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Afternight Project (DAY)

Weight: 65 kg
Height: 175 cm
Real name: 이용호 / Lee Yong Ho
Date of Birth: October 13, 1988

Afternight Project (DAY)

About Afternight Project (DAY)

Afternight Project (DAY) Facts

  • Ex-K-Duo: The D.A.Y
    • Position: Vocalist

About Afternight Project

2009: Debut with the D.A.Y.

On January 7th, he debuted in the duo the D.A.Y with the album, “souLight” composed by him and singer DL, under BeatRain Entertainment.

2014: Solo debut with the Single “하루 (A Day)”.

On January 19, through his Facebook, he uploaded the concept of the cover of his debut single, which would be of some trees, the same day he uploaded the list of songs of the single, which had the main one, “The best of the best”.하루 (A Day) ” and “ (Consolation) “both songs featured the main composition of the.

On January 20, he debuted with the release of his digital single, “하루 (A Day) “Afternight Project is a solo project by the solo artist that is based on showcasing Lee Yong Ho as a singer-songwriter, participating directly in composition, as well as lyrics and arrangements. The meaning of his stage name, Afternight means “singing between night and dawn”.

Afternight Project (DAY) Collaborations

  • Finger Soul – 어디든지 갈 수 있어 (2016).
  • Kwon Brothers – 사랑이 다시 올까요 (2015).

Afternight Project (DAY) TV Drama’s

  • You for High School – Love On (2014)
  • Your Walt for High School – Love On (2014)

Afternight Project (DAY) is a member of:


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