Cocomong & LOONA

Status: Active

Korean name: 코코몽 & 이달의 소녀

Debut: June 12, 2021

Type of Group: Sub-group

Country of origin: South Korea

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About Cocomong & LOONA

Cocomong & LOONA (코코몽 & 이달의 소녀) is a K-Pop Sub-group based in South Korea. They debuted on June 12, 2021. The group is currently Active.

Cocomong & LOONA Members

K-Pop Artist

Real name: 김정은 / Kim Jung Eun

Stage name: 김립 / Kim Lip

Gender: Female

Age: 23 years

Date of birth: February 10, 1999

Place of birth: Cheongju, South Korea

Profession: Singer, Dancer, Model

Height: 164 cm

Weight: 43 kg

Bloodtype: B

Zodiac Sign: Aquarium

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Tiger

Kim Lip Profile

K-Pop Artist

Real name: 임여진 / Im Yeo Jin

Stage name: 여진 / Yeo Jin

Gender: Female

Age: 20 years

Date of birth: November 11, 2002

Place of birth: Daegu, South Korea

Profession: Singer, Rapper, Dancer and Model.

Height: 148 cm

Weight: 44kg

Bloodtype: B

Zodiac Sign: scorpio

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse

Yeo Jin Profile

K-Pop Artist

Real name: 박채원 / Park Chae Won

Stage name: 고원 /Go Won

Gender: Female

Age: 22 years

Date of birth: November 19, 2000

Place of birth: Incheon, South Korea

Profession: Singer, Rapper and Dancer

Height: 157 cm


Bloodtype: A

Zodiac Sign: scorpio

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon

Gowon (LOONA)

K-Pop Artist

Real name: 최예림 / Choi Ye Rim

Stage name: 최리 / Choerry

Gender: Female

Age: 21 years

Date of birth: June 4, 2001

Place of birth: Bucheon, South Korea

Profession: Singer and Dancer

Height: 160 cm


Bloodtype: O

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Snake

Choerry Profile

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