So too, because of her shyness, which had increased over the years, she had neither the strength nor the confidence to sing or dance in front of other people. What she did instead was to dance and sing alone in front of the bathroom mirror. It was her favorite place, because it was the only place where she could give.

On July 21, 2018, it is reported that Anda has signed an exclusive contract with the subsidiary of YG Entertainment, YGX.

Anda TV Drama’s

  • No One Knows theme for Saimdang, Light’s Diary (2017)

Anda Music Videos

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